14 October 2017 @ 02:06 pm
[The camera takes a moment to focus on the correct thing in the room: namely, a roughly hamster sized fishbug, glowing a soft blue with tiny motes of light milling about, no matter how vehemently he tries to shoo them.]

Oh good, everbody else gets horns an' wings an' shit an' I getta be a tiny glowy bug-thing. Whoo. Guess I'mma be huntin' krill 'stead a fish for awhile. Was hopin' this shit'd wear off after a day like the last time this place decided t' dick 'round with my body, buuuuut I reckon this'ns fixin' t' stay awhile, ain't that grand?

[He looks exactly the opposite of happy about it.]

Anyway, if any a y'all's got a brilliant idea a good shit t' do when yer standin' 'bout knee high t' an anklebiter, lemme know. Like t' make the best a shit that comes my way but somehow I jus' ain't feelin' this'n.
Man, we gotta get some shit started, so I'mma start it, right here, right now!

Gonna play a li'l game we call Marry, Shag, Cliff!

For the uninitiated, 's a game were y' make a comment, and then some other asshole's gonna give y' a list a three people, an' y' gotta come back with which one y' wanna spend yer life with, which one y' wanna hook it up with all night long- hell yeah!- an' which one y' wanna ever so gently shove off a really tall cliff. Sharp rocks is definitely at the bottom.

Who's in?

[ooc note: PLEASE TAG EACH OTHER AND GO CRAZY. Namur partially just wants to sit back and popcorn.gif as people embarrass each other ngl.]
04 October 2017 @ 11:10 am
[Rapunzel knew she had to attempt this someday. Wearing shoes while out, but as she tried various pairs she always found one thing in common. They were uncomfortable and also in some cases was quite hard to walk in. She had tried flats, shoes that had a slight heel, high heeled even boots but each time she just didn't like it. She wasn't happy with it.

As the feed switch on, there was fabric everywhere as well as painting supplies in some cases there were clothing that was either fully done or partly. Once she moved some strays hairs she finally spoke.]

Um, this might seem like a really odd thing to talk about but... Can people explain why shoes are so uncomfortable? I've tried a good few pairs and just they seem to pinch or just plain hurt. In some cases, I found they were really hard to walk in.

[She had one hand on the device and one hand in her hair playing with it for the moment.]

Just how can you wear such things. I am generally curious.
03 October 2017 @ 11:21 pm
[The screen is tilted at an odd angle, as if someone just hit the communicator with a wandering hand, but the view it's clear, Cassian Andor's bedroom. The clues of figuring that one are that the camera shows Cassian himself in his bed, jacket lost somewhere on the floor and shirt half undone.]

I will never get tired of having lips.

[The voice comes from Cassian's company: a tall, blond man, who is not only very handsy with him but trying to suck a lovebite into Cassian's neck. That earns him a moan and a stifled laugh.]

Good, because I'll never get tired of your lips.

[He curls his fingers into the man's hair and yanks his head up, pulling him into a rough kiss.]
04 September 2017 @ 12:06 pm
[dogs. dogs everywhere. Genessia, Attleton, Nova City, Everglades, Fayren, wherever there is a pound or animal shelter, they've been sprung from them and are now baying through the streets or sleeping on doorsteps or rummaging through trash.

Through Genessia proper though, there is a pack of them, charging through the streets, baying excitedly. In the middle of them is one shirtless hat less pirate, rolling along on a skateboard despite the fact that his hands are cuffed behind him. At intervals, he'll throw back his head and howl as he goes along]

[a little later, he's sitting against a wall, breathless and excited, comm propped between his knees as he grins wildly at the camera though it, dogs sleeping all around him and a pooped pug on his head, snoring upside down with her legs twitching in the air]

Yo! I'm here. I'm back. Anyone got food? Or a key? Marco? Namur? Adela? [his grin widens] Taisa? Come find me. I'm free.

[Locked to whoever is in Namur's apartment]

[at some point, at Namur's apartment, this same certain pirate may be seen sleeping against the outside of the window, as if he was trying to jimmy it open with his teeth and conked out during the attempt]
19 August 2017 @ 08:32 am
*The feed opens on a beautifully manicured lawn and a row of carefully placed rocks and garden ornaments, then it moves upwards to show a pair of cute trainers, some bare legs and shorts, then upwards to reveal the rest of a crouching Sonico, a rather startled and terrified Sonico*

Uhm... I was wondering... Does anyone have any tips for moving bodies?

*She bites her lip then turns the camera from herself to instead show the back of a figure lying on his side. Looks like Sonico has moved his arms and legs so that he is lying straight*

Oh! He is still breathing! Please don't worry! But... he is unconscious I think, and rather heavy...

