08 October 2017 @ 07:05 pm
Who: Aya and Selphie
What: Taking on a bounty- Penalty Killer
When: October 9th and some change.
Where: Attleton
Warnings: Violence eventually?

the stake out )

Text - Public - Morning
[ Atelier Sakura is Ayame's second clothing store, which had been open for business for some time with relative success. Wanting to change that, Ayame devised a plan to attract more customers by making her store more inviting, and tonight is the night to make those plans a reality. Sending out a text to the network, Ayame invites people from other cities to come visit her refurbished store ]

Good morning, Genessia. Atelier Sakura of Fayren is having a re-opening night at 6:00pm. It is my second store, where I sell traditional Japanese clothing and accessories. You don't have to buy anything, but I encourage you to drop by nonetheless just to see the store along with the newly added light display, and try some Japanese snacks.

Until tonight. Your visit would be much appreciated.

Action - Fayren, Atelier Sakura - Evening
[ As for the store it self. It's built near the outskirts of Fayren where it's nestled in a small wooded area; surrounded by a copse of tall trees. The store lies on top of elevated ground. A slowly ascending path connecting to Fayren's roadways lead people to the store, but now illuminated with glowing pillars of rolled textiles encased in glass tubes. The short path forks slightly, with one leading to the entrance to a traditionally Japanese building, and another to a small fountain with a decorated stone orb that sits above the crystal clear water. Inside the store is a large "genkan", where the customers can interact with the staff on the elevated wooden platforms without having to take off their shoes, unless they're interested in getting fitted with a kimono.

Ayame can be seen wearing a kimono of her own creation. Depending on the hour of the night, she is either indoors talking to her customers with a drink in hand, or outside by the fountain, watching her customers enjoy the scenery, standing by the food stall manned by random men from a subarchway who she hired to serve some Japanese street food. There's okonomiyaki (savory pancake made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and some pork belly), taiyaki (cake with fillings, usually red bean paste but is also available in custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato), takoyaki (ball-shaped wheat-flour snacks with diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion. It's topped with mayonaisse, takoyaki sauce, green laver, and some dried bonito flakes) and yakisoba (stir-fried soba noodles with pork, diced vegetables, and fried egg).
14 September 2017 @ 08:14 pm
 *Selphie appears on the screen with a super sweet smile. She flutters her eyelashes and gazes into the distance, doing some kind of imitation of a model. On her head is a gorgeous flower crown, which she touches very gently*

Do you want to give flowers to your flower? Make the most beautiful person in your life even more beautiful? Or maybe you want to charm a special gorgeous man or woman in your life? Then buy them a stunning flower crown.

*She poses and pouts this way and that a little longer, before finally bursting into giggles at her own silliness*

Available as a very special limited edition from Kitten in the House Flower Shop, right here in the heart of Attleton!~

*And to finish her little advertisement for Aya's shop, Selphie signs off with a flourish, blowing a kiss as she blows soft pink petals from her hand*
11 September 2017 @ 01:31 pm
[Rapunzel is sitting in her apartment. On her lap appeared to be a puppy that she had come across when the dogs had been let loose. Why she decided to take it home with her was really any ones guess, but it was currently relaxing while she was giving it a fuss.

As Rapunzel stroked it, she usual smile had been replaced with a small frown. She was pondering something.]

So... from the newspaper and learning something has made me think that... My mother wasn't full wrong in telling me of the dangers that exist. I mean she made it sound like everything was and.... she was wrong in that, but... I am not naive enough to think everything is okay. It's just really hard to tell.

[She paused for a moment, carefully moving the puppy off her lap and onto her bed.]

But I have a question. Is there a way to be able to tell if someone has bad intentions or not? Is it something that is even easy to tell? I ask because I am curious that is all.

[She looks over for a brief moment before remembering she had something else to add. So putting some stray strands of hair behind her ear she speaks.]

Also, I am still taking requests for paintings and clothing still as another job. So if you have something even a wall that needs painting let me know by this device or through the post and I will get to it as quickly as I can.
01 September 2017 @ 07:04 am
Who: Max and YOU
What: Max moving all around the five cities. He'll find you or vice versa.
When: 09/01/2017 - 09/07/2017
Where: All over - Add the desired location in the subject bar
Warnings: Max? Yes, Max. He deserves his own warning. IE: strong language and crass behavior.
Notes: You can do a starter or just tag with a blank comment with a location and date in the subject line and I'll craft a personal starter for us.

