05 September 2017 @ 09:07 pm
[ The video recorded on the network appears to be from the angle of the podium that Weiss is standing at, though it's obvious that it's taking place in an official space. Just as likely, any character would be able to see the same scene on television as a press conference called by Weiss Schnee. What's stranger is that she doesn't seem quite as confident or self-assured as she might normally. This isn't good news. ]

Nova City has become a home to me. Which is what makes this incredibly difficult. The type of person I decided I wanted to be was the type of person who protects others- someone who fights to make things right, and be a better person than people expect of me. Being Nova City's Guardian has let me be that person, but it takes a toll. Everyone has a point at which their bias and self-interest conflicts with being able to do the right thing. I've recently begun to see where that point lies for me. Before I reach it, I'm going to do the right thing one last time for Nova City.

[ Weiss takes a deep breath, her fingers gripping slightly before she releases both them and the breath. ]

Today is my last day as City Guardian. In my place until the next election, Deputies Garrus Vakarian and Mercury Black will be acting as co-Guardians to lead the Nova City Guardian team. They have very different styles so it may be an.. interesting transition, but I think the contrast and balance will ultimately help to keep Nova City a fair and safe place.

[ She's so aware that it's going to be a controversial decision. Mercury is rash, with little leadership experience, but he got things done and he was decisive. He wouldn't play around with unnecessary ventures, and Weiss honestly felt that if he was going to continue down the path he was on, he needed to be motivated to do that. She'd give him the responsibilities and hoped he picked up on it, using his already skillfully trained abilities to support it. Garrus was far more justice-oriented and enthusiastic about the job, and much more intelligent, but he also acted too quickly and ended up on wild goose chases or involved in ridiculous drama somehow. The biggest worry she had about the team-up would be whether they would go too far in the name of justice, but she was hoping the remaining deputies would keep them in check in that aspect. Her other deputies may have been more qualified individually, but they were less likely to be followed by the rest of the team or more likely to be influenced by outside parties. It was the only combination that worked. They elected her, hopefully they trusted her deputies to uphold her standards in her stead. ]

Thank you.

[ And the transmission ends. ]
12 August 2017 @ 10:06 am

Good morning everyone!~

*There's a very spritely looking young woman beaming into the device. Maybe you recognise her, though she might seem just a little older. She gives a bright wave*

My name is Selphie Tilmitt, and I've just arrived here in this world! Nice to meet ya! Now, I've heard that apparently another Selphie was here before... but she must've been an impostor! So just forget everything she ever said or did, okay?

*Plus a happy head tilt - this person sure is animated*

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you very much to those of you who have been looking after my Aya for me. I know he can be an awkward grump face sometimes, so thanks to the friends he's made that have been keeping him company - I owe you one, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you too!

*Did she just say my Aya? Why yes, she did. And she sure seems comfortable with calling him an 'awkward grump face' though it's said with a great deal of warmth behind it*


Having spent several months apart from Aya, Selphie is keen to stick to his side as much as possible right now. She'll explore later. So if anyone is curious about this new woman who has appeared in Aya's life, you'll find her in Attleton, most likely hanging about his flower shop, helping out there and there.



[This is how Nora gets attention! By shouting really loudly once opening a feed.]

I'm gonna set a world record! I'm gonna hold up as many people on a bench as possible! My goal is at least fifty! [GRINS!] So hurry up! I wanna eat lunch!

[Action: Genessia Park]

[Nora is easy to find. A crowd gathers around her as she casually holds a bench over her head with both hands. She plans to set the record before lunch.]
26 April 2017 @ 05:55 pm
[Jacques isn’t sure what he’s doing here or how he even got here, but he is pleasantly surprised to see Weiss has opened up a branch of his company over here. Perhaps the girl had more of a mind for business than he had first imagined. Of course, it also could have been because of him; he’d given her ample time to think about things when he imprisoned her in her room.

With a few adept strokes, a video of him is being broadcast, glorious mustache and all.]

Good Evening. My name is Jacques Schnee, proud father of Weiss Schnee who you all seem to know. I trust that she’s been doing an honorable job of starting up a branch of the Schnee Company here in… Genessia, was it? However now that I’m here I’ll of course be stepping up to run my company just as soon as I get settled in. If you have any business with Schnee, be sure to send them my way and I’m sure we can work something out.

[He’s laying the charm on thick – it’s all about appearances, after all.]

