10 October 2017 @ 09:45 pm
Tannusen waited, as promised, just on the edge of where the hospital might start to have an effect on him. Phone in hand, listening to the open line to make sure nothing could possibly happen to Cassian... he only started to relax again once the priest was back out of the building; once he could see him on the sidewalk.

Only then did he hang up the phone, standing up from the bench he'd been occupying for the duration of the visit.
Who: Cassian Lynch and Tannusen
Where: Cass' subarchway house
What: These issues don't dissipate for love or for convenience. Tannusen usually isolates when he's in A Mood, but he won't always catch it in time. This is one of those times.
Warnings: Discussion of past on-camera murder, and mental illness.

Normally, Tannusen kept closer track of his... moods. Normally, he'd have been gone for the day, sent a text to let Cassian know he was fine, and been gone probably the next night and day as well. Before Lil, he would have just retreated into Velvet's basement during the night to avoid people. At the moment, he didn't have an actual plan in place and that was probably another symptom of his growing... lax.

Comfortable, he'd let things slip and didn't even realize it yet.

The growing unease scratching away at the back of his mind had been easy to write off as background noise; the tiger currently standing in the kitchen at the house chopping some vegetable or other for some thing or other he was making. Cooking had been something he'd taken up for the house as soon as he and Trahearne had moved in with Cassian, and the sylvari's disappearance hadn't put a halt to that. He just made a little less, that was all.

The knife slid easily into carrots and then came through them at the end with a definite chop! Tannusen stared down at his work with a slightly sour expression, his thoughts really starting to sink down and be swallowed in static.

02 September 2017 @ 10:57 pm
[Honest, swear! This was just supposed to be a private send. Really! No lying! He'd not even put in a ton of effort into making himself camera worthy today!

Which isn't saying much, the siren is usually more than just passably pretty whether or not he decides to dress up today. As it is today's outfit is literally just pajama pants. No hat, no vest or coat. Nothing but blue striped pajama pants, and the sound of water flowing in the back seems to suggest he's either got a tub running or this is somewhere outside.

Which, considering Kani, either could be true.

Hey Chief! I know ya still got that scale I gave ya. I don't see ya hang out when I'm on stage though, that ain't no fair! I gave that thing to ya fer you to use.

Ya better respond ta this too, I ain't puttin' on real clothes ta find ya right now.

[He's too busy being lazy.]

Promise, it won't mess ya up chief.

[That's the grand extent of the warning as he clears his throat, and sweeps in to a song.

It's... different than the others.

No sir, no mere suggestion, not an idle tugging at ones thoughts. The song, for those lacking in the appropriate defenses, would drag their listener into them.

The emotions would be powerful, overwhelming and seem entirely organic. The feelings of love lost, of longing, of missed opportunities. The sensation of a chance that was fumbled and lost, never to be regained, an echoing hollowness that would never, ever be filled.

Feelings of intense love, of sweetest rapture and a near dreamlike sensation of delight all intermingled with that sadness, bitter sweet, tender and tragic...

Lingering powerfully after the last notes of the sing died away

... Ya better thank me fer that, chief, I ain't used that voice in like a hunnered an' fifty years.

[[OOC: AS ALWAYS, Kani is a siren! If you want to have the music effect you, go nuts! Here is the permissions page with a short list of side effects for falling under the song spell, feel free to pick and choose]]
Who: Cassian Lynch and Tannusen
Where: Ye olde rectory.
When: BACKDATED to the bodyswap event on August 4th. l m a o
What: Shenanigans and tomfoolery.
Warnings: Nah.

Tannusen woke from a mid-morning nap on the couch, listening to the sound of... hopping? from the kitchen for a moment before he got to his feet and went investigating.
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26 August 2017 @ 08:57 pm
So, after some... Conversations I've overheard I got a question for you lot. And it's okay cause like, kids need to learn stuff. So asking questions are good.

[Their tone of voice is so not serious, Chara isn't expecting anyone to give a real answer to this question. And those who do? Well they'll be people they'll want to get to know.]

So like. What is the most horrible thing you ever did and didn't feel bad about? Spare no details and hey maybe I'll tell you all my answer.
Who: Tannusen and/or whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)

There was no lead-up, no early announcements. It was just one unremarkable night, and then... every patron or staff member alike who came downstairs from the club floor had donned a banana costume. Some had willingly put them on, and others had been forcibly stuffed into their bright yellow peels.

Bananas mingled among the downstairs patrons, some going back up, others going outside to mill around with their friends both banana'd and not. Maybe they were talking them into going upstairs? Or maybe they were warning them that Wade had been given an Extra Special Assignment...

