06 October 2017 @ 05:26 pm
[The video stream comes on and a new face appears. It seems that there are a lot of new people around as of late, but she's not exactly new. She's finally gotten enough strength to actually be able to move around fairly normally and of course there was the issue with her husband.]

I think I finally understand this contraption.

[That was mostly said to herself. Someone's had to explain the devices to her and she's been intrigued with them for a long time.]

Hello. I am Lisa Tepes, and I want to apologize about the commotion that my husband caused upon my first arrival.

I did not know what had happened after...[She pauses, unsure of how to phrase things.] after I was captured by the church and how it had changed him.

[She sighs a bit.]

I'm afraid that I am not able to venture too far from the castle at the moment, but I do want to learn more about this place and how science has advanced since Targoviste.

[She gives another smile and ends the feed.

[Action, later on]

[Lisa is still using a cane to help her get around, but she's moving a lot better than she was upon first arrival. She's working on figuring out the lay of the land outside the castle in the Everglade.

She wasn't alone though. Annoyingly enough what appears to be a large wolf can be seen some distance behind her as if stalking easy pray. It doesn't come closer to her, no matter how many stops she makes to look at a plant or something else. Lisa knows its there and she's rather annoyed.

She sighs after a short while and turns to the creature.

I am perfectly safe out here. I'm not far from the castle. GO HOME.

[Yes, she's ordering around a warg that's almost as tall as she is.]
04 October 2017 @ 11:10 am
[Rapunzel knew she had to attempt this someday. Wearing shoes while out, but as she tried various pairs she always found one thing in common. They were uncomfortable and also in some cases was quite hard to walk in. She had tried flats, shoes that had a slight heel, high heeled even boots but each time she just didn't like it. She wasn't happy with it.

As the feed switch on, there was fabric everywhere as well as painting supplies in some cases there were clothing that was either fully done or partly. Once she moved some strays hairs she finally spoke.]

Um, this might seem like a really odd thing to talk about but... Can people explain why shoes are so uncomfortable? I've tried a good few pairs and just they seem to pinch or just plain hurt. In some cases, I found they were really hard to walk in.

[She had one hand on the device and one hand in her hair playing with it for the moment.]

Just how can you wear such things. I am generally curious.
02 October 2017 @ 01:10 pm
[Dorian smiles and gives a quaint wave a greeting before he addresses the network. His surroundings are smaller, not the modern trappings of his own office, but the stone masoned and naturally lit walls of his office at Fairy Tail.]

Good afternoon, everyone. I'd like to talk, today, about Time and, more specifically, the record thereof. You see, through quite a bit of research I'll not bore you with, I've determined the calendar utilized here correlates well enough with my own. The 10th month of the calendar used by Genessia and its environs began yesterday, at midnight. It is referred to as 'October'. In my own world, Frumentum or as it's referred to by the common folk "Harvestmere" will be beginning in roughly two days time. We have 12 months, divided into 30 days each. If Genessia continues on a path consistent with its previous course, its calendar year consists of 365 days, save for every 4th year, when some brilliant scholar ages ago realized they were losing time and devised a rough patching that's consisted into the present day. I've of course not been around here long enough to have experienced this mythical "leap year", but Genessia's calendar, along with many of its residents, seem to hail for "Earth". It's the "Roman" calendar, which is a rather interesting topic in regards to both Earth and Thedas, but, well...

[He clears his throat, turning his gaze to an open journal before him.] I digress grossly.

Last month on Thedas, we began the month with the Annum "All Souls Day", and it would seem there are several similar holidays at the end of this Genessian month. I've read about several of them, but I'm curious what your traditions are. In Thedas, the holiday is rather dour. We dress as ghosts and parade about at midnight, very sad. We don't even get a feast! What do you do?

Private to Hawke )
24 September 2017 @ 01:52 am
Who: Ted and Sonico
What: Ill-fated conversation about careers and lust
Where: Fayren in the afternoon
Warning: Lust is the subject matter. Initially just the two of them, but run into them later if you want.

The first part of any crimefighting crusade was chatting up the locals and squeezing them for all they've got. Some ne'er-do-well had been polluting the city's fortune, in the superstitious sense. A curse of bad luck had cast a pall over this part of the world, thinning out the people he'd usually talk to. Not many were out and about when whatever could go wrong almost certainly would.