What does a little shit with nothing but time on his hands do? )
29 August 2017 @ 12:40 pm
[As requested, Aya prepared a special bouquet of two dozen roses. As per Cassian's instructions, he needed to make sure everyone saw him delivering them, so Aya goes all out in doing so by traveling from the quiet town of Attleton, to the busy streets of Genessia, then back to Attleton again while carrying the vase in his arms. At times he'll stop to inspect the flowers and fluff them a bit, spritz them with a gentle mist of water, or when he gets stopped by curious pedestrians he'll say it's a delivery to the City Guardian's office in Attleton for K2SO, which is easily overheard by anyone passing by. Getting paid double just to make a display of the delivery will be worth the effort, and he'll make sure to do his part, too.

Upon arriving, he'll stand obnoxiously in the middle of the busy office with with vase in hand and make an announcement.]

I have a delivery for K2SO. Has anyone seen him?
28 August 2017 @ 09:05 pm
Who: Kirika Yuumura, Aya Fujimiya, and Seth Rim
What: Bounty Hunt and shop visits
When: Aug 29th & 30th
Where: Attleton | Kitten in the House Flower shop in Attleton
Warnings: Assassin mission and cute visits.

A. Bounty Hunt )

B. Flower Shop )
Action: Kitten in the House Flower Shop- Attleton

[Not expecting to be gone so long, Aya felt not only out of sorts but very...incomplete. The Dream Docks revealed that he had been missing more than a year's worth of memories, and he wasn't okay with that. But with not knowing how to deal with his newfound memories, he did the only thing he knew, which was go to work.]

[So here he is, at his newly opened flower shop, sweeping the front of the store with a broom, lost in his thoughts about what has been revealed to him. He definitely doesn't pay much mind to the gaggles of young girls who tend to stop by to make small purchases, or just stare.]


Does anyone think our memories are being suppressed purposely?

Private Video to Sonico:

I got your messages. I'm sorry to have made you worry, Sonico. I'm fine, I promise.

[Besides the still healing gash on his neck from his bounty a couple of weeks ago. But otherwise fine!]
31 July 2017 @ 06:39 pm
[Okay, she watched the hologram, and wasn't quite sure what happened. She didn't remember falling asleep, and here she was, still damp from the arrival Bay. Kirika brushed her fingers through her damp hair while the feeder was still recording. Her time didn't develop cellphones like this yet and well, she was expecting someone to respond first honestly.

It was hard to read through her expression which was blank and mostly stared. This side of the line remained quiet......]


[...maybe a bit more longer... Her eye lids lowered a bit.]


[...she gave a soft sigh before she stopped the recording. Meanwhile, Kirika could be seen leaving the Bay area with a map, and possibly looked lost or confused. It was hard to tell, but watching her wonder around may had given it away.]
17 July 2017 @ 04:22 pm
Who: Attleton Guardian crew and open
Where: Attleton
What: General catch-all post for the Guardian's office
Warnings: Added as needed

Feel free to make your own open or closed threads, and interact with one another.

A. OTA )

B. for Alice )

C. for Aya )
13 July 2017 @ 07:15 am
Who: Ayame Sasaki, K2SO, Sonico, Ran Fujimiya, & Others
What: Tokyo Day Trip
Where: Tokyo Subarchway (Attleton)

[ At Sonico's housewarming party, Ayame got to meet K2SO and had made a mention about taking him to the Tokyo subarchway. At the time, Ayame thought they were going the next day since she was free, but a sudden change of plans have made them move the date back to where everyone can attend. Ayame only found out later that Sonico wanted to come, along with a man she has yet to meet.

Ayame has heard from Gale and Satsuki about her colleague once taking people on a trip here, so that's on her also mind. She knows she can't compete with how sociable her colleague is. He may not be Japanese either but he knows more about Tokyo than she does, being from a small town near Kyoto and all. But she hopes to make up for it in her own way, and hopes that a Tokyo native like Sonico can help her out in coming up with ideas on places to go. All she has planned for this trip is grabbing some items and show off the robots to K2. But now she's taken up the role of designated teleporter, eschewing public transport and traffic and just use her created portals to travel around the city more effectively. Atelier Sakura in Fayren is not officially open yet, so she has all day to hang out.

