09 October 2017 @ 08:13 am
[Have one maid on video with her large round glasses on. Her lip arches, leaning forward with a soft hum, as if she's trying to study the device. A sigh escapes.]

I still don't quite understand, but this device acts as of a phone you can carry in your pocket from what I was told. Strange really, perhaps this is the future? The lady who explained was quite beautiful. Or perhaps I was abducted in my sleep. Hm....

[She taps her chin lightly. Should she be afraid? There's a sudden grin, a thrill rushes inside her. She spins herself around with the device and flashes a smile.]

Good day everyone, I am Mey-Rin, maid of the Phantomhive manor.

A little chill and gloomy, is it suppose to rain today? And no umbrella was left on my wake, pity.

Young Master? Sebastian? Baldroy? Finn? I do hope for your well being. Are you here?
27 August 2017 @ 12:27 am
[Oh look, someone is actually on the screen this time. Treasure it, he usually adores his voice function. Why bother with video when you can't see?

In any case, here he is, the phone clearly propped up, because he's obviously holding an entirely different phone in his hands. Midge is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he's behind the actually filming phone.

There's been some discussion on the network about a new scourge sweeping our tightly knit, familial little community. Now, I don't mean to scare anyone-

[And he does, actually, look dreadfully sincere. His expression is almost sweetly concerned, though the effect is marred somewhat by the sunglasses. Can't really pull off wide eyed concern with no eyes.]

But I'm just going to have to be frank with you, please, those with weak constitutions may want to leave the room.

... I'm sorry, Genessia... But I have heard... that people are being mean on the internet.

[There's a sharp violin sting behind the camera filming. Ah, that's where Midge went.]

I know, I know. I can't believe it either. People, being mean! To other people! Anonymously!

It's certainly something I never fathomed would happen, we're all such lovely people here. Not to worry though. I am here to give a brief lesson on what to do if someone on the internet is mean to you.

[Yeah. There's another violin sting. Szel gestures to the phone in his hand, not exactly the one from the city, but close enough in design.]

Please, pay attention. This is all highly technical, complicated jargon I'm about to start using. It's language primarily used by us experts in the technological and social media arts.

Now. Midge, I need you to pretend you are a mean person on the internet.

[The violin sting sounds dutifully, before a soft, lisping, mincing and demure voice sweetly croons out from off screen, behind the phone.]

I do not care for your glasses, for I am a low brow and simple cretin.

[The demon smiles, gesturing to the phone in his hand]

That is our insult of the hour. Now, while I could very well sit here and yell at the mean person on the internet-


For the next half hour, it is highly encouraged for all those without specialized training to do the following. If you would kindly pay attention, please take note of the button, here, at the bottom of the phone.

Now, I have found that if you press this button-

[Which he does, and the screen on the phone in his hand promptly goes black as the device shuts off]

It effortlessly silences any and all instances of mean people on the internet-


wherein you are free to go outside and make yourself familiar with the grass.

I believe that should cover todays PSA of mean people on the internet.


Thank you.

And stay safe.
26 August 2017 @ 12:02 am
[ Fumbling. Wait, a button got pushed-- ]

[ Falling. A flash of the sky, a blurry figure, then nothing. ]

[ Well, nothing visual, anyway. ]

24 August 2017 @ 12:05 pm
Here's one thing I don't understand. Why do people think it's sport to answer genuine questions seeking help, by "trolling" or telling them to kill things? And then get to show off how "badass" they are by the number of people they've beaten or corpses they've accumulated?

That, by the way, was a rhetorical question. They do it because they're attention seeking and the only way they can get said attention is by making someone feel inferior or at least afraid of their "mad killing abilitez" as the kids say.

Well congratulations you're all a big bunch of idiots.
11 August 2017 @ 02:22 am
... I'm looking for decent places to eat.

When I use the word decent, I mean I'd like something that takes longer to cook than however long it takes to thaw the ice off in the microwave with more thought and care given to the recipe than just add powdered cheese and milk.

I know there are places out there that cater to my ridiculously high standards.

I'm counting on one of you to steer me correctly. For the sake of sanity, Tannusen you're banned from giving me any food related advice.

I get the distinct feeling that any comment you could possibly give me for suggestions of things to put in my mouth is going to make me angry.


[And yes, at some point, he'd ever get the information he asked for, or he'd just up and go adventuring himself. As usual, the demon is impeccably dressed, lovely three piece Italian suit and black lacquered, gold tipped cane in place.

And as usual, Midge is along the for the ride, the little minion having assumed the now expected shape of a fat, bouncing, happy little corgi.

And as was usual, it wasn't enough for Szel to leave the house dressed to the nines. No, Midge the corgi was sporting a fantastic little knitted number in shades of pink and black, the words "cupcake king" lovingly stitched into the fabric.

Don't bother asking why.

At any point in time, Szel could be found haunting any and all higher quality eateries, from cafes to bakeries to full scale restaurants, the scent of expensive vodka starting to similarly haunt him the more doors he traipsed out of.