Weiss, darling, be sure to call me and let me know where you are staying so we can have a little chat, just the two of us. I’m glad to see you doing so well.
25 March 2017 @ 12:05 pm
Does anyone have any Pokémon good for sparring with?
I practice judo.
Feel free to bring them to Sand Gym.

Also, I could use housemates for my 4 bedroom/4 bathroom house in Genessia.

[ He adds pictures of the Manga House
He shows pictures of the unused bedrooms, the game/art room, bathrooms, kitchen,yard, porch. He went on a cleaning frenzy after coming back from the dead, so the rooms are pristine and weLL organized. It helped that he never let the place get too messy and his older brother had epic homemaking skills.
08 March 2017 @ 09:20 pm
Hey, guys.

[Nora is sitting in a restaurant, nursing the largest parfait ever. She looks too down to even enjoy it. All she's doing it moving up the bits that are melting and sliding down before putting some into her mouth. Boredly. With one hand holding up her head with the elbow on the table.]

For the first time ever, I'm homesick. I thought a parfait would help, but... [She just looks at it and sighs.] Nope. So anyone wanna help me eat it?
08 February 2017 @ 05:18 am
WHO: Open!
Valentine's Auction & Party!


WHERE: The Castle Royale Hotel, Genessia City.

Party Time! )
14 January 2017 @ 12:20 am
Introspection )


[It had been laundry day. Jaune's wearing a different outfit today. He's also blatantly wearing a red and gold bracelet on his right wrist. He knew what it would look like to other people who knew him well enough, and those are the people he's seeking to manipulate. The risks of getting caught basically stealing it are outweighed by the advantage of making his point. He might not outright physically harm his friends, but he'll do whatever he thinks is necessary to hurt the people who hurt the--him.]

Hey, it's the incompetent idiot again here to talk to you about something way more interesting and lucrative than free totes. It's always felt like that being normal is actually more unusual than being super-powered here. I'm not normal, but I'm also not capable of destroying entire cities and I won't pretend that I am.

I don't know if half of what everyone here claims is actually true, and you do have those abilities, or if you're just full of shit.

Actually, I think it might be the second option. [Shrug.] That's not my point. I need to find someone. I'm sure most of you know her, Emerald Sustrai. She's very good with words and manipulating other people. Good people, like a lot of you are. I wish that's where the threat ended, but she aided in murdering someone very important to me. I won't lie and say I won't hurt her when I find her. Think about what you would do if it happened to you, or someone you loved, except it really happened to me. She is going to burn for what she did. But I need your help.

If anyone has any information about where I can find her, I'll pay you 200 red bills upfront. But wait-- [Smirking.] If your information turns out to be useful, and you're not just lying because you're another greedy corrupted fuck, I'll reward you with 5000 red bills for your efforts. [Where would he get that much money? Nowhere legal.]

So yeah, help me find her and stuff and I won't have to cause property damage to do the right thing. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. [He really doesn't sound like he's hoping it doesn't come to that.]

[Action (Monsters and--)]

[After that announcement, Jaune will seeking out his friends and family, visiting the places he most frequently sees them. Occasionally, he might see someone committing a crime. Instead of arresting them and waiting for the cops, he starts to beating them up, until he gets tired of it or they stop putting up a fight and he continues looking for a select few people. Hopefully no one saw that. He might accidentally run into a stranger or acquaintance, stopping in shock and frowning apologetically. He's good at pretending to care, because he remembers being able to care about strangers.]

Sorry, are you okay? [And he'll extend his hand to help them up, offering a sheepish smile.]

[Action (Heroes)]

[Overall, Jaune considers himself pretty adaptable. He's better at reacting than planning, and he doesn't let himself get stuck in a single mindset. But right now he feels stuck, and he can't pinpoint why. He just wants nothing more than to be around his friends. Looking pensive, his better half heads for Remnant House, as well as Dave and Jeff's apartment. If he sees someone else he knows on his way, he'll probably stop to talk to them.]
14 January 2017 @ 12:52 am
[ Wherever Weiss is right now, it isn't her usual home or her office. It's not the Skyrise or one of Schnee Company's builings. It's clearly some kind of balcony with a panoramic view of Nova City behind it. She seems like she's a little irritated at something and she's wearing something somewhat more formal than her normal attire, though her hair is still in its normal style. She gives a distinctive, impatient look to someone off-screen of 'well? hop to it' before focusing her attention on the video. ]

Hello everyone. As of today, I'm announcing Mercury Black as Nova City's new deputy. Those of you who have a problem with this can deal with it because frankly, I've done a good job so far and I'm tired of being questioned every single time I do anything when so far it's turned out substantially better than anyone seems to expect of me.