Or so it's said. Ted, for all his fancy and eccentricity, is not especially superstitious, and treated the day like any other. The sprites had other ideas, if the emptiness and silence of the village was any indication.
Where is everyone? Alone and shut up, living lives as inobtrusive as they could. If every roll of the dice was snake eyes, the only winning move was not to play.

That makes it harder for Ted and his tedious gruntwork than usual. Doubtless people would avoid him if they suspected any chance of, say, his gun misfiring or something. At this rate he'll just have to head back to Everglade and deal with their turmoil instead.

But wait, what's this? What a length of pink hair! He'd know that anywhere: Sonico! He'd flag her down to talk and inquire. Who knows, maybe she has some insight into the luck-damning dastard!

"Hello, Sonico! Fancy meeting you here! Been mindful of any black cats in your way? I've got salt to toss over your shoulder, if you need it."

If they only knew how much their luck was about to suffer.
12 September 2017 @ 10:06 pm
[Disorientation was not unknown to Fenris. He’d experienced it several times in his past, but never quite in such a way. Uncertain what the pamphlet suggested aside from images of the device included in the box, he grumbled and shoved the pamphlet, the red papers included, along with the phone, into a pouch at his waist and strode through the water without hesitation. He’d faced demons and worse before, and while he was alone, he certainly wasn’t going to allow the weakness of fear show, and the spiked armor and large sword lashed to his back went a long way to help the image along.

When he approached the stand on which Weiss’ Transmission played, he glared at it but did not balk. Magic, then. Of course. He’d never heard of this Genessia, but at least the necklace was familiar. So, their kidnappers have pretty chains, then. It didn’t change what they were and he grimaced at the thought. This was all a grand deception, to be sure, even for a former slave as valuable as himself, so he had no reason to doubt the image witch’s integrity.

Still, as much as it pained him to do so, he needed more information than her repeating message supplied. Surely he wasn’t alone in this place, for this witch would not have seen fit to spend the energy to place this message here for only his benefit, and so he took up a spot leaning against the side of the map booth and would address anyone who happened past.

You, there. I...require assistance, if you've the mind.

[He’ll not force anyone, but manners aren’t exactly his forte.]
28 August 2017 @ 10:31 pm
Sonico has been missing from her home for a few days now, but at least she left a note. It was quite a simple note that talked of giving space to her housemates, and suggesting that Sonico was unhappy living there.

So instead, Sonico can be found with her bicycle and a large backpack in the various towns and cities. She doesn't appear to have settled anywhere for more than a night, and she has the appearance of a girl who has run away from home.

If you don't see Sonico wandering the towns and villages, that's because she has been spending all of her time in Genessia library. She'll be browsing and hesitating in the fiction aisles, or more likely fast asleep at a desk in a hidden corner of the reference section.

Happy Sonico hunting!
12 August 2017 @ 06:23 am
Who: Castlevania crew (Dracula, Lisa, Alucard, Remilia, Flandre, Patchy, Sakuya, Soma)
What: Plot conclusion for the Rain of Blood event
When: Backdated very slightly to August 9 (5 days after the initial rain)
Where: Castlevania subarch, possibly spilling into Everglade
Why: Because Dracula is a dick.
Warnings: Language, violence, possible gore, cuddles. ...okay that last one might be a lie.

[There is an area in Castlevania where only its master may go. It's sealed off by a door of black smoke through which not even the most powerful of magics may penetrate, and it leads into the realm of Chaos. A place where monsters orders of magnitude stronger than anything else in the castle roam, and where the spirit of chaos itself resides, whispering its secrets and lies to those it deems worthy of attention.]

[It's been several weeks since Lisa Tepes' arrival set it to whispering in Vlad's ear. During that time, Vlad called down a rain of blood on Everglade, and with it the beginnings of a repeat of Targoviste. Thanks to the guardian of Everglade and her allies, there haven't been any deaths - not yet, at least - but this is just the calm before the storm. The time for talk has passed.]

[The plan, such as it is, is simple: Remilia and Alucard will distract Dracula and defend Lisa while Soma, with the assistance of one of Alucard's familiars, enters the realm of chaos and silences the spirit. Which task is the more dangerous? Who can truly say?]
09 August 2017 @ 01:04 pm

*Oh dear, there's a very concerned-looking Sonico on screen, her eyes wide and anxious, and no hint of her usual cheerful look*

Dear everyone, I need your help. My friend has gone missing, and I'm very worried about him. I haven't seen him for days, and there is no response to any calls, or any of the voice messages I have left for him. His device still appears to be working, so he must still be here in this world... He has not been seen at his home or at work.