15 July 2017 @ 03:37 pm
Who: Szelhamos and Tannusen
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust
When: Backdated to the heeeaaaatwaaaave.
What: Szel's been actively avoiding talking to Tannu, while still hanging around his bar, since the soul incident.
Warnings: Talk of old abuse.

After the first time Tannusen had approached the demon and Szel had literally just poofed away in a cloud of smoke, the tiger had backed off. Plenty of reasons ran through his head why the man may not want to deal with him directly anymore, and... well, he couldn't blame him.

Tannusen just went about business as usual, lounging around in his usual upstairs booth sipping tea. His legs were on the seat itself while his back was against the wall the booth stood beside, and he was actively doing something or other on a laptop on his lap. Reading, mostly. And sometimes a lot of typing.
Who: Szelhamos, Cassian Lynch (in a different thread than Szel), and Tannusen
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust
When: At some point after the empty/mutated spirits aren't an issue and it's safe to re-open.
What: First thread: Szel harasses Tannu about his soul being broken. Second thread: Tannu tells Cass he's been cavorting with the enemy. That should go well!
Warnings: A whole lot of swearing, I'm sure. Will add if anything more intense crops up.

Thread 1 )Thread 2 )
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xxxxx[ Private to: All Velvet Lust Employees ]

I won't be in in any official capacity for at least a week

Wade's driving, don't make him pull the club over


that means you

[Hell yeah he just sicced Deadpool on Andor in particular. Isn't being the least favorite employee the most fun?]

xxxxx[ Private to: Dorian Pavus ]

it's done

he... chose to come back

[So no, you're not down a job, apparently.]

xxxxx[ Private to: Szelhamos ]

it's done... and he chose to come back

[A pause.]

still like you

[It's almost juvenile to say that last bit, but... it's also equally weirdly relevant? In light of recent conversations.]
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19 May 2017 @ 01:34 am
Who:Szel and the worlds most patient man, Amberdrake
Where: Attleton in Drakes office
What: A fuck off angry parrot screams at a therapist he has willingly decided to see about how he doesn't need a therapist
Warnings: Will add as/if needed.

Transmute these leaden grudges into gold )

[In Genessia, it's settling in to be a comfortable, cozy late spring evening. The birds are just starting to quiet down, the crickets are gearing up for a full orchestra, the lights are coming on throughout every district and the bay is peaceful and qu-


A massive pinkish head breaks the waves, a thick, fat, barnacle encrusted isopod heaving itself out of the water and clambering up onto shore, hissing and shaking water everywhere as it immediately besets a sea side stand selling potato chips.


[Meanwhile, the earth through the food district and center of Genessia rumbles. Its thick armored body creaking and groaning, a thirty foot long lobster, as tall as a bus, ponderously drags itself through down town, antenna alone knocking over lamp posts as a claw the size of a mini cooper handily slams apart the glass of a nearby sea food restaurant, releasing a wave of rubber banded, confused potential dinners into the street.


The considerably less rubber hindered lobster beast also seems to be a fan of irony, as it snaps up one or two natives in a claw and attempts to nibble them to death.

CRAB BATTLE AT VL (VL employee exclusive)

[And how on earth this fuck off huge spider crab got here so quickly and quietly is anyone's guess. With pin point precision it slams a pointy leg against the building, trying to bash it open with a claw as it settles around the actual establishment.



[[ooc: THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN. PICK YOUR OPPONENT, but the crab belongs to Tannusen and his employees.

22 April 2017 @ 12:31 am
Who: Szelhamos and Amberdrake
When: Early evening
Where: Drake's office in Attleton
Warnings: May edge into territories of past abuse/trauma. Will update warnings properly if this happens.

You Must Have Been Out of Your Head )

[ And here's Tannusen openly on the network, this time. And in glorious, full color video!

He looks... tired. There's a darkness to the skin under his eyes that isn't usually there, and a heaviness to his eyelids that isn't being affected, for once. ]

Hey, so, here's a question for everyone. Where do you get braile printed?

You know, the stuff with all the raised dots for blind folk to read.


In person, Tannusen can be found at his bar, nursing a mug of tea. Jethro is parked indoors, which isn't actually all that strange for a regular to see. The motorcycle is positioned at the end of the bar, next to Tannusen's seat of choice, and the Faerie occasionally reaches over to pat it on the gauge shroud like one might with a pet.
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06 April 2017 @ 02:21 am
[So here we are again.

It's always such a pleasure

Szel, angling the device at him, looking considerably miffed

I'm wondering where we might be able to find chew toys.

[Once again, perched on his shoulder is that massive bug, but this time it's faced in the opposite direction, watching the disaster going on in the background:

A fully grown Ninetails attempting to eat what looks like an eight foot long centipede with a human face. The noise is awful, the bug sounds like a mixture of an air raid siren and a screaming infant.

Szel finally grimaces-

Belz, stop that right this instant or I swear to God, I will lock you in the lounge.

[Belz, the Ninetails, it seems, answers with a short BIFF of a sound, before trying to drag the centi-man off camera.]

