[The video feeds kicks on to a pretty blonde who is not looking to pleased with her dressing arrangements. A silly bug antenna headband, bouncing around playfully as she tries to take it off. Not much else can be seen at the moment.]

As much as I like dressing up my dolls, this is annoyingly ironic. Is this supposed to be a bumblebee costume?

[The camera pans backward, likely carried by her helper dolls as Alice allows a full view of her costume, a one-piece leotard with black and yellow strips across her midsection, a quick turn reveals bee wings and a stinger on her bottom.]

This is not funny!


[Alice didn't like this one bit. This is way to revealing and she can feel the stares of men on her, and it was writing her out. She can't concentrate on making dolls and doing her deputy duties like this. Who would even take her seriously?

Alice walks through the cobblestone roads of Fayren, going from clothing shop to clothing shop, trying to get a new outfit, only to end up back in the sexy bee costume again.]

This is ridiculous! The foolishness of these holidays have gone too far!
13 October 2017 @ 01:50 pm
Who: Were!10 and you
Where: Starting in Nova
When: Please put a date (anytime during the event) and location
What: Prowling and howling
Warnings: update as needed
Are you afriad of the Big Bad Wolf? )
09 October 2017 @ 08:13 am
[Have one maid on video with her large round glasses on. Her lip arches, leaning forward with a soft hum, as if she's trying to study the device. A sigh escapes.]

I still don't quite understand, but this device acts as of a phone you can carry in your pocket from what I was told. Strange really, perhaps this is the future? The lady who explained was quite beautiful. Or perhaps I was abducted in my sleep. Hm....

[She taps her chin lightly. Should she be afraid? There's a sudden grin, a thrill rushes inside her. She spins herself around with the device and flashes a smile.]

Good day everyone, I am Mey-Rin, maid of the Phantomhive manor.

A little chill and gloomy, is it suppose to rain today? And no umbrella was left on my wake, pity.

Young Master? Sebastian? Baldroy? Finn? I do hope for your well being. Are you here?
08 October 2017 @ 10:08 pm
[Zexion appears on the screen and he does not look happy in the slightest. Although perhaps he should be- he seems to be alive, after all, despite that the last thing he remembers, that shouldn't be the case. His frown deepens. He wants to ask how that's possible, but he's not sure if anyone here will have the answer to that, or if he even really wants it right now.]


[He shifts in his seat like he's uncomfortable or unsure of himself. To be fair, he's much more familiar with books than he is with technology, and he's not entirely sure if videotaping himself is a good idea, but it's potentially the fastest way to get information.]

If I'm to believe the information that was given to me upon my arrival, I've arrived in a world that I cannot leave. Is that accurate?

[He did already try to leave via darkness, but clearly that didn't work, or else he wouldn't still be here.]
01 October 2017 @ 01:11 pm
[Yukiko yawned as she turned on the feed. She had been working on a few things in terms of Fayren as in the background Gardevoir one of her Pokemon appeared to linger around moving a few books putting files away as well as her other Pokemon helping out, but they were out of view.]

I will at first apologize for not doing a lot, I've been dealing with a lot of reports I needed to do as well as finishing the final touches of a healing program.

But the healing program is basically classes where you can learn different magic spells based around the concept since I noticed not all go the same way. You then have beginner classes all the way up to advanced. However, there will be limits in terms of placements and of course teachers, which so far are simply natives to this world.

Some teachers have specific requirements, though so you would have to check with them before this whole thing officially starts. Also for those who might want to teach are more than happy too, but this won't officially start for a few days.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
27 September 2017 @ 07:16 pm

[Hello wonderful world of Genessia, have a light blue glowing fairy with white wings hovering over the device. The wings flutters time to time only when its moving, zipping up and down the screen, making some small dashing noises. How does this thing work?

Finally it bounces up and down on screen.]

Hey! What is this thing? Is it working? Link! Where did you go? We're suppose to stick together!

[Don't mind if she sounds a bit distress. Hopefully the Kokiri boy is around, somewhere.]

Action )
26 September 2017 @ 02:44 pm
[The recording is a bit of muffled static at first as she has to move her hand to hold the device better.]

Whoever you are, you'd better be ready for a fight. I'm not going down that easy. You can't just kidnap me and get away with it.

[There's a splash as she jumps from the pod into the water.]
25 September 2017 @ 11:00 pm
Oh boy, get your leg busted up and get beaned by newspapers and then you miss all the cool stuff.

[Why yes, that is a kid talking about all the hullabaloo being interesting. Let us not dwell on the whole being hit with newspapers or busted legs, that's not important.]

Anyway! Considering how bad my luck has been lately, how're all of you losers?
19 September 2017 @ 09:05 pm
Prelude to New Greetings )


[Geez, hello to you too, Orihime. Her face is flushed, brow furrowed in distress, and her breathing is slightly labored. She's not in the Bay; instead she seems to be standing outside a vacant building in Genessia City. The rain is slowly soaking her blouse and her long chestnut hair, the spatters growing in size.]