*She holds up a picture - it's a rather grainy photo with a blurred image of Aya. Someone must have taken it at her housewarming party, but she appears to have zoomed into Aya, who was in the background of the photo. Still, his shape and colouring and vaguely recognisable*

His name is Aya Fujimiya. It isn't like him not to turn up for work, or to reply to his friends. If anyone has seen him, please let me know.

Aya, if you are out there somewhere, please let me know that you are safe.

...thank you, everyone.

*She takes a breath and turns off the feed before she gets too teary eyed*

04 August 2017 @ 10:42 am
The weather report had predicted a partly cloudy and mild day in Everglade. However, somehow the predictions seemed to be wrong as thick storm clouds began covering the city mid-morning. By noon, it would be difficult to tell it was even day, as thick as the clouds that hung over the city were. At about 12:30, it would begin to rain. But this would not be a normal rain. Thick drops hit the ground, filling the air with a vaguely metallic smell, and anyone who had any sort of light source nearby would quickly identify why.

It was raining blood.

Meanwhile, in Everglade's abandoned church, music could be heard. A piano could be heard playing a rather haunting tune as the blood storm raged outside. Within, several small floating candles lit the place as what appeared to be an old man hunched over the restored piano, fingers dancing over the ivory. He wore a cape that spread over the floor behind him disappearing into the shadows and a few shapes could be seen moving through just beyond the reaches of the candle light.

*Sonico is smiling and waving in a friendly way at the camera. There's a large wild cat sat purring happily on her lap, but he seems pretty sleepy, only occasionally lifting its head towards the device*

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I have been a part of this world for a year now and...I was quite lonely and scared when I first arrived. But now, I have such a wonderful group of friends and I am very happy here. So thank you, everyone, for being so welcoming and supportive. It means a lot.

Tonight, I'll be singing down at Hangar Queen. If you want a drink, just put it on my tab! 

[Action - Hangar Queen]

*There she is, on the stage, doing her thing. In full military outfit, Sonico is giving a very energetic and upbeat performance tonight. There are smiles and thanks between the songs. When she is done, there's time for mingling and chatting and some drinking too*

[Action - Closed to Mobius]

*At the end of the evening, it was time to go home. Sonico would finally have to change from her military uniform and back into her standard casual clothes, and then she'll go and find Mobius to see if he'd accompany her home. She scans the room for him first, because if he's busy and looks like he's having a good time she won't want to grab him away*
28 July 2017 @ 06:38 am
Who: Haruna, Sakuya Izayoi
What: While hunting for a bounty Haruna finally makes contact with the target
When: The night after the full moon
Where: Genessia City
Warning: None

It was only a matter of time until Haruna managed to find her Target. After all, she had all the time in the world. )
18 July 2017 @ 10:57 am
It was a tense night for everyone in Castlevania. The gears that lined the castle had begun to chug and churn all through the night while the monsters that roamed the myriad halls were far more skittish and likely to attack anything that moved - even each other. Only a few knew why the change of atmosphere had permeated the place, not even the lord of the castle himself knew for sure. He only sensed something was... off.

As dawn neared and he began preparations to return to his coffin, an imp that he had sent through the halls to seek out the cause of the disturbance saw something. Tucked away in a room that had gone unused for centuries, tended to by Sakuya and Patchouli, was a woman. Even with all the burns covering her body, Dracula would recognize her in a heartbeat. For 324 years, that face had been burned into his mind, and now she was in his castle.

His mind, twisted by the centuries of hate and war, instantly jumped to the most logical conclusion. Someone had created a homunculus in his wife's image and sent it to him in order to manipulate him. Upon this realization, the gears that had settled into a low chugging noise ground to life once more as an unholy roar reverberated through every stone throughout the castle. So loud was the roar that it was audible all throughout Everglade.