Leave it.

[... Tries to drag the centi-mans missing leg off camera-]

Leave it.

[A whine, and the pokemon darts off again, leaving the lesser demon mangled on the floor.]

... Preferably a chew toy that doesn't make any sound, no bells no squeaker. She keeps following me room to room with the waitstaff in her mouth and I can't get a moments peace.
Who: Tannusen and OPEN!
Where: Just some random park in Genessia City with a lot of NPC foot traffic.
What: Tannusen's out in public in his other form.
When: Daytime!
Warnings: Nah. Although he could, if startled or antagonized, I'd prefer he not actually attack anyone. If you set him off anyway, please expect to at least get knocked on your ass. <3
PLEASE NOTE: Tannusen cannot talk in this form! Please don't tag the tiger expecting him to. He can and will emote back at a talker, but not with words! Also please note that even if your character has no idea what a tiger is, the intimidation merit is still in full effect. No one and nothing is not going to know that this is a big-ass predator. Thanks. <3

Tannusen supposed, dimly, that lounging around in public in his other form was an especially poor idea in light of all the strange animals popping out of the woodwork across all the cities. It certainly wasn't going to stop him, of course, and woe to anyone who decided to throw a stupid ball at his head.

Twelve and a half feet long from his nose to the tip of his tail, over eight hundred pounds of sleek muscle and power... he wouldn't have been the largest beast to be called a 'pokemon', but no. No, he was definitely a tiger. A very big, rather bored tiger, laying on the grass in the park and soaking in the warm sunlight hitting his snowy white fur. One dinner-plate sized front paw was outstretched, flexing idly back and forth in the grass, milky-white claws showing themselves every time he tensed his 'hand'.

His eyes were mostly closed, although his ears flicked this way and that as activity in the park waxed and waned through-out the day. Anyone drawing even remotely close had him cracking his eyelids open, of course, fixing whoever or whatever it was with a stare.
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25 March 2017 @ 01:16 am
[Look, homeboy can barely make out this shit, even with Midge around. The bug is helpful with most things, but the sight link isn't flawless here.

And if he doesn't know what the hell Midge is looking at to begin with well it barely helps at all.

The thing that has gained his ire is zipping around near his head quite happily, after all it has a massive, black marble fort to faff about in.

The thing sitting on Szel's shoulder though, is... it might be a pokemon? Might?

It honestly looks like a three foot long cross between a lightning bug and a cockroach with buck teeth and orange eyes, okay. Szel doesn't seem to care much about that, in fact, as the massive insect watches Azelf dart all over the room, the demon reaches up to gently scratch behind the bugs long antenna.

It can fly. That's about all we know.


It can also apparently pick things up with its mind.

We've learned that too. For the sake of our own sanity in here we're going to call it Steve until it picks something better or leaves.

Am I supposed to do something with Steve or is it just here to break my china?
21 March 2017 @ 12:40 am
[And look at this asshole.

He too has found an egg, but he's dealing with it in his own fashion.

Namely by finding the fanciest, blinged out, most fabulous, stylish baby bjorn he could get here, and casually sauntering around town with his egg neatly tucked away inside it.

It'll definitely stay nice and toasty in there.

Along with the egg, there's one more new addition to Szel's usual appearance.

A dog.

A small, fat, bright pumpkin colored corgi with a lovingly hand knit sweater with the words "worlds best cuddlebug" embroidered on it. Szel of course, is looking more or less as fashionable as ever.

Some kind of Armani suit today, neat as a pin, black as coal, complete with a tucked in tie and handsome looking gold cufflinks.

Look, bitch, he doesn't half ass leaving the house, even if it's just for milk.

At the current time and place, the demon can be found almost anywhere, him and his egg and his stupid little dog, trailing a thin stream of sweet smelling smoke where ever he wanders.
09 March 2017 @ 04:52 pm
Who Szel and Amberdrake
When Early evening
Where Amberdrake's office in Attleton
What Szel's hit the fae soul shit too hard. Now he's out to inflict himself on others.
Warnings Drugs?
I typed this on a phone )
Who: Tannusen and whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)
Warnings: Heavy innuendo in the first two threads. Will add if any others are needed.

🌟 OTAs and closed threads between people who aren't Tannusen are also welcome! Just mind the security.

A. anyone ICly over 18 [OPEN] (18 meaning adult. If your character IS an adult and is just technically younger, they're still okay for this!) )

B. anyone ICly under 18 or who just wants to [OPEN] )

C. pre-hours on assorted days [locked to Velvet Lust staffers] )

D. pre-hours one day [locked to Cassian Lynch] )
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25 February 2017 @ 04:44 pm
WHO: Kimmuriel and Szel
WHERE: Everglade, and the worst subarch ever
WHAT: Kim decides to explore this Everglade everyone keeps telling him about and instead falls facefirst into Hell.
WARNINGS: Well, Hellish imagery of Gluttony, and I mean. It's Szel.

no seriously worst subarch ew )