17 October 2017 @ 11:26 pm
[he appears looking a little gaunter than usual. He's standing somewhere dark and obviouslyoutside.]

Right. So when they say that you'll be cursed when you enter Nova City, all evidence points to that being the case. So if you'd rather not-- I'd stay out of it if you can. In light of that and everything else happening round the... everywhere, classes are on hold until everything gets sorted.

[there is a fairly loud grumbling and he winces]

Anyone know of a blood bank nearby and do they accept red bills? [then immediately] No, that was a joke.

[he seems to see a flicker of movement and he turns his head, his eyes widening at something just behind the camera. Whatever it is makes what little color left in his face leave it. He offers the camera a tight smile]

Otherwise, stay safe, watch your back, don't do anything stupid. We're not the last anymore. [though the last part seems to be addressed to someones very specific]

[ooc: feel free to run into the Doctor pretty much anywhere around Attleton or Nova City.]
[September will find Rose increasingly more and more scarce, until she almost all but disappears until the second week of October. She went from attending as many of the 12th Doctor's lectures, and even hanging around the campus of Attleton University testing products ostensibly; but after the first week of September, she pretty much disappears for a bit. No sign of her on the network, and even around the TARDIS, or her usual haunts, she's hard to nab. Even for someone like Captain Jack Harkness who spent a good portion of a century tracking her and has a good bond link to make sure she's safe will find Rose a bit scarcer than usual. 3 years of acting like a ghost has made it a lot easier for her to be invisible in a crowd if she wants.]

[Whatever appearances in public appear to be marketing and testing related, survey, and throwing things literally into fountains or against walls or collecting data.]

[But finally she makes a small appearance on the network!]

First round of drinks is on Mirajane. All of the Doctors are required to make a presence or I'll make life hell for ya, more'n usual, yeah? [Tongue out to the side.] River, Martha, Jack, Gwen, Demyx, Koishi, Satori, Belle, Rory, Amy, and apologies to anyone I forgot. [Laughs.] You can make excuses, but I'm draggin' ya all out for at least one drink. Be there! Everything after the first drink you're on your own.

But since I'm officially quittin' after this crazy last month, I might be able to spot ya. Some.


[And locked to Demyx:]
First mission, find us a suitable tower. Nova city. Price is negotiable. Capacity for modifications is not.

[And indeed anyone hitting up the Fairy Tail Guild during the first round of drinks on Rose / Mirajane can probably sneak in a free drink by saying they're friends with Rose Tyler. Just might want to make sure you actually know who that is if pressed.]

[OTA Action: MINGLE]
06 October 2017 @ 11:28 am
[A deathly pale brunette could be seen wringing out her coat as Gwen Cooper comes onto the feed. But her paleness is nothing to worry about as she speaks.]

Icing on the injury cake? Its been a bad enough day since last thing I remember was sleeping off a massive headache on the couch at the Hub.

So Jack, Ianto and Rhys you guys here?
26 September 2017 @ 07:26 pm
[The video clicks on and Spock can be seen in his natural habitat his lab at the Genessia Research Foundation. Everything is scarely in order, with not a single beaker out of place. If anyone knows him well enough, they might notice the slightest etchings of fatigue on his features.]

Good evening. As some of you may know I have been studying the barrier which surrounds us, but as I am currently unable to get in close proximity of it my data is limited. I am curious if anyone has and knowledge and/or experience with barriers, this one or otherwise who might be willing to impart that knowledge onto me. I believe it would greatly expedite my progress.

I am also interested in collecting information from everyone about the worlds in which you are all from and your own traits and lives to see if there is some shared attribute which might have attracted whoever is behind out joint abductions and links us all together. If we can determine the reason we were taken then perhaps we can determine what we it is we must do to return to our homes.
14 September 2017 @ 02:38 pm
[he sitting in his office... where else would he be?...absently fingering chords on his guitar]

If anyone knows slash is, ah... [consults a notebook] David Haller or Olivia Moore, I'd like to speak to them at their convenience. Just let me know.

