[it's dark, it's night, and the camera is set up on the edge of a wall to get a full view of a dork who looks like he's wearing sedate normal clothing, but...really, he's not. His normal outfit would be the harlequin pants and feather-trimmed coat. This dark suit and the fedora perched precariously on his mohawk? Totally a costume. Thanks Fayren for making him into a mafia don from another culture.

Bartolomeo also looks exceedingly proud of himself, perhaps because his fingers are crossed.

Isn't this a fucking blast?? This is great! I haven't gotten so much action since the shitty spirit thing - and everyone was so freaked out and morose about that it wasn't half as fun. This, though? This is awesome!

[he says as a mishmash of movie monsters - ye olde werewolf, mummy, and vampire complete with high-collared cape - charge at him from behind and smash face-first into a translucent barrier they didn't see ahead of time. Barty just laughs his damn ass off.]

Every night is a party! This is so much fun! Smashing the monsters to bits with my barrier, it's great! I dunno what you're all so scared of. Come on out and have some fun with me!

[action-wise, if anyone wants to encounter the Bari-Bari human - to be saved, to fight alongside him, or to lecture him about being out past curfew fighting monsters and having way too much fun doing so - he's in Genessia City every night during the Halloween party. He may not always be in his mafia costume, he might also be in his normal harlequin pants. Enjoy.]
15 October 2017 @ 09:40 pm
Can someone, please, please come and get me? I'm at Attleton and I just don't like it here right now.

Action - Attleton
[There had been a reason for her not liking it here and that was the fact Mother Gothel, the one she called mother was currently standing in front of her. Why was she a fear of all things? It was slowly starting to become obvious when the supposed mother speaks.]

Come now Rapunzel. Time to go home, back to the tower. You've seen the world and all that, but before anything awful happens to you.... [As she spoke she had walked up to Rapunzel her hands trailing along her long golden locks. She seemed to care more about that than Rapunzel herself.]

I don't think I could live with myself if something dreadful were to happen. I would just die. [She started to tug at the young woman's arm as Rapunzel started to tug back. It seemed as though she really didn't want to go back.]

No, mother. Please don't drag me back there. I like it here, the people are really nice and while a few things have happened, it's not as bad as you made it out.

Now Rapunzel, there is no, no. You are coming back to the tower whether you like it or not. I mean really, Rapunzel you say you like it and the people are nice, but have they really looked at you. [And once again she was starting to cause Rapunzel to look at the floor and her feet, trying her hardest to fight the fear she was feeling at the thought of going back to the tower.

However, before she even had a chance to try she was getting dragged again, causing her to try and fight back, fear clear in her eyes.]

Mother! I don't want to go back!

You have no choice, I am keeping you safe dear.
14 October 2017 @ 06:07 am
(Plot A - Midnight)
[Eleanor felt it was necessary to do a little patrolling of her own around the sleeping city of Genessia. We'll, probably not that sleepy. Not really wanting to interfere with the deputies or local police. She just felt restless.

And as the clock struck midnight, she's about to get a lot more excitement from her midnight stroll. Terrifying screams and haunting howls filled the air and it wasn't long before the young exorcist saw people running for their lives, and hot on their trail was a pack of giant wolves - worgs.

Eleanor reached for her spear on her back, bringing it to bear with elegant spins over her head than at rest to her side.

Her most sincere apologies to the local law enforcement, but she can't stand by and do nothing.]

Praetor Exorcist, Eleanor Hume! Ready for battle!

[She begins with holding her spear like a staff, quietly reciting a magical incantation before holding the weapon up and out.

Flame Beast!!

The mana lance glowed red and launched a large fireball flying at an arch into the center lead of the back. The fireball exploded, killing the worg and launched two that ran beside it away. More came and Eleanor backs up to a defensive stance.]

Monsters inside of the city, and so many of them! Too late to call for help...

[Worgs lept to pounce on the woman, though she counters with a wide sweep of her weapon, followed by bringing it back with high-speed twirling to liberate their heads from the body. By now, she was getting surrounded.

Eleanor jammed her spear into the ground, vaulting up and delivered a kick to the next worg that came, pushing herself off it and delivering more kicks to the worgs closing in around her.

There were still many monsters and still some people running for safety. But can Eleanor handle this by herself?]

(Plot B - 3:00am)

[Eleanor just narrowly got out of the thick of it. The monsters just kept coming, so she needed to get the heck out of their too and into the nearest unlocked building.

