19 October 2017 @ 07:57 am
[For those who hadn't seen Rose yet: she looks like a traditional gargoyle: stone, grey skin, bat-like wings, red glowing eyes, but for blonde hair, and her ability to speak in her mostly usual voice.]

They say you're not to keep wolves as pets.

I mean, first off, yeah, it ain't right to coop the wolf up inside, for sure, who wouldn't get stir crazy like that, yeah? But even beyond that, they'll never be domestic. You never know when one might turn around and bite ya, no matter how much you try to feed it.

I was always more a cat person myself. Had one as a kid. Even got a flap in the door on the Powell Estates so she could come and go as she pleased. I know what it's like to need to wander.

I didn't get a new one when she died. Not 'cause it hurt too much, I don't think that should ever make you stop from making new friends, [A VERY STERN LOOK AT THE CAMERA. Brought to you with all the subtlty of engraving it on a rock and throwing it at the Doctor's face.] but 'cause I was fourteen, and ran away at sixteen, and then when I came back I had to work off debts, but basically, I didn't intend ta stick around there very long, or even as long as I did.

[Pouts a cheek to the side, which looks hilarious coming from a gargoyle.] Fer awhile, I thought... outliving your friends, because of a really long life, must be like that. You never forget or stop loving your pets, and how close or important they are to you is just on you and them and whatever yer relationship together. Some people wouldn't let themselves get that close to pets, knowing they're gonna die sooner 'n not, but [Another stern look at the camera. SO SUBTLE ROSE.] I know my friends enough to expect better than that.

[Glances off sideways.] Somewhere along the way I started thinking of myself like a pet dog. I forgot that wolves can make humans or even domestic animals their pack mates, but you still mustn't think of 'em as tamed. It does 'em a disservice, but they can also bite even friendly hands. Never docile, are wolves, yeah?

Castmates, Koishi, & Action )
17 October 2017 @ 11:26 pm
[he appears looking a little gaunter than usual. He's standing somewhere dark and obviouslyoutside.]

Right. So when they say that you'll be cursed when you enter Nova City, all evidence points to that being the case. So if you'd rather not-- I'd stay out of it if you can. In light of that and everything else happening round the... everywhere, classes are on hold until everything gets sorted.

[there is a fairly loud grumbling and he winces]

Anyone know of a blood bank nearby and do they accept red bills? [then immediately] No, that was a joke.

[he seems to see a flicker of movement and he turns his head, his eyes widening at something just behind the camera. Whatever it is makes what little color left in his face leave it. He offers the camera a tight smile]

Otherwise, stay safe, watch your back, don't do anything stupid. We're not the last anymore. [though the last part seems to be addressed to someones very specific]

[ooc: feel free to run into the Doctor pretty much anywhere around Attleton or Nova City.]
17 October 2017 @ 05:17 pm
Who: Koishi and YOU
What: Koishi's costume
Where: Fayren & Genessia City
When: Start of the event
Warnings: Koishi being cute annoying


When the feed clicked in it shows a very excited looking Koishi. Her hair had been pulled partially back and someone had given her hat a much longer ribbon and pinned roses and feathers in it. Her outfit was new too sporting long sleeves with oversized cuffs and a capelet that split into two and trailed down to her knees. This was combined with knee high boots that, by all accounts, her biology shouldn't be allowing her to wear without shenanigans, white gloves, a green skirt with a giant bow and some form of... wand? Even her third eye had a little ribbon tied onto the artery next to it.

Like some sort of... magical girl outfit?

"Hey! Everyone! Look! Look at this! I got a new outfit! I woke up with it and now I have it! Isn't it adorable?" She waved her arms, the wand scattering some glitter and lighting up. "I'm going to go fly around, okay? There will be so many sparkles!"

Oh no... The glitter...


Practically all day, every day Koishi could be found floating around Fayren and Genessia alike, waving her wand, poking at people and making a huge mess ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. It wasn't clear if her costume just came with an unlimited supply of glitter or she was actively re-filling the wand but anyone not paying attention or not being careful might find themselves more sparkly than when they started out that day. Oh no.
Current Location: Fayren and Genessia
Current Mood: energetic
Current Music: 【東方 Session 054】~Vogue Little Sister~
17 October 2017 @ 05:37 pm
[A werewolf with a red tie, clever square black glasses and a certain cuckoo hair lick on the mane greets everyone]

Hallo, I'm The Doctor. Noticed that some of the residents of this world have found themselves transformed into other creatures.

So - if you find that you're a gargoyle or vampire - please find me near the Police Box in Nova City. I have worked out an antidote so, those of you turning into stone in the morning will no longer do that and for you vampires, I can supply blood packets.

All free of charge of course.


Professor Sycamore.