It did not last long and as suddenly as it had erupted from the throne of Castlevania, it ended. There were no echoes, no evidence that it had actually happened. Only a deafening silence left in its wake. Those in Castlevania itself would notice a few things. Several rooms seem to have been rearranged at random, making traversing the castle far more difficult, especially in the chambers leading to the throne. The stairs to the chamber housing Vlad's throne had collapsed, and the foyer leading into the throne looked as if some great battle had taken place with smoldering carpets and gashes ripped through the stone walls. Every bit of furniture had been shoved up against the door to the throne room as well serving as a makeshift barricade. The monsters within the structure were also far more aggressive than normal. The undead that had previously just wandered aimlessly without purpose were now roaming in packs, setting up ambushes around dark corners. The werewolves and demons were actively hunting now, lashing out at any who dared walk the halls alone, and plants that had occupied themselves feeding on the frogs and bugs of the caves below the castle now burst up through the cracks in various halls, seeking out more substantial meals.
17 July 2017 @ 10:10 pm
Who:Lisa and Sakuya, later on adding in others at the Castle.
What:Lisa arrives, faints, and is taken to the castle where all hell breaks loose.
Where: Just outside of the bay and then Castlevania.
Warning: Lots of feels, confusion, and then all hell breaking loose at the Castle.

She was the only human holding the gates of hell closed... )
11 July 2017 @ 04:19 pm

*Living with Attleton's new guardian might one thing - she knew that they were struggling for funds. In the past short while, Sonico had overheard a lot about budgets, and lack of technological equipment. So what's a girl to do? Fundraise! She spoke to her talent agency about the best way to make money, and it seemed that there was an obvious solution: selling photo prints. Apparently, this was the way she made most money the easiest, and so Sonico was willing to try.

On the screen is a rather flustered Sonico, but she's doing her best to swallow her anxiety and to do the best she can for her housemates*

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely day! Today, I'm doing a little bit of...raising awareness, and I hope that is okay with you all. Please excuse me.

*So far so good, all cute smiles and a bow at the end. This is where she starts to get gradually more pink*

In order to raise funds for Attleton, and for the benefit of everyone, I have prints for sale.

*Sonico's face is replaced by one of the prints in question. It features Sonico dressed up as some sort of futuristic sci fi babe - clearly in-keeping with the technology theme - plenty of skin on show, and all sorts of metal and lights on her costume*

These are a one time only item. The more you buy, the more you save. There - there are more in this series...

*Now Sonico peeks around the photo of herself, and this time her cheeks are really quite rosy - perhaps the other prints in the series are somewhat more risque*

If - if you want to see more... of me. And uhm, well, of the prints then - you can order them from me and I will send them to any address. I am also happy to meet people if that is more suitable. Uh - oh, and I can sign them, if you wish. Thank you for your time today, and thank you in advance for keeping Attleton and all of us safe.

*There's a shy wave, then she suddenly remembers to blurt out the price - these not are the cheapest photos, it would seem, but who knows, maybe it's an opportunity you don't want to miss*


10 July 2017 @ 06:21 pm
Who: Sakuya and Dracula
What: Asking about Lisa's portrait
Where: Castlevania
Warnings: None

Another day in Castlevania. Another day of cleaning. Another day of gently removing the portrait of a woman from Dracula's wall and polishing the frame followed by a light and gentle dusting of the surface with the softest feathers she could find. Always with a new one to avoid contamination.

She didn't always dust the surface. Perhaps once a month. But she always took the utmost care when doing so. She could feel eyes on her back the moment her fingers touched the frame.

"Lord Tepes." Sakuya set the duster to one side, carefully lifting the now cleaned painting and placing it back on the wall. "I have cleaned this painting many times since coming here and never once have you missed watching me with such aprihension. You do not fear I would deface it, and yet you watch anyway." She finished straighening the piece, not taking her hands off of the frame until she is absolutely certain it is secured on the wall. "Would it be out of line for me to ask who the woman in the painting is?"
Current Mood: calm
02 July 2017 @ 12:23 am
[This comes out nervous and slightly quiet. Almost as if Flandre's regretting this.]

I...I don't know if anyone else may know about this so, there may not be a answer I'm looking for.
[There is a pause, chiming and then she speaks once more.]

What if the person you thought you knew wasn't yours? I mean..Like say they are from a different timeline or even world? How you you take it or if it was you, how could you bring it up with people you care for?

N-Not like I'm saying something but..I'm curious.
26 June 2017 @ 06:52 pm

Now that things seemed to have settled down across the cities, Sonico was ready to get her housewarming in full swing. She has never been to one before, nor has she ever attended one, so it’s all very new to her. Still, now that she is more settled in her new home with Cassian and Kay, she is determined to make this a really great housewarming party.