However, she didn't get out unscathed. She has a worg's tooth stuck in her side. She slumps in the nearest corner where she will try to pull it out, but her groans of pain were obvious she will need help.
13 October 2017 @ 09:35 pm
Cut for length... )

[OOC: All three parts are OTA. Just let me know which part you're tagging into, especially for the Attleton parts.]
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09 October 2017 @ 08:13 am
[Have one maid on video with her large round glasses on. Her lip arches, leaning forward with a soft hum, as if she's trying to study the device. A sigh escapes.]

I still don't quite understand, but this device acts as of a phone you can carry in your pocket from what I was told. Strange really, perhaps this is the future? The lady who explained was quite beautiful. Or perhaps I was abducted in my sleep. Hm....

[She taps her chin lightly. Should she be afraid? There's a sudden grin, a thrill rushes inside her. She spins herself around with the device and flashes a smile.]

Good day everyone, I am Mey-Rin, maid of the Phantomhive manor.

A little chill and gloomy, is it suppose to rain today? And no umbrella was left on my wake, pity.

Young Master? Sebastian? Baldroy? Finn? I do hope for your well being. Are you here?
07 October 2017 @ 12:51 am
Hey guys!

[Yang sits on her bed, legs folded lotus-style, elbows on her knees. Super relaxed, super casual, but that's a devil's grin if ever there was one.]

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting pretty pumped for Halloween. And to get you in the spirit, I'm going to tell you...

[She reaches back and flicks off the light, and the feed shows only darkness.........until there's a quiet 'click' and Yang's face is illuminated from underneath with a flashlight. That devil's grin now stretches from ear to ear.]

The Tale of the Bloody Bride! Those who are faint of heart, turn off your comm devices now. It's spooky story time.

You have been warned! )
05 October 2017 @ 08:36 pm
Private Action - Bounty: Among the Willows - Quigley )


[Gale was back in his Skyhouse home, lounging around on the couch while the device was propped up on the table towards him. He was still wearing that same red coat from earlier, he must not have gotten back very long ago. In the background was a shelf of figures in silly poses, such as the last wave of Guardian and Deputy figures looking like they were playing Monopoly (complete with small game props) with Blaze making it rain money on Weiss, Haller laying on the board and Xander was under a box labeled 'jail'. There were also magical boy figures in silly poses, just because. What? He won them from the newspaper. He likes those figures.]

So, I gotta pose a few questions for you lot on the network. First off, any of you able to give me a list of good charities to work with? I need this information for somethin'. Can be for any city, s'long as it's an official reputable charity that I can throw money to.

And for you folks that hang out in Everglade, say a new bar or hangout opens up. [Totally not hinting or anything.] What kinda drinks are you gonna be lookin' for? I'm afraid I'm pretty unfamiliar with what kinda folk hang out in that city, and bein' able to accomodate as many folks as possible is pretty important.

[While he was pondering what else to say, his Cubone was climbing up on a chair visible in the back of the video feed to stare out the window. Just as it looked like Gale was about to say something, he was startled when he heard Cubone suddenly begin crying while it stared at the full moon.]

E-eh? Murray, what's up?

[Gale got up and looked around, confirming that Gunner, Ivy, Mareep and Aerodactyl weren't around to have possibly done something to Cubone. So now he was mildly distressed, going over to pick up Cubone and hold him. Gale looked back at the device, looking a bit panicked and concerned.]

Uhhh. Okay. Third question, why is Cubone here crying and how can I get him to stop?


04 October 2017 @ 10:31 pm
[and yet another one returning! he was someone that was here briefly, but he had also wanted to try and change everything for the better here. ironwood had been warned about the coming and going of people as well, and he certainly took that into consideration upon waking up here again. no matter, he would just need to continue on.

so, ironwood was now sitting comfortably, looking into the camera with a newly found determination.]

Good day, people of Genessia. I am General Ironwood, and I was once here before. When I was here I attempted to gather up like minded individuals who shared the same views as me. What were those views you ask? Simply to better oneself with a little more training in whatever way one would need.

Of course, this is entirely optional, and we can talk more about if you wish.

[now then!] Also, I am entirely open to talking freely. I just came back after all, I would like to hear updates on everyone, and also hear from newcomers.

Locked; Weiss Schnee

Miss Schnee, would you be so kind as to inform me of any changes that have happened here since I was gone?
04 October 2017 @ 11:10 am
[Rapunzel knew she had to attempt this someday. Wearing shoes while out, but as she tried various pairs she always found one thing in common. They were uncomfortable and also in some cases was quite hard to walk in. She had tried flats, shoes that had a slight heel, high heeled even boots but each time she just didn't like it. She wasn't happy with it.