You'll also notice that I've opened a new branch of Schnee Company in Attleton. It's time to stop resting on our laurels.

[ Honestly, nothing seems too off except that Weiss seems to be in a less than ideal mood. She looks off the camera again, a man's voice saying "All you have to do is sign here, Guardian Schnee, and it's yours." ]

It's about time. [ The video clicks off as she mutters that last part, moving away from the balcony. ]

B. TEXT; PRIVATE (to whitley, winter, and sun)
It's about time we go back to living the way we deserve to. If you're willing to offer something up to prove you're not planning on being a leech, I'd be happy to have you.

[ And included is an address in Nova City to her new home. ]

[ Well this was... unfortunate. Weiss had just barely woken up and saw what she had thought was herself slamming the door on the way out of the brand new Attleton location. She had no idea what was going on and frankly this wasn't how she wanted to start the day after the ribbon cutting ceremony. She's must've hit her head on something, that would explain how she could possibly see herself walking out of here too.. Uhg. Weiss sighed and went into her pouch to grab some aspirin only to find all of the Dust was gone out of it. Her next thought went to Myrtenaster- also gone.

...Did she get mugged by someone wearing a wig? As far as disguises go, herself against herself had to be the weirdest and most effective. What was she going to do, report herself to Blaze for mugging herself? As importantly, where did her jacket and petticoat go? Did the thief take those too? (What kind of Guardian actually had to deal with this kind of problem?) Even if she wanted to report it, her device was gone. Great.

Weiss frowned at her reflection in the window, then headed to Genessia City to grab one of her old outfits from the old house. It was closer than Nova so she wouldn't have to keep wandering around in the show without frills or a jacket, at least. There's not much left there since she brought most things with her, but her dress from her first Christmas party was and it was clean, so Weiss is going around looking extra snowy as she walks her way back to Nova City. The thief appears to have taken her car too. Feel free to encounter her anywhere on the walk back to Nova, looking rather concerned in general. ]
07 January 2017 @ 03:57 am
Nova City

[She was here two nights ago from the Bay. Those first few days, she was wandering around the main city of Genessia. She read the instructions from the pamphlets, read the maps from the magazine, and even peered at the archways that lead to the other four cities that connected to the main one, but she haven't explored what's beyond them yet. She wasn't used to journeying alone in unknown territories, not without her friends for teammates.

Spending the night alone in the Commonspace was an interesting but rather cramped experience, and it was after she contacted Weiss that she was being filled in with a bit of this and that, and later that night, she ended up as a resident at the Remnant House.

The next morning, after much needed breakfast, she made it her agenda to seek out her friends and make her presence known. A video is being played live to the Network, showing a petite girl wearing an interesting attire of white, black, and a flowing red cape, giving her a red hiding hood appearance. She beamed a sunny D powered smile, and waved to the phone.]

"Hi and good morning everyone! I'm Ruby Rose. I arrived here from the Bay a few days ago. I met with Weiss and she filled me in with some of the details.

But...I want to hear it from you guys! What happened to all of you? It's a lot to take in, but I'll do my best to help.

So if you want to speak to me, let me know."
22 December 2016 @ 11:02 pm
WHO: Weiss and Nora, then eventually anyone else in the house who wants to come find out why there's growling and yelling if they can't sleep through it
WHAT: Weiss has a nightmare and accidentally summons a Grimm in the bedroom
WHEN: 2:14am (specifically i'm just messing it's just sometime too early to be called morning)
WHERE: Weiss and Nora's bedroom
WARNINGS: There's gonna be a fight.

[ Weiss wasn't really good at getting to sleep anymore. The days when she was exhausted at the end were the easiest, but most nights she turned to one of her Pokemon to sing her to sleep. Tonight had been one of the nights when she'd been exhausted. Stressed, but she had thought she was okay. Being okay while awake didn't mean that the nightmares wouldn't come though, and after finding out that Flynt was gone, after finding out that Whitley was here, the stress of the party (even if she had enjoyed it that didn't mean it was without its stresses), and the stress of the election, the situation with Jaune..