*Is that a broken garden gnome beside him?*
Who: Namur (in Ted's body) and ANYONE
What: Just what it says on the tin
When: August 4
Where: Noted in prompts
Why?: <-
Warnings: Potty mouth

Schlepping around Genessia in Ted's body isn't exactly the way Namur planned to spend his Friday morning, and what a shitty situation that is. Can't taste anything with his face so he keeps bumping into people. He can see a lot better so he keeps gawking at leaves on distant trees and bumping into people. Seriously, it's rude. They want to fight or something? Oh right, it's him bumping into them. So he smiles sheepishly and waves, trying his best to dart through the crowd which seems far less inclined to part ahead of him than usual. What a pain in the ass...

Prompts Under the Cut )
02 August 2017 @ 12:59 am
Who: Chara and whoever (open?)
Where: Everglade, just anywhere in there.
When: August 1st-ish
What: Following up on some anon things and this symbol.
Warnings: Uh, Chara probably being a creepy freak child, if anything else comes up I shall edit.

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! )
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31 July 2017 @ 06:26 pm
[First thing that pops on this screen is this purple cat with a black witch-like hat and a tag. It seems she's still wondering around the arrival area, shaking off whatever water was on her. She tilts her head to one side, curious, tail swagging in the background. She leans closer to the screen poking her nose on it, and bats it with her paw before pulling away. The cat grins happily letting out a laugh.]


Is this thing really on?

[She asks happily, and yes, the cat speaks!]

Hello~! Can anyone hear Blair?
31 July 2017 @ 05:22 pm
Who: Bartolomeo and Namur
What: Bounty time! The Shadow Monstrosity: "Large and highly resistant to physical damage. Can control and shoot out fire." Sounds like fun.
When: whatever day this week they feel like it
Where: Fayren
Warnings: a couple of potty mouths

at least it's not the Shadow Nose )
29 July 2017 @ 05:51 pm
Uhm... Hello. Nehra I hope I have this device working properly...

[ When the feed clicks on it shows a frazzled girl, sighing and rubbing the back of her neck. Of all things to happen, she wasn't expecting this. Still, she doesn't waste any more time and looks at the device again. In the background it's clear that she hasn't left the bay yet, or even the cave, but it might be apparent that she's still near the holographic projection Weiss left for newcomers. ]

I... I suppose I should say it is nice to meet you all, whoever you may be. I will admit, when I went to bed, I was not expecting to wake up in a strange new world.

[ She pauses, seeming uncertain before trying to shake it off and continuing. ]

Should any of you know the name "Nautilus", please let me know? In the meantime, I suppose I will make my way to communal housing and try to figure things out from there. So, ah... Good to meet you, again, and I suppose I will see some of you soon.

[ And she's going to turn off that video in a hurry, Nehra that was awkward and hard to do.

True to her word she's going to be at the Bay, stepping out of the cave with her things in tow and looking around. At least it looks like it's summer here too, but just what in the world is Genessia? ]
28 July 2017 @ 05:20 pm
[It had taken dear William quite a bit to figure out how to actually work the communicator. Attempting to decipher words that he had never heard of was quite the task but eventually, with a bit of poking about, he managed to turn on the video function.

He blinks a bit and taps the screen, chewing the inside of his lip before finally speaking.]

My name is Will Turner...I suppose all of you have awakened in the same manner that I did, so I'll not articulate that surprise.

I do wish to know where I may find some accommodations beyond those assigned to me.

[Work would come later, he knew. He was a master blacksmith and now had skills for seafaring and repairing ships. There had to be something he could possibly do.]
Current Mood: anxious
26 July 2017 @ 03:04 pm
[Growly marine is growly!] I was going to ignore this for being so stupid, I haven't even been here for fifteen years!

[All but chomps his cigar ends off, before withdrawing and replacing them. Yes, that's two cigars at once. He might have an addiction "problem." Except he'll tell you flat out, his problem is everyone else claiming it's a bad thing, kthx and shove off and myob.]

However, recent events have prompted a much needed vivification.

I do not owe back taxes. And any foolish outlaw who thinks to use my name as an excuse for their own activities will get my boot upside their head! [Pause. And then if that wasn't already painfully obvious:] With my foot still in it. That is all.
25 July 2017 @ 12:20 pm
[Same story different cover, is what he's already deduced.

The piecing together of what's happened, again, is the only thing keeping this feed from being interspaced with gunfire.

You should all be thankful.

As it is, he's deeply annoyed, but not terrified nor confused as he pointedly ignores a child staring directly at him, unblinking, as their ice cream cone melts into their hand.

There's a reason he's not turning the video feed on, he knows this stupid game

I've already collected the requisite information from that filthy cave and the supplied pamphlets, endeavor not to tell me anything that isn't already contained within either of these.

I've really only a small collection of questions, starting with: Does the name Holli Would strike anyone as familiar, and ending with a request for employment.

I'd consider them both of equal importance.
21 July 2017 @ 10:50 am
Who: Haruna
What: Haruna decides to investigate the Fish Market and the sea. A sign of normality for her?
When: 20 July, Near Dusk
Where: Fayren
Warning: None

'Is this loneliness?' She asked softly as her green eyes opened.  )
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14 July 2017 @ 12:39 pm

It's been over a year since our last honestly honest anonymous chat. We can all be honest (or honestly have fun) and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks when our identities aren't tied to what we're saying. Same rules as last time so I'm just copy/pasting:
    1. Only reply with anonymous text! If you say something logged in, I'll freeze the thread and put a bounty on your head for ruining everyone's fun.