I went to work and it was closed! The cafe was closed! Did it really happen that suddenly? I know it was summer but the night was supposed to be warmer than this, unless it's just cool because it's raining...!

[Orihime withdraws a fraction of an inch, taking a brief moment to just breathe. When she speaks again, she doesn't seem quite so frantic.]

I-I guess I'm a little out of sorts, ha ha...! My name is Orihime. Maribelle-sama, if you're there, please don't be too angry! I didn't mean to go into a coma, I promise!

After the Video - Taggable! )

[OOC: Feel free to run into her at any old cafe/diner, bump into her in the temporary apartment building, or even get mowed down while she's darting around town getting her bearings!]
a. [Video]

[Mavis is looking pretty serious this. She's smiling softly but it's not her usual bright smile.] Just a fair warning, some strange things have been happening in Fayren for the past three days. I'm not aware of anything life threatening but please be careful... especially when you're opening doors or eating cookies or cakes.

If you need assistance, don't hesitate to message Fayren's Guardian or one of her Deputies, including me.

And if you have any idea about what could be causing this, I'd be interested in hearing about it too.


b. [Private message to Yukiko] )
c. [Private message to Zeref, Erza, Mirajane, Blair and Dorian] )

d. [Action/Anywhere in Fayren/OTA]

[Mavis is walking around, barefoot as usual, accompanied by her little fairy-type Pokemon Floette. From time to time, she turns the little flower fairy and smiles at her. At some point, she stops to sit under a tree.]

Let's stop for a bit, shall we, Floette?

Okay, Mavis!

You know, even if I can usually understand you, I must admit it's much easier that way.

It doesn't make much of a difference to me...

I guess not. And you have no idea how it happened? Could it have been something you ate?

[Floette shakes her head and her red little flower 'no'.]

Well, let's keep looking... Oh! What's that?

[In the middle of the path lays a gigantic apple. It smells delicious and looks very tasty, though taking a bite of it might not be a good idea.]

[[ooc: Floette talking is just part of the even. The Pokemon will return to normal as the event ends.]]
10 September 2017 @ 05:17 pm
The news circulating lately does make Guardian Haller seem particularly skilled, doesn't it? We hardly make the news. We're either very safe or not worth anyone's time. With so little incidents in Genessia City, I'm almost a bit bored. [ ... ] Oh. I hope I didn't jinx it just now.

Anyway. It just occurred to me that while I've been active around here for ...several months actually, I skipped going through with a formal public introduction. Completely slipped my mind!

Hello everyone. I'm Goro Akechi. I work for the Genessia City Police Department as a detective and do freelance sleuthing for things out of my jurisdiction. I'm sure many of you took this as an opportunity to try something new as an occupation but I ended up being a creature of habit and sticking to my field.

That being said, if you have a mystery to solve my services are available. I promise I won't tattle about any private cases to my coworkers.

It would help with an investigation of mine if I could pose a question or two to you all? Feel free to answer however you'd like.

What do you think the true purpose of the sub-archways are? If you're one of the few who have opened one yourself, might I ask what compelled you to? Would you do it if it hadn't had such a steep price?

Has anyone visited them all? Which ones would you consider a worthwhile trip?
06 September 2017 @ 10:06 am
[ The video starts very simply. Thrawn is sitting at his modest kitchen table, with the orchid mentioned last time he posted in a shady place beside him. There is sunlight dappled by many plants coming through the window. ]

After observing this network for some time I have come to the conclusion that it has little worth, save as a means of public address. If that becomes necessary, then signals are overridden in any case.

I have seen a great deal of chatter and static, but very little answering of questions. Questions about the rather bizarre moment of waking not where you expected to be. Questions such as the card and old fashioned comm. No concern is expressed about that, though it happens often enough to be concerning,

[ He shakes his head with a sigh. ]

The system of governance is passing strange, too. There are Guardians, who are elected...but then what? It is impossible to have impartial leaders. Even if that leader knows nothing more than what they are told, they would still make new allies and enemies.

It all combines into a very odd mixture. Some of which I rather doubt if anyone would want to explain, but most is just too banal to be worth my time. I have surmised there is no way 'home'. So therefore I only ask for some means out.
05 September 2017 @ 06:59 am
...what the... The hell? How did I?

[Déjà vu all up in this joint, yo. Junpei had gathered up his belongings; his Katana, the evoker, this box of crap and made extra sure he doesn't fall in the water again. Yeah, he remembers this. Vaguely, but he remembers.

Wading his way out of the Bay, it was like he was reliving that one weird dream again.]

Whoa... No. Freaking. Way.

[Junpei took the phone out. It took a moment to remember how he worked it before, but then, he got it.]


Umm, sup dudes. Name's Junpei. If I remember right, I've been here before. This is Genessia, right?

[He begins to grin sheepishly.]

Hey, if it is. I ain't complainin'. Is that cutie, Levy McGarden, here?
Please do not come to Fayren right now. If you are planning a trip here or need to come here for one reason or another. DO. NOT. COME. Unless you can defend yourself from the wildlife that has decided to come into Fayren from the forest. If you live here already, please stay indoors.