Either way, the party upstairs was sure to be extra wild tonight. And full of potassium.

(Tag each other! Tag me! Tag Wade! This isn't an open Tannusen post so much as it's an open Velvet Lust post. Enjoy!)

(Feel free to assume the costume is magically stuck on until sunrise if you want!)
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Who: Cassian Lynch, Tannusen
What: One night out of the many that happen regularly, off camera.
Warnings: Angst.

Tannusen's never been an easy sleeper. Before chrysalisis, he'd had more than enough nightmare fuel just from living under Trench's thumb. After, the downpour of snippets of countless lives had simply added itself to the pile.

These days, most of his nightmares revolved around more recent events. Even those that didn't start that way often ended up morphing in that direction; a tightrope act gone wrong melted into the sensation of that knife in his hand, popping through Cassian's chest cavity.

Sometimes, other nightmares added their own twist. Sometimes it happened in the Subarchway, just like in reality, the Faerie easing Cassian's dying body into the mud, badly-burned hand still clutching the knife through his heart. Other times, the death happened in a dark and filthy cell somewhere out in the southwestern desert, done as a mercy killing to save the priest from the unending horrors that awaited him if he continued to draw breath.

Once in a while, the theme of the nightmare came after the killing. After he'd washed and re-dressed and tended to the body, like in reality, and those blank-faced automations had come to take him away. In his dreams, he wandered the hospital corridors and either never found Cassian at all, or found him still dead, room temperature and slack-faced.



Lost by his own traitorous hand.

No matter what spin the nightmare of the night took, Tannusen never woke gently from these dreams. Nothing so dramatic as to gasp or jerk awake, but consciousness would suddenly click on, and he'd hold very still, just like now.

Just like now, awake in the dark, heart pounding in his chest, his hands shaking slightly wherever they'd come to rest. The burn scarring all across his right hand ached more than usual, even where it spiraled up his arm, and he slowly pulled it close to tuck against his chest. Eyes still closed, he shuddered, wondering how much had been real. Maybe Cassian being alive in the hospital had been the dream, after all... maybe reality was a lot colder than that.
13 August 2017 @ 11:53 pm
to the fuck who robbed the bank and made me wait two weeks to get my paycheck

'wheres my fuckin cash
just wait till i find your ass
hope you like smoothies'

in other news i dont have any other news i just wanted to post an angry haiku on the network

hi bane

i found the cuisinart. ill leave it to your imagination which appliance that is see you in an hour bae
13 August 2017 @ 05:03 pm
what kind of monster doesn't eat potato chips anyway
11 August 2017 @ 02:22 am
... I'm looking for decent places to eat.

When I use the word decent, I mean I'd like something that takes longer to cook than however long it takes to thaw the ice off in the microwave with more thought and care given to the recipe than just add powdered cheese and milk.

I know there are places out there that cater to my ridiculously high standards.

I'm counting on one of you to steer me correctly. For the sake of sanity, Tannusen you're banned from giving me any food related advice.

I get the distinct feeling that any comment you could possibly give me for suggestions of things to put in my mouth is going to make me angry.


[And yes, at some point, he'd ever get the information he asked for, or he'd just up and go adventuring himself. As usual, the demon is impeccably dressed, lovely three piece Italian suit and black lacquered, gold tipped cane in place.

And as usual, Midge is along the for the ride, the little minion having assumed the now expected shape of a fat, bouncing, happy little corgi.

And as was usual, it wasn't enough for Szel to leave the house dressed to the nines. No, Midge the corgi was sporting a fantastic little knitted number in shades of pink and black, the words "cupcake king" lovingly stitched into the fabric.

Don't bother asking why.

At any point in time, Szel could be found haunting any and all higher quality eateries, from cafes to bakeries to full scale restaurants, the scent of expensive vodka starting to similarly haunt him the more doors he traipsed out of.

Who: Lil/Lev (NPC written by Squid) and Tannusen
Where: Velvet Lust's secret basement, maybe other locations too.
When: Late July, several days before bodyswapping shenanigans.
What: Tannusen's putting the final work in toward learning the fifth tier of one of his schools of magic. It goes sideways, as things are wont to do. Wackiness ensues.
Warnings: Nah.

The fifth tier of any Fae magic was supremely difficult to learn. It took years, often, to go from the fourth to the fifth. This was no exception; Tannusen had been working on this off and on for most of the time he'd been on this strange little world.

On the one hand, it should have been a little easier for him to master Elder Form; he was a shapeshifter. The concept wasn't exactly alien to a pooka.

On the other hand, he was having to learn this basically on his own, with no literature from his Earth to help lead him in the right direction.