More and more things had been piling up and while the nightmares seemed to come at their own will, they weren't usually as bad anymore. This wasn't one of those nights. This was one of the nights where her nightmares about going home collided with her nightmares about staying here, and her instincts meant that when she subconsciously gripped the sheets as if she were trying to hold onto something for dear life, the whole room lit up with a glyph for a brief moment and rather suddenly, even as heavy a sleeper as Nora would be woken up by the silence-piercing roar of an oddly colored white Beowulf in the bedroom. And since Nora is the only person besides Weiss in the room...

Well, it would probably help if Weiss woke up from the nightmare that she's trying to protect herself from, but she seems to be having one of those fun sleep paralysis during nightmare moments. Good luck, Nora. ]
19 December 2016 @ 03:08 pm
[It had been a while since Lenalee made a public post with video. She shivered slightly at remembering what the last one happened to be about. It was something she didn't need to be reminded about. Never the less she was currently standing in the kitchen, something sweet was in the oven and she was covered head to foot in what appeared to be flour. Smiling sweetly she held the device firmly.]

Good afternoon everyone, I hope that you are all having a good day. [She looked over slightly.]

I've spent most of my day baking different kinds of cake. I kind of got so much into it that I ended up making way to much cake for just me to eat. [She turned the device around and low and behold on most of the counters there appeared to be cakes of different sizes and styles. Most appeared to be nicely baked at least.]

So... I was kind of hoping that people out there would like some. Just ask for a certain kind and I'll see if I made it yet. [She paused for a moment before turning the device back to herself, a slight frown passing by her lips.]

Also I had a question. While my current job is fine and all... It's not something I had planned to do forever. So I was wondering how did some people figure out what they wanted to do in life? Or at least here anyway?
17 December 2016 @ 05:13 pm

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.
And since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The song is playing in the elevator on the way up to what is normally the meeting hall floor, which has been cleared out so that they could "deck the hall" for the party. It's a Winter Wonderland theme, with white, blue, and silver being the main colors. Which, granted, tends to be a Schnee theme- but it's at least in season this time around. Crystal chandeliers and lights hang from the ceiling, looking like icicles, and there's a frosted tree in the center of the room. Upon closer inspection, it's a croquembouche that's been coated with white chocolate and sprayed with edible glitter, pulled sugar ribbons streaming down the sides of the edible 'tree.'

At each of the tables, there are small gift bags for each of the guests- nothing big, just little samplings of sweets from Cat's Meow Cafes. These are in addition, of course, to the family-style servings at each table of meals. Both chestnut waffles with blackberry-orange syrup and crown roasts were available as main dishes at each of the tables, along with a colorful medley of roasted vegetables and an assortment of different types of freshly baked breads in a basket at each dinner table. Every table also seems to have carefully poached and sliced apples and pears with vanilla or caramel sauce as a dessert. The center of the hall is, of course, cleared out for dancing surrounding a round stage where a live performance from Sonico Super is being performed. Individual orders for drinks (coffee, tea, egg nog for those over 18 only, water, or cider available).

Along the edge of the hall are many gifts lined up with bid tickets and boxes for a silent auction. All proceeds from the auction and ticket sales will, of course, go toward the Genessia Scientific Research Foundation's budget for the next year. Almost strategically, there seems to be a bar located toward the start of the auction traffic manned by After Life staff.

At 9:30pm as the evening winds down, guests will be asked to gather near the windows of the hall to watch the Nova City tree lighting. The view from up above in the tower is amazing, the gigantic tree wholly visible as it lights up on the ground below. The only obstruction of view is the lightly falling snow. If at any point it looked like it would stop snowing, you can bet that Weiss's Castform was up on the roof making sure that didn't happen.

Just as 10pm hits and the party is meant to end, all sides of the hall's glass walls light up with fireworks at once. A beautiful fireworks show finishes off the night.
03 December 2016 @ 06:36 pm
None of ye should forget, if ye follow Catholic faith, tis Advent this month. That's four Sundays of gettin' ready for Christmas.

I'll be followin' a few Advent rules meself, that includes no Christmas songs in me shop until bloody Christmas. That includes caroling. None of that.

I won't be holding any of ye to the rules of Advent aside from that while around here.

[No one has to live with him after all]

For anyone interested, it also includes no meat on Fridays and no holiday sweets until the Eve of Christmas, the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena, mind that you have to say it fifteen times a day until Christmas because repetition is a mark of devotion, lighting of the Advent Wreath and waitin' until the eve to put up your damned tree.

If ye need a tree in your house so damn bad and are interested in followin' any sort of Catholic tradition, the Jesse Tree is... good enough. Look it up yourself, I'm a busy man.