Anyone who is in my class, remember homework is due at the beginning of next week. I look forward to grading your essays and if you're not prepared to write eight thousand words on Shakespeare's Universal Influence you're not prepared for university so I don't want to hear any whinging.

If you have any questions or want to find me otherwise... [he gives a look to the camera as if talking to several people at once] I'm going to be playing at some Blues Bars in Nova City. And one place called a honky tonk. If anyone of me shows up wearing a cowboy hat and tries to be clever, promise not to wave at me. Anyway the list of the places is posted outside my door.

That's all I've got.

Peace out!

[v for victory sign because he is Hip and With it and signs off]

[Action for the Ponds]

[it is after midnight and anyone currently staying in the Pond House may hear faint sounds of someone quietly playing Mario Kart on a wii.]

Oh come on! That shell wasn't even fair! I know you're tired of losing at life, Luigi but the least you could do is not make it miserable for everyone else!

[ooc: anyone looking to action it up can do so in his office or one of the bars]
07 September 2017 @ 03:05 am
[the camera turns on to the Doctor sitting on his desk in the lecture hall, one leg tucked under the other, reading a book. On the whiteboard is written "Astrophysics" in neat handwriting.

The class, unseen behind the camera is rustling and yawning, murmuring quietly. After a moment, the Doctor clears his throat and the class quiets.]

Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck;
And yet methinks I have Astronomy.

[he wiggles his hand back and forth]

But not to tell of good or evil luck,
Of plagues, of dearths, of season's quality;
Not can I fortune to brief minutes tell,
Pointing to each his thunder, rain and wind.

[gestures around the room.]

Or say with princes if it shall go well
By oft predict that I in heaven find:

[he looks straight into the camera, as if staring at someone beyond it who is watching. Intense. Direct]

But from thine eyes my knowledge I derive
And, constant stars, in them I read such an art [he places a hand over his heart]

As truth and beauty shall together thrive,
If from thyself, to store thou wouldst convert;

Or else of thee this I prognosticate:

[he lowers his eyes]

Thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date.

[he lets silence fall as if waiting for something. Finally a reedy male voice asks if this is literature class and the Doctor looks up]

No. But I'm so very glad you asked. Good question, Johnny. [the student starts to speak as if correcting the name but the Doctor goes on without him] This is, as is so helpfully written on the board, Astrophysics.

So why, dear Professor, you ask, are you reading us such a lovely and well constructed sonnet in your melodic tones which would make bards bite their lutes in half from envy?

Allow me to tell you )
24 August 2017 @ 10:10 pm
James Norrington, Deputy of Attleton, has returned home. We thank him for his service and will remember his contributions.

Applications for deputy will be accepted now.

Be advised the position is still at 3* wage level, combat skills required, with deputies expected to live in or move to Attleton. Applications will be considered in order of being filed.
24 August 2017 @ 12:05 pm
Here's one thing I don't understand. Why do people think it's sport to answer genuine questions seeking help, by "trolling" or telling them to kill things? And then get to show off how "badass" they are by the number of people they've beaten or corpses they've accumulated?

That, by the way, was a rhetorical question. They do it because they're attention seeking and the only way they can get said attention is by making someone feel inferior or at least afraid of their "mad killing abilitez" as the kids say.

Well congratulations you're all a big bunch of idiots.
23 August 2017 @ 01:24 pm
How do you work out a lot of rage when music, running, and talking or drinking aren't enough?
23 August 2017 @ 12:24 am
[he is in another office. A much smaller one, with a much lower quality desk. In fact everything seems to speak out of it being: 'the new guy's' space, from the ancient carpet to the wood grain paneling that resembles more plastic than wood. At least he's got a spinny chair which he is sitting on, legs crossed at the ankle, propped up on the flimsy desk and slowly rotating back and forth as he plays with a pen]

You know I've never much been one for the rhythms of every day life. Get up, get dressed, go to school, go home, get your splines reticulated, go to bed. Much prefer to be out there [points at the ceiling with the pen] Doing... something. Doing whatever.