It... basically balanced out.

Cue Tannusen spending most of a day with his assorted notes splayed out on the table in the secret basement, Lil's ball ending up surrounded in papers covered in cramped handwriting and weird, probably indiscernible diagrams of things that didn't exist on the 'usual' layer of reality... but very much existed for Tannusen, all day every day.
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06 August 2017 @ 01:15 pm
Who: Tannusen and/or whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)
What: A general Velvet Lust catch-all post for August. Back-tagging in the future, and back-dating now or later are both fine. And continuing your threads in old VL posts is also fine!
Warnings: Will add if anything comes up.

🌟 OTAs, and closed threads between people who aren't Tannusen are also welcome!
(Please note it in your subject line, so I don't barge in!)

There are rules! And there are enforcers. Characters (or NPCs!) who step out of line will be removed from the premises.

A. [OPEN - obligatory Tannusen prompt, now with engagement ring] )

B. [OTA - the pocket angel prompt] )

C. [OPEN or LOCKED - that body swapping event] )

D. [OTA or LOCKED - choose your own adventure] )

E. [LOCKED - current Velvet Lust staffers] )
29 July 2017 @ 07:40 pm
Who: Cassian and Tannusen
What: Jibber jabber about weddings
When: Early afternoon
Where: Cassian's Subgate
Warning: None yet!

Something New )
25 July 2017 @ 12:20 pm
[Same story different cover, is what he's already deduced.

The piecing together of what's happened, again, is the only thing keeping this feed from being interspaced with gunfire.

You should all be thankful.

As it is, he's deeply annoyed, but not terrified nor confused as he pointedly ignores a child staring directly at him, unblinking, as their ice cream cone melts into their hand.

There's a reason he's not turning the video feed on, he knows this stupid game

I've already collected the requisite information from that filthy cave and the supplied pamphlets, endeavor not to tell me anything that isn't already contained within either of these.

I've really only a small collection of questions, starting with: Does the name Holli Would strike anyone as familiar, and ending with a request for employment.

I'd consider them both of equal importance.
15 July 2017 @ 03:37 pm
Who: Szelhamos and Tannusen
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust
When: Backdated to the heeeaaaatwaaaave.
What: Szel's been actively avoiding talking to Tannu, while still hanging around his bar, since the soul incident.
Warnings: Talk of old abuse.

After the first time Tannusen had approached the demon and Szel had literally just poofed away in a cloud of smoke, the tiger had backed off. Plenty of reasons ran through his head why the man may not want to deal with him directly anymore, and... well, he couldn't blame him.

Tannusen just went about business as usual, lounging around in his usual upstairs booth sipping tea. His legs were on the seat itself while his back was against the wall the booth stood beside, and he was actively doing something or other on a laptop on his lap. Reading, mostly. And sometimes a lot of typing.
Y'know, at least it's all toasty here now, I got a raw deal the last time I came here when it was all crummy and wintery.




I mean it ain't no Bimini or nuthin' but hey, it ain't no Greenland either, I'll take it.

So's like whats happened here since I ain't been around an' stuff? Anyone die? Aliens? We catch sasquatch yet?

Does this place even do anythin'?

... We get any prettier ladies 'round here since I left?
01 July 2017 @ 12:39 pm
Havin' a clearance sale on summer equinox items, what since it's been long past.

Aye, they're still good for other spells and rituals and the like, they ain't just purely for the summer, but as the season's half way through and most major festivals have passed until harvest, I gotta start movin' stock for herb maintenance, focuses and texts.

That means half off on oak staves and wands in particular, for those of ye out there who like to be timely.

Minor sale once more on charms, we've got one in particular that functions as an alarm.

Speak the time ye want it to go, and when the hour comes, it will make a loud, noticeable sound thus alertin' ye of the time.

Perfect for remindin' yer employees when quittin' time is.
Who: Camael and Tannusen
Where: Velvet Lust
Warnings: Nah

Read more... )
18 June 2017 @ 01:17 am
... So s'it all over then?

Thank God, that was the most pointless half month of me life. May as well have just been feckin' dead, should have faffed about in that dead bloke liminal space if I'd known I'd come back to a load of shite.

Would have gotten exactly the same amount of garbage done.

Great, new guardian votin' too.

Can't wait, I'll get the phone all set up, see if I can't hook it proper to the telly and I'll take a shot every time someone says somethin' stupid.

Tannusen, I want ye to cart me unconscious droolin' carcass to me room when I'm done and lock the door so I don't go stumblin' out at three AM and start a fight with the hat rack again.

Seems like an excellent way to spend me weekend.