So if ye couldn't tell, I don't wanna see a lick of that Christmas nonsense in me store until the Eve and no earlier, ye've all done a terrible thing, boostin' Christmas up into the first of December, show some bloody restraint. Keep it in your pants until Christmas, for Christs sake and for mine.
[Somehow, someway, someone found a super cute photo of Weiss with her dogs and while Weiss looks peached as punch, the dogs look...well, like dogs. They are neither happy nor unsatisfied with being coddled by her, which is just fine with Weiss!

The reason someone found the photo is because she accidentally sent it to the internet. It took a while to surface, and gave Nora a false sense of security during that time.

...but now, Nora is hiding and probably needs a new roommate. Or new room. Or new house. Or just a new identity.]
21 October 2016 @ 10:44 pm
[Action at Nova City]

[For the most part, Jaune felt like while he couldn't always take what this place dished out, he could roll with the punches. He had a lot of practice with it, after all. A headache thanks to a set of horns and a ruined bunny t-shirt courtesy of a pair of wings would probably be a considered an inconvenience at best. And honestly, it kind of was. He had already knocked over a lot of things--and people--with his wings. They kept twitching as he tried getting more accustomed to them. Once they felt more natural and not just like two entirely foreign appendages stuck to his shoulder-blades, he wanted to test them out. He didn't consider that he might be an Incubus. He didn't care where they came from or why they were there. He could even ignore the horns.

Instead of picking a nice, relatively open place to test out his abilities, like Attleton or Fayren, he picked Nova City, mostly because he already lived there. With its daunting skyscrapers and flying vehicles, even in the dark, it probably wasn't the best choice.

It definitely isn't the best choice. Without the ruined remains of his t-shirt, Jaune is shirtless and flying into a lot of objects. He seems to think that by flying faster, he'll somehow be better and dodging too, which doesn't work at all. Sometimes he'll impact something so hard he falls on the ground, but he keeps trying, ignoring the way his head increasingly feels worse.

He's acting stupid and reckless. But this is the closest he's felt to invincible. He has to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Feel free to jump out of his way or approach him when he falls and keeps trying this out. On the bright side, he's actually smiling faintly.]

[Action at Remnant House]

[Eventually, he ends up returning to the house. It's late, probably around 3am at this point. Normally, he wouldn't even think of sleeping, but he's exhausted. Flying is tough. He's just going to...sit on the couch and hope his horns or wings don't ruin it if he jumps up or moves in general.]
18 September 2016 @ 07:46 pm
video; official announcement
Though I've had the decision made for some time and they know who they are, it's about time that I announced that Nova City's new Guardian system has been implemented. The city is now divided into sectors that are each protected by highly skilled deputies that have passed rigorous testing to indicate they're ready for the position. Each sector will be protected individually, but in the case that back-up is needed, any deputies or myself may assist outside of their sector. As lead Guardian, I'll still be doing my duties in every sector throughout each day as normal. Without further ado, your deputies are

Sector 1: Artanis
Sector 2: Saber
Sector 3: Jaune Arc
Sector 4: Robin
Sector 5: Satsuki Kiryuin
Sector 6: Nora Valkyrie

If for whatever reason the deputy is not capable of performing their duties a suitable replacement will be found for them in a reasonable period of time. I'm funding this project out of my own pocket so regardless of whether I'm re-elected as City Guardian in the future, rest assured I'll make sure that Nova City is still protected.

[ Have a business in Nova City? Feel free to assume you're in whoever's sector you want as long as you keep it consistent. ]