Odd what you can get used to. Even tedium.

That being said, hey! [he grins and claps his hands, rubbing them together.] Almost time for school again! That's one thing to look forward to, isn't it? Acquisition of knowledge. Doodling in notebooks. Skiving off to go snog behind the phys ed building. Used to do that all the time when I was in school. Couldn't keep me pinned down. Even if there wasn't any one to snog. Sometimes I made it up.

But, with any luck I'll be on the other side of the desk, stuffing willing and not so willing brains full of facts until they fill numb with it. For instance, everyone knows that a pulsar is a collapsed neutron star that underwent a supernova,and it emits bursts of radiation. But every now and again, in a quintillion to one chance... that's a 1 and eighteen zeros, that a quantum pulsar will be formed from the heart of that star-- and what you will get as it pulses and dies, slowly crushed by the weight of its own gravity, are flashes of time. The past. The future. The present. All rippling outward, unseen and unheard and unknown except by the lucky few who happen to be there at the right place.

Mind you they can't be there for very long...not if they want to live.

But just knowing something like that is out there, knowing that something like that can even exist-- makes the universe stunning, doesn't it? So much to see and do and explore...

[he trails off, looking at his pen which he's holding between two fingers, as if it's absorbed his attention, murmuring to himself]

But here we are, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, smaller than most, wrapped up in petty concerns, money, work, romance, where we're going to live the next however long we're here because time is running out when no-- time doesn't work like that. It just... exists... and we move through it. And if we're very clever we can find a way to use it well.

Which you can. [he sits upright again] With any luck. Attleton University. My class. Three days a week and twice on Thursdays. Auditing is available. See you there.

[swings away, swings back]

Oh and I'm coming back in about three hours. But not for long.

And if you don't get it, don't worry. That part of the message is not for you.

[end feed]
21 August 2017 @ 06:06 pm

Okay, so I only got like two weeks before I have to leave this... wonderful room I've been given and while I'm still, kinda, well... looking for a job I'm done with this whole living alone thing.

So... anyone want a room mate?

[Helgi maybe a fox, but he's still trying to give the network the cute puppy eyed look.]


For the past week or so Helgi has been exploring and trying to get to know the cities better, and see what the places he saw advertising for workers were really like.

He could be found in any of the 4 cities, popping in and out of shops and roaming anywhere he could reach. Although he quickly decided he didn't like Everglade, damn that place was creepy.
20 August 2017 @ 08:58 pm

[The man on the screen looks calm but wet. It has taken him little time to figure out the phones and get all the information from the hologram and pamphlets. He's been to a lot of worlds though this is the first one with a welcome center.]

I'm looking for a man named Rumpelstiltskin. He also goes by Gold.


[With his message spoken he hangs up.]


[Neal's first public stop is to a bar to grab a beer and hear whatever the hell is going on with this city. The information is helpful but it doesn't have a current events section. Once at the bar he pulls out a newspaper that he had picked up, orders a beer and begins to read.

Bounties, job openings... it's a weird mix of Storybrook and the Enchanted forest. He's not sure what to make of it but for the moment he's stuck here. Being stuck here doesn't concern him as much as other things, but that's what the beer is for.]
14 August 2017 @ 05:41 pm
[Now that's a sight - or not really. The camera shakes as the sound of someone running through echoes and you briefly see flashes of blonde hair, bronze skin and bright hazel eyes. As if the owner of the device is trying to make it focus on something. Then you hear a familiar voice. It's Miss Schnee giving her familiar speech, and you see her presented in the cameras view. Then you hear it. The unmistakable sound of a blade being unsheathed from its hiding place, unseen from the camera's angle, and it hangs before the camera and hologram, rising up ready to strike.