Ayame brought her cat Hibiki along for the trip, who has been by her side while they wait for the others to show

Morning @ Shibuya Crossing

[ Ayame chose this as a meeting spot as it was not only close to where she needed to grab some items from, but it was also one of the most iconic locations of the capital. It's the heart of Tokyo, as many would say, but in hindsight, it seems like a bad choice of place too. The throngs of crowds have gotten thick and not helping with the blazing summer heat, with pedestrians crossing from all directions of the intersection like marbles spilling out of a bag in such organized chaos. Scattered sounds of chatter, car engines and distant horns, and audio from the massive digital billboards on the side of buildings. Ayame isn't bothered by the temperature, but the crowds are a little too much for her. She can be found standing out near the Tsutaya store, first to greet her fellow pendant-wearer with an acknowledging glance and a nod.

If they feel the need to eat before tackling on the day ahead of them, Ayame would be willing to pay and take them elsewhere around the city like the famous Akihabara, or someplace less crowded for some traditional Japanese eats. Or not. There's a McDonalds down the street.

Noon @ Miraikan

[ Shielding her human friends from the high noon sun, Ayame brought them to the Miraikan Museum, or the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Mostly for K2, since there's a presentation of Honda's Asimo robot going on in here. Aside from that, the expansive museum shows exhibits about Earth, rudimentary doll-like androids, and some basic interactive games and activities mostly aimed at children. Currently, there is an exhibition about cartoon animation history. ]


[ This spot of the day is open, with Ayame leaving it to Sonico to decide where to go next. Being a Tokyoite, Sonico would have a better idea on what places to see. The Miraikan is in Odaiba, which has malls and plenty of entertainment. They even have the Gundam statue there for K2 to see, and an onsen theme park. But they could also go back to the mainland, and possibly see Tokyo from the ground by exploring the hidden gems within the city, or seeing it from atop the roof of the observation deck. Ayame can teleport them there and hide their presence from security after all, and enjoy the breeze along with the view from the top. ]


[ Even while pressed for time, Ayame eventually convinces herself in making some, just for the sake of hanging out. Feeling generous, she's willing to pay and buy gifts for her new compatriots as souvenirs. There's some restaurants she's been curious to try out, and novelty shops and tourist spots that are better viewed at night that they still need to see before calling it a day. Rain is very likely to occur! ]
11 July 2017 @ 04:19 pm

*Living with Attleton's new guardian might one thing - she knew that they were struggling for funds. In the past short while, Sonico had overheard a lot about budgets, and lack of technological equipment. So what's a girl to do? Fundraise! She spoke to her talent agency about the best way to make money, and it seemed that there was an obvious solution: selling photo prints. Apparently, this was the way she made most money the easiest, and so Sonico was willing to try.

On the screen is a rather flustered Sonico, but she's doing her best to swallow her anxiety and to do the best she can for her housemates*

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely day! Today, I'm doing a little bit of...raising awareness, and I hope that is okay with you all. Please excuse me.

*So far so good, all cute smiles and a bow at the end. This is where she starts to get gradually more pink*

In order to raise funds for Attleton, and for the benefit of everyone, I have prints for sale.

*Sonico's face is replaced by one of the prints in question. It features Sonico dressed up as some sort of futuristic sci fi babe - clearly in-keeping with the technology theme - plenty of skin on show, and all sorts of metal and lights on her costume*

These are a one time only item. The more you buy, the more you save. There - there are more in this series...

*Now Sonico peeks around the photo of herself, and this time her cheeks are really quite rosy - perhaps the other prints in the series are somewhat more risque*

If - if you want to see more... of me. And uhm, well, of the prints then - you can order them from me and I will send them to any address. I am also happy to meet people if that is more suitable. Uh - oh, and I can sign them, if you wish. Thank you for your time today, and thank you in advance for keeping Attleton and all of us safe.

*There's a shy wave, then she suddenly remembers to blurt out the price - these not are the cheapest photos, it would seem, but who knows, maybe it's an opportunity you don't want to miss*


30 June 2017 @ 12:03 pm
[Haru was thankful that things had settled down at least. It meant she could finally focus on what she wanted, which was growing vegetables in the place her a Futaba currently lived at and with another person, their leader arrived was even more of a reason for her to try and do her best.

But she also felt like she was being a tiny bit rude by not introducing herself to people. So with the device on, she was currently sitting by the window, checking on a plant before speaking.]

Good afternoon, I hope everyone is doing well.

[She moves the device to it's in her lap, held firmly between her fingers.]

My name is Haru Okumura, I arrived a short while ago, but because of the whole situation with the spirits, I never introduced myself. So I do apologise for that.