[Action for Nova City]

[There's a werewolf standing in a 'pop up' shop near a Police Box and on the table are thick plastic packets of synthetic blood (no blood smell to them), gotta sink your fangs into them, right? And vials that are corked closed and in vial holders for the gargoyles. He sits there, swishing his tail back and forth and looks tired.]

(OOC: Also the gargoyle potion isn't able to work but he gets points for trying)
15 October 2017 @ 11:18 pm
Who: River Song and you!
What: An open log for the whole month of October! Before the Halloween plot, during and after!
Where: River is a wanderer, so if you want to find her somewhere, find her there! (During the Halloween event she's going to be in Attleton cause that's where she lives and works.
Warning: Flirting. All the flirting, emotional stuff because of her fear. Some actual River Song anger, potentially.
Don’t get too close. It’s dark inside )
Who: Martha, Jack, Mira and Rose
Where: Wherever Rose is here
When: Right away
What: A long overdue talk
Warning: IDK will update if needed

[Martha sighed softly typing a private message to Jack]

We need to talk to Rose now. Did you get the message from bowtie boy?

She's at the park.... meet me there alright?

[Martha hopes that between Jack and Mira, Rose will be there when they all got there
13 October 2017 @ 10:29 pm
[Gale had already been out when midnight hit, so he was quick to pick up on his transformation thanks to the casualty that was one of his shirts, which tore open at the seams thanks to the sudden appearance of his wings. At least his jacket was spared the same fate. It was certainly a feeling of deja vu when he'd looked in the mirror and saw the horns on his head, and honestly? It was a welcome change. He'd had so much fun last year with the whole 'incubus' thing as it was, so this time around should prove just as entertaining. And on his birthday, no less! He just had to make a hasty return back to his apartment to change into the proper attire again. He's glad that getting that leather outfit to match it last year wasn't a waste.

So when Gale comes on video later in the day, he's decked out in his
outfit of black and purple leather and clearly seems to be in a good mood in some lively establishment. Luckily with the way the camera was turned, there was little evidence to show where he really was... Faye may have taken him out to the Glitter Palace. He'd been eager to check the place out when he'd overheard some people in Hangar Queen talking about it and some guy that supposedly worked there a while back. Yeah. He's at a strip club. Don't judge him.]

Well, isn't this certainly a fun surprise? Or at least, it is for me. I appreciate the birthday gift, Genessia, really.

[It sure beats something terrible happening, given the superstition of the whole "Friday the 13th." What nonsense. Let him have his birthday in peace.]

So, Nova City became one big ol' Monster Mash, huh? Now, since I've seen a couple of you so weirdly helpless about it, if you came out of the city with wings and horns, congratulations! You got one of the more interesting options in the creature roulette. Ladies, you're a succubus. Guys, you're an incubus. If you don't know what that means, well... how old are you? Twelve?

Kids, turn off your devices. Uncle Gale's about to get frisky.

[God help us all.]

cut for mentions of friskier adult content gale please stop )

[He winks at the feed and then takes a drink from a glass of wine that was sitting on the table in front of. Honestly, those poor unassuming transformees are distracting him from the show.]

That said, having wings again and the whole nonsense in Everglade is putting a few of my plans behind. I'd hoped for an October opening, but right now, I don't want the place getting eaten. Fixing that window was bad enough.

[He's still mad, Dracula.]

By the way, all you keep an eye open for the next newspaper and keep the 31st open. Just sayin'.

[His eyes are drawn away from the feed and to a particularly scantily clad lady passing by his table and he just casually turns off the feed.]

Private Video; Sonico )

13 October 2017 @ 01:50 pm
Who: Were!10 and you
Where: Starting in Nova
When: Please put a date (anytime during the event) and location
What: Prowling and howling
Warnings: update as needed
Are you afriad of the Big Bad Wolf? )
[September will find Rose increasingly more and more scarce, until she almost all but disappears until the second week of October. She went from attending as many of the 12th Doctor's lectures, and even hanging around the campus of Attleton University testing products ostensibly; but after the first week of September, she pretty much disappears for a bit. No sign of her on the network, and even around the TARDIS, or her usual haunts, she's hard to nab. Even for someone like Captain Jack Harkness who spent a good portion of a century tracking her and has a good bond link to make sure she's safe will find Rose a bit scarcer than usual. 3 years of acting like a ghost has made it a lot easier for her to be invisible in a crowd if she wants.]

[Whatever appearances in public appear to be marketing and testing related, survey, and throwing things literally into fountains or against walls or collecting data.]

[But finally she makes a small appearance on the network!]

First round of drinks is on Mirajane. All of the Doctors are required to make a presence or I'll make life hell for ya, more'n usual, yeah? [Tongue out to the side.] River, Martha, Jack, Gwen, Demyx, Koishi, Satori, Belle, Rory, Amy, and apologies to anyone I forgot. [Laughs.] You can make excuses, but I'm draggin' ya all out for at least one drink. Be there! Everything after the first drink you're on your own.