You should say or do something. Before she does something stupid.]
11 August 2017 @ 07:20 pm
[Rory had admittedly stayed away from his so called device for a time. He just needed to wrap his head around the fact that he was not in his living room with Amy and the Doctor.

He rubbed his temples. Amy and the Doctor.... Where were they? Were they safe? Shite! why was he sitting around here? He jumped up and started roaming the cities, flipping his device on]

AMY! AMY! Where are you Amy? I didn't wait 2,000 years for you just to lose you now. I will find you!
10 August 2017 @ 11:56 pm
Who: The (12th) Doctor and anyone
What: A little bit of blues, okay a lot of blues, and maybe occasionally what's new Pussycat until people throw things at him.
When: August 7th-11th
Where: Genessia mainly, but also in Nova City and the Everglades
Why?: Why not?
Warnings: None yet

the universe hums in tune )

After the weeks it took to finish, Ayame's first ever house is ready to open it's golden gate for guests. The groundwork was from the effort of Attleton's hardworking people; but Ayame finished the rest, putting together the floors, the walls, and roofs with nothing but her power. Every door is open for guests to come see every room inside at their own leisure, with the plants at the gardens at full bloom and an open swimming pool in the backyard as the centerpiece of the house. Ayame's Attleton neighbors, and friends in the fashion industry help populate this night of revelry...

The Backyard & Swimming Pool

Directly from the main gate are two large hardwood doors leading to the infinity pool. The roof is yet to be installed along with the walls, so it is for the meantime an outdoor swimming experience and a part of the entire backyard where the party is held. The tea room is yet to be installed, so in it's place is a small platform that acts as a stage for the performers. The bonsai greenhouse is also not built yet as well, allowing for more space in the backyard for guests to use as a patio with the bar, serving up drinks provided by Gale Reinhardt's night clubs After Life and Hangar Queen, including the special cocktails only available in both clubs. Assorted water guns are available for use.

There is a drinking challenge at the bar for anyone over 16. It can be a drinking contest between two or more individuals, with the last person standing is declared the winner. Or it can be a single-player match against the bartender, where he or she provides drinks that gets progressively stronger. If the contestant survives the strongest drink, they win the game. Winners get a prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a commemoratory photo with a certificate of proof that they won, a gift basket of snacks, and bragging rights.

The Dining Area

With it's doors and windows all open, the dining area is temporarily one with the backyard so guests can come and go to sample the Taiwanese feast on display on the dining table and kitchen island. Main dishes include Taiwanese-styled popcorn chicken (marinated with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, five-spice, and white pepper before being fried, making dipping sauces unnecessary), tofu fries, gua bao (pork buns, although available in chicken), black pepper buns (much like the gua bao, only the meat is stuffed inside the bread and is baked in a tandoor), & scallion pancakes (a flaky flatbread treat that comes with just the scallions, or can be used as a wrap for beef and chicken, with the added egg).

Desserts include: Run bing (peanut brittle shavings with scoops of ice cream, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper), red bean & pineapple cakes, finishing off with assorted bubble teas.

There is an eating challenge at the kitchen. Survive eating a full course meal of chicken or lamb curry with Carolina Reapers. Superhumans get an extra helping of the peppers to make it fair as possible. Preparing it requires the cook to wear a gas mask, and even inhaling the aroma of the peppers from a few feet away can cause most people to feel it burn their nose and throat. The contestant must finish the entire meal to win the full prize of a glass trophy of themselves, a t-shirt of proof that they won, a plush toy, and bragging rights. Not finishing only leaves them with participation t-shirt with a gold star that says "I tried".