    2. Put thread topics in the subject line. Don't get off topic, if you want to talk about something else start a new thread. I'll throw a few discussion topics up, but you can feel free to bring up your own, namedrop people to talk about them, whatever you want.

    3. If you bring up personal problems don't whine when people give you answers you don't like.
Those are the only rules, get going.

{ OOC NOTE: All replies to this post are automatically considered anonymous unless otherwise stated in the subject line. If you intentionally have your character reply while 'logged in' Emerald really will freeze the thread. Whether she actually does the bounty part depends on how much she really wants to annoy your character. This is essentially an IC anon meme, except it's actually in-game because Emerald is bored and wasting time at work (sorry Johnny, the kiddos at the arcade only waited a couple of minutes while she posted- she promises they were being twits anyway). }
[Text OTA]

[There's no easy way to say this. Might as well get directly to the point.]

This second spirit attack revealed that the pokemon that we've been given are as real as the sprites; that is, the majority of the population without necklaces.

[He considers adding an "I'm sorry", but decides to leave it at that. He'll add something cheerier.]

If anyone has been drained by said spirits and would like aid, let me know. I should be at one's disposal soon.

Private texts to Anastasia, Satsuki, and Augustine )

[Action, closed.]

The original pokemon were better )

Private Texts
Anastasia )

Bracken )

Moon )

Konoka )

Magician )

Sans )

Strength )

Sonico )

Star )

Sync )

Professor Augustine Sycamore )

Tony )

To all )

[Action, closed]
Back to the grindstone: extermination bounty )
02 July 2017 @ 06:47 pm
Waking Up - The Bay

[Waking up had been a bit of a challenge after a several years of a moogle companion acting as your personal alarm clock. The bed was comfortable and compared to the ground she'd slept on in the past, it was a welcome change. The perky brunette curled up tightly, burrowing into the comfort for as long as she could. The battles to save Crystallis had been long, hard and exhausting. She'd gone to sleep on board the Enterprise, content on considering her next moves and dreaming of home.

But something wasn't right. She'd left Jaelyn on board the ship and the wake up call wasn't happening at all. It was with a sleepy whine that Selphie Tilmitt woke up with a start and stared at the completely different surroundings from where she'd fallen asleep. She felt the tight braid at the nape of her neck and the unfamiliar weight in her lap. It took several moments to rub the sleep from her eyes before she looked down and saw the small box in her lap. She opened it cautiously before smiling sadly at the white crystal contained within alongside some other objects. The SeeD quickly closed the box before leaving her bed and making her way out of the Bay she'd woken up in.]

If this is a joke guys, I'm not laughing!

The City Proper [Video]

[A few rounds of fiddling with her smartphone later, a 23 year-old Selphie comes into view. Her customary bangs are back in place but instead of her shorter hairstyle, she's adopted a long braid that's flopped over her left shoulder. She's a bit on the tired side and very wary of her new surroundings. Yet, there's a glimmer of cautious optimism about this situation. She tugs at the sleeves of her Red Mage attire before waving at the phone. She sees the little symbol that it's recording but other than that, smartphones are completely foreign to her.]

Helloooooooo? Is anyone out there?

Jade? Anise? Sonic? Anyone from Crystallis? Squall? Zell? ...Seifer?

Um... [She looks at the lens sheepishly before clearing her throat.]

Right. Looks like I'm on my own so, hello! Is this thing working? If you can hear me, or see me in this case, say something! Anything, really.

[Selphie smiles warmly at the camera before tapping the phone again until the feed cuts out.]

The Wildcard

[Do you have something else in mind? Come at me!]
19 June 2017 @ 08:50 pm

Good evening, everyone. I hope that everyone is safe and well following recent...events. I am so grateful for all the people who worked so hard to keep everyone safe. Thank you! I am also incredibly thankful for those who voted so kindly towards, and who have supported my singing. You are all so very kind and generous people.

Now that people are more comfortable, I hope you don't mind me asking - what do people do for a housewarming party? What would make it the loveliest housewarming you have ever been to?

[action a - through towns at night]

Now that Sonico had regular slots at different night clubs, it meant she had to get used to walking home at night. When Cassian wasn't with her, Sonico would wander her way through Nova or Genessia to find the best way back to Attleton. Sometimes she is singing softly to herself, headphones on; other times she would go somewhere to grab something quick and convenient to eat; sometimes trying to juggle a hot takeaway cup while trying to eat a pretzel or a burger at the same time. Why not take her up on a night time stroll?

[action b - busking in Genessia gardens]

Okay, so it's not busking as such, but when the days are nice, Sonico can be found in the gardens in her summer clothes, relaxing by the pond maybe, or else strumming songs as she sits crossed legged on a bench with her acoustic guitar. Come see and hear the cutest female and best singer, so say recent awards.