I do have one other announcement regarding the protection of Nova City and it's related directly to bounty hunters. Bounty hunters must be licensed in Nova City starting at the end of this month. Acting without a license will result in the individual being characterized as a vigilante and therefore a criminal themselves. Being licensed is not difficult, nor is it infringing upon any of your rights as citizens. The requirements for being licensed are agreeing to the following terms:
    1. Under no circumstances is murder an acceptable method for bringing in a bounty target. The bounty hunter must be able to reliably prove defense if the bounty dies in the process of being brought in. If they cannot, the bounty hunter will be held responsible.
    2. Criminals must be brought to the City Guardian's office for processing. Bounty hunters are not dispensers of justice nor do they have the right to. They're a system designed to capture criminals and assist the justice system.
    3. Property damage is restricted to what's necessary in defense rather than destruction in pursuit of a bounty. If any question is brought up about the nature of the property destruction by witnesses or other evidence, the matter shall be investigated and the bounty hunter may be held accountable for their actions if it is found they were creating more of a problem than assisting with one.
    4. Bounty hunters are required to act under the scope of Nova City's laws. Just because you have a pendant doesn't mean you'er above them.
    5. No trespassing without reasonable belief of distress of a potential victim. If you need to go into a restricted area, present your evidence to the City Guardian's office for approval. If your passage into that area is granted by the Guardian's office- which can be any one of the deputies or myself- then you're welcome to travel into that area. However, private property is that for a reason.
    6. If your bounty interferes with a City Guardian's office investigation and you act upon it in the interest of getting the bounty money rather than exacting justice, you will be held accountable for obstruction of justice. This includes stepping beyond police tape without the explicit permission of someone in the Guardian's office. If you aren't trained explicitly to gather evidence, you're a problem whether you want to believe you're helping or not.
    7. Bounty targets that are turned over may not be prosecuted if investigation does not provide sufficient evidence to link the target to the crime and they may be released and will not be eligible for bounty capture until evidence is presented. Further pursuit of a former bounty target may result in a minimum of harassment charges against the bounty hunter, further depending on actions taken by the bounty hunter beyond pursuit such as assault, stalking, and so on depending on how far out of bounds you are. Just because someone posts something in the paper doesn't mean that they did the crime unless there's active evidence of it.
    8. All crimes committed in Nova City will be given a fair trial to determine their sentence. If the evidence states that they did the crime, they'll be punished to the full extent of the law. Regardless of the person's reason for doing something, if it's been done the victims deserve justice.
These restrictions are largely to hold bounty hunters accountable for their actions rather than limit their ability to do their jobs, but as I've recently come to realize... the pursuit of justice isn't perfect, nor is it easy, and it's certainly not something you can do on a whim or for a few extra bucks. Those interested in agreeing to the terms immediately may apply for licenses with me today. Those who act as bounty hunters without being licensed in Nova City will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as vigilantes. Literally all I'm asking you guys to do is not plow through everyone else's rights when you do your work, so it's honestly not that hard to get licensed if you agree to and adhere to the rules. Any questions?

action; at the rwby house
[ After dealing with whatever responses she got to her announcement earlier, Weiss needs a breather. With everything that's been going on, it's been difficult and nothing says 'mindless fun' like putting treats on the back of two roombas she purchased and letting them clean through the house with the dogs following them around and barking because the roombas have their treats. So if you happen to hear barking, it's Frost and Sleet. Weiss is sitting on a chair in the current room she's cleaning with her feet up on the chair so that the roomba and dogs can get by without running into her and she can still watch.

But more than that, she wasn't.. quite feeling well. She'd taken a trip to Attleton earlier for her regular trip to the farmer's market and since then she'd been feeling a little off.. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was though. Nothing really smelled fishy, so to speak. (Or at all.) ]
05 September 2016 @ 09:26 am
So... Gou-chan is gone. Which means I'm now living in a house by myself that I can barely afford without sacrificing something.

So I figured I'd try this first. I have three bedrooms free currently. Which means I can allow three people to move in. The rooms can house two people, so someone who has someone from home or someone they are in a relationship with can have one room if they wanted.

If you want to know more about the place, please let me know and I'll be happy to show you around and for payment wise it would cost you only 2000 red bills a month. If you want to share a room with someone you know it would only be 1000 red bills a month each.

If you are interested let me know. If I don't get anyone by October, I'll probably consider downgrading.

Apart from that, I am here to say I've finished creating a few more candies. I just need the taste testers to try them out before I officially sell them and advertise. But I will say these ideas will be great if I've executed them correctly

[He stopped texting for a moment. He wasn't sure if he should add more, but after a moment he does.]

Due to Gou-chan's departure, the Sametobi S C will still be open. I am trying my best to see if I can take over and keep it running in memory of my friend. I just don't want to see her hard work go down the train... Is that odd?
04 September 2016 @ 06:45 pm
[Nora has a lot of stuff on her mind, and while she'd love to talk to someone about all of it, there's no one around. Either they're dealing with their own stuff, or she just doesn't know them well enough to just talk about her more personal problems.]

what do you do when you want to talk about something but no one's really around to talk to?

[Keeping the question anonymous because she doesn't want any of her friends to think she doesn't trust them. Which is kind of the case, but she doesn't want to make it a big deal.]