Mavis, Alice, please respond immediately to help people get to safety. Qubine, please can you fly over the forest. I heard from someone that something happened there a good few hours ago and it might be the cause for this sudden attack. So if you find anything please let me know.

I will be looking into the situation and find out why all of this is happening, but if anyone knows of anything, please let me know.

[For those who are around Fayren will find Yukiko using her Persona to use fire attacks to keep the creatures away, but not directly hitting them while asking people to get to shelter.]
04 September 2017 @ 10:00 pm
[All citizens would have received an alert notifying them of a mayoral address in which Mayor Schnee will be challenging the ways in which things have been done around the city and will be making a “commitment to a better tomorrow for all citizens.” For those who wish to attend, they should head over to City Hall where the event will be taking place. Any others, be them citizens of Nova or not, are able to enjoy the speech from the comfort of wherever.

The stage is set with a podium in the middle. Jacques strolls across the stage expertly dressed, gracing the audience with a smile and waving politely to the cameras as he takes his place.]

Good evening, all, and thank you so much for coming. It has been my pleasure to serve Nova City for the past couple of months. I’ve held off on making any notable changes, electing rather to see what works and what needs fixing. However, when I accepted this position, I swore an oath to do whatever I could to make Nova City the best that it can be, and I intend to uphold that oath.

A couple of months ago, when I first became mayor, a rather serious issue was brought to my attention. Unfortunately, change does not happen overnight, but it is with greatest pride that I am here to tell you that a set of bills which makes all sentient citizens of Nova City equals has been passed under my guidance. This includes organic lifeforms, non-organic lifeforms, and anyone in between. We have in our vicinity some of the greatest minds and greatest people, and yet we dismiss them because they are not like the rest of us. Well no more! Look around you! We are all different here. We have humans, dragons, vampires, and many extraterrestrial races living together in harmony! Just because someone is made of a different material does not make them any less of a person. They are intelligent, insightful beings with real feelings and it’s time we acknowledge that and treat them as they are: equals.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce the new laws which will be put into effect immediately:

Read more... )
04 September 2017 @ 03:44 pm
[Action A – Fayren]

[Another day, another attempt to bring out her light. Liora still chooses Fayren as her favorite practice spot for her magic exercises. So while hovering several feet above the ground by flapping her wings, she emits the bright golden glow from her body. She holds her talons in front of her, attempting to bring that light together into a bright, glowing ball. She strains her mind and body, trying to pull that light and then push it forward, but no such luck. She tries again and again. And again. After many more failed attempts, exhaustion starts to kick in as she lets herself drop to the ground, catching her breath.]

I'm just exhausting myself at this rate...

[Time to hunt some insects.]

[Action B – Any City]

[Luckily insects can be found anywhere in great abundance. Liora crawls along the ground with her face low, snatching up the little bugs into her mouth. However, while she's doing this, she doesn't pay attention to her surroundings, so she may accidentally run into someone's legs. Try not to step on her...]
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28 August 2017 @ 08:39 pm
I saw this ad in the newspaper... [reads it aloud] 

"Amagi Inn: The Amagi inn in Genessia City is hiring for Maids and Waitresses. If interested, contact Yukiko Amagi."

So I'm contacting you.

I'm new and I need a job. I'm not very skilled in much, but I can make coffees and espressos, and I'm not a bad cook if you need one. Anyway, I hope this gets to you.
TW: character death, fatal illness )


[the voice is that of a young man, tone on the low end of tenor. he sounds resigned, almost bored]

Uh. Hey. Other "real" people.

Just how free are these apartments they're givin' us, anyway? What's the catch?
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26 August 2017 @ 12:12 am
Oh my.

[The screen flicks on. There's no panicking, no yelling. No anger or fear. The smiling face on screen, if anything, looks calm. Calm, but with growing excitement, in the back of those brilliant purple eyes]

Well. I did just turn my paper work in for this years paid vacation. I wish I'd known it was going to be to another dimension, I completely forgot to fill out that section.

Bureaucracy can be so complicated.

[A brief tug at his tie to straighten it, a glance off towards the sound of a bus. Something flies past in the sky just behind him, its seven gleaming, insect like wings humming sweetly.]

But! What a lovely city you have here! And my, what a lovely greeting. The cave was beautiful, the water level perfect. The brain pod I awoke in was warm and accommodating, and the lovely holographic woman had such a soothing, sonorous voice. I'm very impressed, and it's only been ten minutes. Does this dimension have a yelp page?

Five stars!

[Meanwhile, Cecil is of course, still at the bay. Even when he's not in Nightvale, and technically on vacation, he's still working. A passerby makes it a point to skirt nervously around a small team of spiders collecting under a maple sapling, one of the arachnids furiously gesturing and calling out in a tiny voice, the language unknown.

A single leaf is starting to turn a brilliant, solid chartreuse as Cecil pauses under the tree, ignoring the hum of the seven winged dragonfly that just lighted on that color shifting leaf not too far from his head.

Oh! The dining district isn't too far away at all, I wonder if I have the funds for a food tour...