But since I'm officially quittin' after this crazy last month, I might be able to spot ya. Some.


[And locked to Demyx:]
First mission, find us a suitable tower. Nova city. Price is negotiable. Capacity for modifications is not.

[And indeed anyone hitting up the Fairy Tail Guild during the first round of drinks on Rose / Mirajane can probably sneak in a free drink by saying they're friends with Rose Tyler. Just might want to make sure you actually know who that is if pressed.]

[OTA Action: MINGLE]
06 September 2017 @ 09:30 pm
WHO: 10th Doctor & Prompts & OTA
WHERE: Various locations
WHEN: End of August - September 3rd
WARNINGS: Update as needed

Timey wimey )
23 August 2017 @ 01:24 pm
How do you work out a lot of rage when music, running, and talking or drinking aren't enough?
19 August 2017 @ 01:03 pm
Who: Chiaki Namami and Anyone who wanted to come to game night
What: Game night
When: 19th August
Where: Chiaki's Apartment
Warnings: N/A as of yet, depends on what happens this might change.

Chiaki had made sure to send out the times, all she could hope for was people to come. She had set up two areas in the living room, one for video games and the other for various board games in the kitchen it was various snacks and food set up for anyone to eat while the gaming areas only had various bagged snacks and cans of drink.

For those who might be staying there was an area set up for people to lie down with a good number of pillows and blankets.
14 August 2017 @ 10:37 pm

[If all her other posts were far more serious in nature, this one is clearly not.]

[Rose holds up a stuffed animal unicorn.]
I need a name for it. Not Uni, though I'm thinkin' it can be Attleton U's mascot if they don't already have one, yeah?

Action x2:

Investigating Vampire Deaths:

[You know how Everglade isn't safe for humans? Rose Tyler did not seem to get the memo. She's doing her best to snoop and investigate the nightclub "hate crime" and asking way too many questions of a blonde perky human where humans should not be. She also is talking up the other nightclubs and spreading word about unity and harmony between all peoples! BLECH!]


[Even Rose can admit, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of point to trying to move out. WELL, MAYBE THERE IS. Things are more confused than ever, but maybe they'll sort out? Probably NOT by running away though, even if that's what she's good at. Still as she checks out jobs and office spaces that would be best to locate Torchwood in, she finds herself looking at apartments and the like too, almost out of habit.]

[She also gets a bit distracted playing with storefront puppies, and trying not to drool over bass guitars.]

[Might need to get one...]
13 August 2017 @ 11:53 pm
to the fuck who robbed the bank and made me wait two weeks to get my paycheck

'wheres my fuckin cash
just wait till i find your ass
hope you like smoothies'

in other news i dont have any other news i just wanted to post an angry haiku on the network

hi bane

i found the cuisinart. ill leave it to your imagination which appliance that is see you in an hour bae
13 August 2017 @ 02:09 pm
Scenario: your culinary arts students are looking at you like you're dinner. (You got licked.)

13 August 2017 @ 07:53 am
[It was truly an odd spectacle for a certain fairy tale villain to show up on the network. Even more unusual was what he has to say.]

Hello, Genessia... I have a small, yet... important request. Important to me, at least. I decided I will start a hobby. I want to collect a photos of everyone here.

So... Anyone willing to sell me a photo or two?
11 August 2017 @ 07:20 pm
[Rory had admittedly stayed away from his so called device for a time. He just needed to wrap his head around the fact that he was not in his living room with Amy and the Doctor.

He rubbed his temples. Amy and the Doctor.... Where were they? Were they safe? Shite! why was he sitting around here? He jumped up and started roaming the cities, flipping his device on]

AMY! AMY! Where are you Amy? I didn't wait 2,000 years for you just to lose you now. I will find you!
10 August 2017 @ 05:42 pm
Who: Captain Jack  and ANYONE
What: Just what it says on the tin
When: August 8 and 9th
Where: Noted in prompts
Why?:  Because Jack is Jack and things need to happen okay
Warnings: One of the prompts is going to contain discussions of needs and possible sex.

Prompts under cut )

Action: Kitten in the House Flower Shop- Attleton

[Not expecting to be gone so long, Aya felt not only out of sorts but very...incomplete. The Dream Docks revealed that he had been missing more than a year's worth of memories, and he wasn't okay with that. But with not knowing how to deal with his newfound memories, he did the only thing he knew, which was go to work.]

[So here he is, at his newly opened flower shop, sweeping the front of the store with a broom, lost in his thoughts about what has been revealed to him. He definitely doesn't pay much mind to the gaggles of young girls who tend to stop by to make small purchases, or just stare.]


Does anyone think our memories are being suppressed purposely?

Private Video to Sonico:

I got your messages. I'm sorry to have made you worry, Sonico. I'm fine, I promise.

[Besides the still healing gash on his neck from his bounty a couple of weeks ago. But otherwise fine!]