The Living Spaces

With most of the noise being outside, the inside of the house is fairly quiet in comparison. The living room is still a place where people gather to converse without all the noise or risk getting splashed with water. Upstairs are the bedrooms, which are all open for people to come in and observe, with the two master bedrooms connected by the two-floored walk-in closet displaying all of Ayame's massive collection of clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and accessories. You're welcome to touch them or even try some of them on, but don't expect to vandalize it or leave the room with them without alerting the host. She's very protective of her collection.

Perhaps the quietest place in the house is also the most traditional. The guest portion of the house have tatami rooms both up and downstairs, with the latter having an elevated wooden corridor next to a small garden, providing fresh air to those who want to take a break or have a more private conversation.

04 August 2017 @ 12:00 am
[he is sitting in what very much looks like the office of some laid back lecturer with a helpful globe on the desk, though it looks wrong as things keep shifting around, as well as pictures on the desk, shaping away from the camera]

Right so. I lied. I am not Joe Cool. Yes everyone who guessed right gets a cookie and a nice pat yourself on the back for being so clever. Go ahead. I don't mind. Over yourselves? Excellent.

I am the Doctor. There is another man who calls himself the Doctor and he is, in fact, me. You could ask but you'd be wasting your breath. Just don't question it and learn to live a little. Or alternatively ask someone who knows me and see what they will tell you.

Anyway, point is, I am here to help. So if there is something pressing I do have office hours posted outside the big blue police box. Please fill out your name and approximate time of the meeting. Don't hold your breath on the weekends however. If there is an emergency well. I'll find it. Believe me I always do.

However, if you are currently mad at me, that is to say, the Doctor. And by mad I mean furious, angry, want to maim or otherwise want to vent problematic elements of our current relationship, please come and see me and get it out of your system. I am the up to date operating system as it were and the other is still getting the bugs cleared out. But since I was him I can be blamed for all the himming he does.

If you vent your spleen at him instead, I shall be very cross. It's not all that easy keeping ourselves together, you know, especially when there is more than one of me in the same room so, angry as you may be, have consideration.

Anyway! [he drums his hands against the table] That's all I had to say. Staff meeting at ten. Tea at eleven. Twelve is when the fun starts. Oh, and if you know of any good indoor ice skating rinks, let me know. Provided we don't all drown in buckets of angst, it might be fun to get some lead out if you know what I mean.
03 August 2017 @ 07:06 pm
Who: Crow and YOU! Well you if you're unlucky enough to be in the bank he's gonna rob.
When: Tonight~! 8/3/2017 - evening
Where: Genessia City
Warnings: Villain tropes and explosions!
Notes: I will be posting an inside the bank option and an outside the bank option. Please mark which one you are responding to in the subject of your tag.

Cue the villain's theme song )
27 July 2017 @ 09:12 pm
Who: Ten, Martha, Amy, Captain Jack, Rose, Pidge, Twelve
What: Insanity
When: July 27
Where: Genessia (on the sidewalk corner of the Police Station)
Warning: Label the subject title of your threads please if a warning is needed; use character starter threads please and thank you :3

Welcome to the Clown Car )
27 July 2017 @ 01:41 pm
[At first there is silence, though something is definitely turned on. Someone is definitely waiting for something. Then, a guitar begins to play

After it fades, there is a breath and then a slow steady strum of chords, as if to provide background noise]

You know, it's a common misconception that the world is a pretty placid place. That every once in a while, something astounding may drop from the sky or drive up out of the ground, changing life as we know it. But change happens continually all around you. From when you're just walking down the street to when you're sleeping. Skin cells die, skin cells are created. Neural networks and pathways connect as you dream or don't and every breath you're inhaling just a little bit of the cosmos.

So, really, with all that change in mind, constantly going around like an ant inside your brain, you can't really expect me to be surprised by the complete change of location. Because, trust me, I'm not. Bit worried about the timing however, since I'm expected places. [a pause] Ah, it can wait. Give me what you've got.

[he begins to play again.]

The name... is Jhhh Joe, by the way... [a hard riff] Joe Cool.