[Though as to why she felt the need to say sorry was anyone's guess, but she had a reason for this whole thing and she was about to say.]

As you can tell from my windowsill here, I'm trying to grow some vegetables or at least one tomato plant, but I was wondering if there were gardens and such that exist that one might be able to use to grow more.

[She paused for a moment.]

I might even ask for requests for what people want to be grown and see what I can do. Although don't expect the best until I manage to make the perfect soil. [She had to work from the begining here after all, but she felt like she was getting somewhree with it at least.]
26 June 2017 @ 06:52 pm

Now that things seemed to have settled down across the cities, Sonico was ready to get her housewarming in full swing. She has never been to one before, nor has she ever attended one, so it’s all very new to her. Still, now that she is more settled in her new home with Cassian and Kay, she is determined to make this a really great housewarming party.

So, all friends of Sonico, Cassian, and Kay, are invited to their brand new home in Attleon for a barbeque and drinks to celebrate friendship, and home. Come along and mingle!~

Early Evening

Where it all begins! The garden is large and includes a small pond, a couple of trees with a hammock between, a wood burning stove in the corner of the patio and, of course, the BBQ. There’s a large grass area and a patio area too, plenty of place to stand and chat. There are a few fold up chairs dotted around too. There’s a table full of foods and burger buns and condiments and, of course, yet another table full of various kinds of cider, beer, and soft drinks. Help yourself, mingle, say hello to the happy hosts and hostess.

Getting Dark

Later on, there’s a definite sense of merriment around the garden. If it’s too cold, there’s always the options of going inside to find a couch or a blanket to stay comfortable. But all the fun is in the garden, where the fairy lights that Sonico has strung up everywhere have been turned on, lending a festive, and almost romantic, glow to the evening. Even if most of the food has gone, it seems to have been replaced with snacks and more cold drinks. The wood burning stove is on now and, when it is dark enough, Sonico appears with matches and boxes of sparklers for her guests to enjoy – not quite fireworks, but fun enough!

Very Late

The evening is winding down, most guests have probably gone home. Still, it’s nice to sit long and late into the dark with friends, or even on your own just to enjoy the atmosphere. When all is said and done, there’s still some clearing up to do.



[He couldn't believe his luck, but in honesty, he really could.]

When I left, the campaigning was finally over. Now I'm brought back and they're beginning again. Is this normal?

[At least he has a time frame of how long he had been gone.]
04 December 2016 @ 05:36 pm
It's Christmas time, and Genessia is full of snow - the perfect time of year for some festive activities, and keeping safe and warm.

A - Santa Sonico - With Singing! )

B - Library Hibernation )

C - Genessia Gardens )

29 October 2016 @ 07:55 am
 Excuse me, everyone. I don't mean to be a nuisance...

*Sonico pauses there, her breathing soft and shallow as though she's in some difficulty*

I am looking for some help. Just someone to help me with some grocery shopping. I really don't want to inconvenience anyone but at the moment -

*Here she stops to cough. It's only a small one, but Sonico gasps as though in some kind of pain. She is as quiet as she can be about it, though. When she speaks again her voice is slightly more of a whimper*

If anyone can help, that'd be much appreciated -

*It sounds like she might have said more but she stops her message there. It was exactly why she didn't use video in the first place - so people wouldn't see how much she is hurting*
 [Video - Start of Curse]

*At first the video seems to just show a long fish tail of shimmering scales in pink and blue. It's really quite hypnotic. After a few moments of that, however, the camera showed Sonico's startled face*

So maybe I haven't lost my sight or my voice, but now I have this tail thing?! Is it a joke?! I don't get it! I'm pretty sure this isn't funny!

Action Options With a Mermaid )
 *The people in this world seem to be increasingly blind and deaf, unable to feel. It's a horrible thing to watch others go through. Sonico has managed, somehow, to keep herself free from the effects of whatever this illness might be, and she's determined to offer what help she can.

For the benefit for those that can't see, she introduces herself*

Good morning, everyone. It's Sonico here. I'd like to extend my help to anyone who finds themselves struggling. Perhaps you need personal help to aid yourself, or around your home. I am willing. Or perhaps you are unable to do daily tasks and chores, or to go to your place of work. I will do my best to help you. Please don't be afraid to be in touch.

*Next, for those who are perhaps unable to hear, Sonico repeats the same speech, this time holding up pieces of card with the message written on in bold green letters*

If you know someone who requires help but will not ask, please let me know.

*Sonico ends the video with a sincere smile and a bow*