As the feed switch on, there was fabric everywhere as well as painting supplies in some cases there were clothing that was either fully done or partly. Once she moved some strays hairs she finally spoke.]

Um, this might seem like a really odd thing to talk about but... Can people explain why shoes are so uncomfortable? I've tried a good few pairs and just they seem to pinch or just plain hurt. In some cases, I found they were really hard to walk in.

[She had one hand on the device and one hand in her hair playing with it for the moment.]

Just how can you wear such things. I am generally curious.
03 October 2017 @ 11:32 pm
[the last thing that ishida remembered... would be finishing up with ginjo and tsukishima. kurosaki had defeated them, which then resulted in everyone feeling... both victorious and let down at the same time. it wasn't an easy win, at least not for their group, but they had did it.

they had done it, and he was happy for them all. that was the last thing he had remembered before waking up here.

but where was here, exactly?

ishida wasn't about to freak out over the network, he wasn't about to yell and scream... no, he just felt like this place was entirely different. the reishi felt different, for example, and that was his first hint that he was in an entirely new place. admittedly, it had him a bit freaked out, but again he just wasn't going to show it. no, he had a calm attitude, as usual.

instead he read up on the network, looked around the city, and came to the conclusion that everyone else had before him: he was stuck here, but there was a chance he could return eventually. perfect. it wasn't like he was in a rush to get back home, this could be like a vacation from kurosaki either way.

but he would miss his friends, certainly.

on to business!]

Hello, I'm Uryuu Ishida and I guess you could say that I'm new here. Don't worry though, I am one of the few that had actually listened to the words of Weiss-san and am fully aware of where I am. This isn't the first time I've gone to an entirely separate world... only there's more living people here, not simply souls.

[whatevs. soul society and hueco mundo are just full of dead dudes.]

I don't have any questions or anything like that. [ishida pushed up the rim of his glasses.] ...Just wanted to say that I'm here. [nice intro dude.]
03 October 2017 @ 11:21 pm
[The screen is tilted at an odd angle, as if someone just hit the communicator with a wandering hand, but the view it's clear, Cassian Andor's bedroom. The clues of figuring that one are that the camera shows Cassian himself in his bed, jacket lost somewhere on the floor and shirt half undone.]

I will never get tired of having lips.

[The voice comes from Cassian's company: a tall, blond man, who is not only very handsy with him but trying to suck a lovebite into Cassian's neck. That earns him a moan and a stifled laugh.]

Good, because I'll never get tired of your lips.

[He curls his fingers into the man's hair and yanks his head up, pulling him into a rough kiss.]
02 October 2017 @ 11:25 am
[Jaune seems to have exhaled a deep breath just prior to beginning the video. For once, he's not in the Guardian Skyrise, but his apartment. He doesn't know or particularly care what happened to his office, seeing as he quit with no notice. Biting his lip and twisting his hands nervously, it's clearly awkward for him, but he looks cleaner than he did. Healthier.]

I heard the world exploded or something again while I was gone. And Emerald's famous now, making the world exploding less of a shock. So I guess I'm just going to ask if I missed anything important and say hi to all the new arrivals.

Hi all the new arrivals. I'm Jaune.

[A forced shrug of his shoulders, he leans back a little as if to get away from the camera.]

I found another job, one I think that's going to work out. But there are some obstacles-- like officially learning how to drive. [Look he can drive/fly just fine but he's put off taking any tests so he's been driving without a license when he's needed to.]

I don't know as much stuff as some people who've been in Genessia, but I've been here a while and I've read everything the GSRF has about what they've found out. I don't necessarily understand everything, I'm not a scientist, but if you ever have any questions, I'll try to answer them as best as I can in...less scienc-y terms.

[He ends the feed.]

Private to Weiss )
29 September 2017 @ 10:50 am
[....just kidding! PANIC A LOT!]


Where is everypony??

[At the moment, the camera is facing the sky, as it's on the ground. Not very pony friendly, honestly. Fortunately, Pinkie can be seen with the camera angle below her, calling out to...whomever she's looking for.]

Did we go overboard with hide and seek, Gummy? This doesn't even look like Ponyville...

[Looking up, a small alligator pops out from her mane, blinking quietly in response.]

...yeah, I didn't think so, too. [There's a giggle at how silly she feels at even thinking that.] But what are these...things? They don't even look like ponies!

[Judging eye squint]

 It looks like I've come back. When did I even leave...? That's strange...

[You'll hear a swiss doctor talking, though she doesn't seem to be talking towards the phone itself and it's facing towards her legs for the moment.]