So, all friends of Sonico, Cassian, and Kay, are invited to their brand new home in Attleon for a barbeque and drinks to celebrate friendship, and home. Come along and mingle!~

Early Evening

Where it all begins! The garden is large and includes a small pond, a couple of trees with a hammock between, a wood burning stove in the corner of the patio and, of course, the BBQ. There’s a large grass area and a patio area too, plenty of place to stand and chat. There are a few fold up chairs dotted around too. There’s a table full of foods and burger buns and condiments and, of course, yet another table full of various kinds of cider, beer, and soft drinks. Help yourself, mingle, say hello to the happy hosts and hostess.

Getting Dark

Later on, there’s a definite sense of merriment around the garden. If it’s too cold, there’s always the options of going inside to find a couch or a blanket to stay comfortable. But all the fun is in the garden, where the fairy lights that Sonico has strung up everywhere have been turned on, lending a festive, and almost romantic, glow to the evening. Even if most of the food has gone, it seems to have been replaced with snacks and more cold drinks. The wood burning stove is on now and, when it is dark enough, Sonico appears with matches and boxes of sparklers for her guests to enjoy – not quite fireworks, but fun enough!

Very Late

The evening is winding down, most guests have probably gone home. Still, it’s nice to sit long and late into the dark with friends, or even on your own just to enjoy the atmosphere. When all is said and done, there’s still some clearing up to do.



19 June 2017 @ 08:50 pm

Good evening, everyone. I hope that everyone is safe and well following recent...events. I am so grateful for all the people who worked so hard to keep everyone safe. Thank you! I am also incredibly thankful for those who voted so kindly towards, and who have supported my singing. You are all so very kind and generous people.

Now that people are more comfortable, I hope you don't mind me asking - what do people do for a housewarming party? What would make it the loveliest housewarming you have ever been to?

[action a - through towns at night]

Now that Sonico had regular slots at different night clubs, it meant she had to get used to walking home at night. When Cassian wasn't with her, Sonico would wander her way through Nova or Genessia to find the best way back to Attleton. Sometimes she is singing softly to herself, headphones on; other times she would go somewhere to grab something quick and convenient to eat; sometimes trying to juggle a hot takeaway cup while trying to eat a pretzel or a burger at the same time. Why not take her up on a night time stroll?

[action b - busking in Genessia gardens]

Okay, so it's not busking as such, but when the days are nice, Sonico can be found in the gardens in her summer clothes, relaxing by the pond maybe, or else strumming songs as she sits crossed legged on a bench with her acoustic guitar. Come see and hear the cutest female and best singer, so say recent awards.
27 May 2017 @ 10:46 pm
 *There is a soft intake of breath before Sonico begins. Her thoughts are muddled and there's an edge to her voice - this is clearly not a rehearsed message, but the comments of a woman very recently hit with some bad news*

I just... I wish. I just wish there was some way, some how, just some small something.. that would mean that people could say goodbye. Disappearing. Vanishing into thin air. It just... I'm sorry, but it isn't fair.

*There's a pause, then a breath, but clearly she decides not to say anything further, and clicks off the feed*
31 March 2017 @ 09:45 pm
*For the first time in a long time, Sonico finally appears on screen. The bruising on her cheeks has mostly gone, and the cut on the lip is now only a small red line. She bows deeply on the screen and appears very serious in her approach*

I would like to say thank you, very much, deeply, from the bottom of my heart, towards those of you who cared for me and supported me while I was unwell. I am on the mend, and I appreciate all of your good thoughts.

I may still not be able to return to my usual work for some time...thanks to my injuries...but I would like to extend an open invitation for those who would like singing lessons. Please be in touch.

[action - grass areas of Genessia and Nova City]
Finally, Sonico feels able to leave her apartment. She is dressed differently from usual, however, in a long sleeved cardigan and a skirt that reaches down to her ankles - the best way to hide all her scars.  She appears to be slinking through the parks and wooded areas of town, apparently on a Pokemon hunt, her own in tow.

[audio for nightmares - late at night/early morning]

*The voice broadcasting is a shaky and timid whisper, clearly a girl in distress*

Is anyone...awake? I could use someone to talk to...