I wonder how long it's been... It doesn't feel like it's been long and yet.... I'm sure there must have been some time since I've left.

[Angela will finally face the phone towards her with a faint blank expression, looking around as if trying to get a grasp of the situation. She'll finally look to the phone directly with a faint smile.]

Sorry for disappearing, but it seems my time is not up here just yet. I wonder if the hospital will let my have my job back...

Anyway, for those who don't know me, my name is Angela Ziegler and I'm a field doctor for an organization called Overwatch back home. My allies call me Mercy. If somebody could tell me what's happened lately, I'd be really grateful. I don't know just how much I missed. It doesn't feel like much time has passed, but maybe that's just the affects of that Genessia has on a person returning...

If there's anything I can do to help out, let me know. Otherwise, I need to find a place to stay again.

[With that she'll do a small, polite wave and disconnect for the time being.]
26 September 2017 @ 08:16 pm
[Bruce is standing arms crossed over his chest looking both confused and unhappy.]

Create a murder bot and teleport this is not how I thought this evening was going to go. Where am I? 
26 September 2017 @ 12:23 am
At the risk of becoming public enemy number one because of a bunch of close-minded fools who think they know what is right, I'd like to offer my services to anyone who would like to practice combat against the empty spirits from outside the barrier.

I killed four types during the last breach and am now able to summon them to my side. Anyone interested in learning to protect themselves in the unfortunately event of a future breach should contact me. I won't be holding it in a set location lest some of the idiots decide to stage a protest over something that's literally a part of my soul to be able to do.

[ It's something small, but she'd rather show that it's a useful skill and not some abomination. It'll also help her practice her summoning. And this is definitely something her father won't want to get involved with either, she's sure, especially since she's identified it as controversial. ]
25 September 2017 @ 06:58 pm
[Kyrie appears on the video feed once again, although the serene looking girl definitely seems...out of it. She's lethargic and her speech is slowed. Unfortunately, she can't really get any paler than she already is, but even her eyes seem less dim than usual.]

Ah...my time at the common space is almost up. Would...would anyone be willing to lend me a room in exchange for cooking or healing?

...or if someone is hiring that could use either of those skills?

I would appreciate it...thank you.

[Private to Konoka Konoe] )

…and I’d say, it just turns out I can’t leave you alone for five minutes.

[The phones tune in to the sweet dulcet tones of Cassian at his grumpiest. Kay had picked up his communicator from the floor after it was dropped by accident during a fight with Akihiko, and he accidentally turned on the voice option.]

Maybe if someone has gotten here sooner instead or away getting a coffee fix things would have gone differently.

[The droid snaps back, unable to keep the snappy tone out of his voice. He is rarely this confrontational with Cassian but he's in a terrible mood because the joints of his right arm seem to have been affected by Caesar's lighting attack.]

Maybe if someone had learnt to follow orders sometime within the last decade things wouldn't fall apart as soon as I take a coffee break!

[And off they are...10 years of petty grievances being dug up and flung at another as they work through their frustrations and feelings of helplessness in their very own way.  They're very loud and not very nice.]
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23 September 2017 @ 02:25 pm
Well. Earlier this month, I had my hatchday. Not that I did anything special for it. There wasn't anything to do, really. Not in this world.

In the next order of business, a small group and I have defeated a pair of undead wyverns. That particular situation was of a personal interest to me, because it struck closer to home than I'd like to admit. Something very similar is happening in my own world, but on a much larger scale. I refuse to allow anything like that to happen here.

And since whoever reanimated those creatures has yet to be found, it's safe to assume that we can expect to see more of them at some point. We must tackle the problem at its source. Raising the bodies of the deceased to be used as tools is one thing I will not stand for. No body or soul should be torn from death to be bound to someone else's will. For any reason. They've lived their lives. Let them rest in peace.

[The dragon lets out a deep sigh, calming himself before his rage rises.]

That's all I wanted to say.
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22 September 2017 @ 11:12 pm
[OOC: After Shinjiro's video message]

As the suspect has just announced, there is currently a dangerous individual at large. Despite his video making it look otherwise, he remains contained within a currently heavily guarded subarchway.

Although he styles himself a vigilante, citizens are asked to proceed with caution until the threat has been removed, just in case of a breakthrough. Law enforcement is working with experts to resolve the situation speedily.

Other vigilantes are strongly discouraged from engaging inside or outside the subarchway; the Guardian's office will not take responsibility for self-endangering behavior.

[also OOC, not part of the text message, but relevant to the plot, Blaze's files