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First Moon - Video

[Another day, another new face appearing on the video feeds. Today it seems that the forces that be have seen fit to draw what seems to be a young girl into the world. Naturally, like most people that showed up, there was more to her then her youthful appearance might lead one to believe. There is no wild panicking, no flailing about or crying when she realizes the place she has awoken was not her home. Instead, she takes in the information provided to all new comers. It would not be safe to say she did it calmly, anyone who happened to be around could see the clear annoyance on her face, and that annoyance is still in place when she activates the device provided for her.]

I trust someone has a good explanation for this?

[Her voice is as youthful as her appearance, but carries an air of authority uncommon among children who are actually as young as she looks. The fact that her video shows a small portion of her wings makes it obvious she is no human child.]

Because the last I remember, I was sleeping in my chambers. These are not my chambers. They are very much not my chambers, and I cannot really say I approve of them. They are quite damp, and wholly unpleasant.

[To go from her own private mansion to waking up in a cave full of metal pods was more then a little bit of a shock. Still, it is only annoyance that her face displays, nothing more.]

I may decide to be merciful if the one responsible comes forward now. I am not entirely without a heart, but I am rapidly finding myself without patience.

[And she just woke up, too. Clearly, this young lady did not believe patience was a virtue.]
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[Action] Did you really expect Sakuya to not appear in person?

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Sakuya was reading a book at a desk in Dracula's castle, leaning with her chin in her hand. She turned another page as her phone began to buzz, the maid's eyes flicking over to it, brow knitting in irritation. She considered not answering, but it could be work. Letting out a sigh, she relented and reached over, touching the screen. Thee video feed flickered to life and she stared for a long moment, the phone falling to the floor as she vanished without a trace.


Remilia would only see a glimpse of dull blue eyes and familiar silver hair before the feed was cut. Within the same moment the air around the small vampire became heavy, the world shifting as she found herself on the edge of the bay, shoes now dry, dress smoothed, ribbon fluffed, and a pair of very familiar arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders, and a well-known voice trying very hard not to burst into tears.

"My Lady...!"
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[Action] Of course, Mistress.

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It took some time for the maid to calm down, flickering some, looking a bit better each time. "My Lady..." A deep breath, her voice still shaking some. "It's been months. You don't know how glad I am to see you...!" She lowered her head, taking another moment to compose herself, letting out a long, controlled breath. This certainly explained the poor maid's inelegant reaction. She had never been separated from Remilia for such a long stretch of time before.

"I've found out nothing... Nothing about this place. I woke up as you did and have been unable to find any answers." She was already starting to dote on the small vampire, smoothing her shirt and dress, readjusting everything, straightening her hat. "I'm sorry I can't be more help..."
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[Action] Yes, My Lady! Under your guidance I cannot be stopped!

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Sakuya frowns subtly at Remilia's comment that it had been less than a day since her mistress had last seen her. But then again... "I'm glad that you did not have to suffer without my assistance My Lady. I worried about you and what sort of food those incompetent fairies might have been making for you."

She brushed off the vampire's shoulders, nodding once when she was satisfied with her appearance, standing and smoothing her own apron. "I have looked into it but everyone seems to know very little about the situation. It seems to be a secret kept from everyone. It is my belief that there is someone with the knowledge we seek. I know not where, however."

A small pause, the maid's expression becoming one of worry. "I... Mm..." She tapped her chin with one finger. "I have been staying with Lord Tepes and I am unsure if he would welcome another vampire of your level into his castle as readily as he would welcome those weaker. Though I do not relish the thought of you staying in one of those... tiny... apartments..." She cringed, pausing for a long moment before pulling out her phone. "I will contact him to see if I can make an arrangement if that is acceptable to you, M'lady."
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[Action] And I would not have you stay in one.

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"Ah." Sakuya bowed a little. "Yes. I am referring to the Lord Vlad Tepes III. Dracula. He has a castle that, while somewhat drafty, is certainly something a vampire of your status would not mind staying in." Besides, she had been working on patching many of the drafts. It may not have much impact on those creatures who were undead, but it was an inconvenience to those who were living.

She touched her pocket, pausing for a moment, flickering. It was rather embarrassing having to go back and retrieve the phone she had dropped, but she wanted to make the call in front of her lady. And besides, with the ability to control time it was not as if going back to retrieve an object was actually an inconvenience.

She entered Dracula's number, attempting to contact him, standing perfectly still as she watched the screen, hoping he would answer...
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Dracula had instantly realized when Sakuya had left the castle. Curious as to where she was going, he had followed, taking the form of a cloud of mist hanging high in the night air. Once Sakuya had attempted to call him, however, the cloud descended, spiraling slightly as it fell, coalescing into the stately vampire.

"You need not bother with the archaic devices this place issues, Sakuya."

He had been rather impressed with the way Remilia had held herself and spoke. It was nice to see someone that demanded proof before blindly following a name.

"As for you, I presume you are Remilia Scarlet? You are more than welcome to test me if you believe I am not worthy of claiming the name I hold."
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A pair of ants maybe?

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Sakuya paused mid dial as the voice of the taller vampire made itself known. "Ah- Lord Tepes." She gave him a small bow as he landed. It certainly wasn't as deep or respectful as the ones she had given him previously... though that was to be expected. With her Mistress here she had to make a distinction between the level of devotion she showed them.

Like any well-trained thrall, the maid was intimately aware of her place within the dealings of vampires. She stepped back, taking her place behind Remilia off to her left, folding her hands over her apron. She was completely relaxed, a rarity for the maid.

Her eyebrows did raise subtly as Remilia struck out against Dracula. She recognized how much she was holding back, but she wasn't sure he would. She tensed a little bit, the pinky of her right hand reaching out toward the pocket containing her watch. She wouldn't jump to full defensive just yet... but it didn't hurt to be prepared.
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You were both close but wrong. A MISERABLE PILE OF ANTS! BUT ENOUGH TALK! HAVE AT YOU!

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Dracula didn't seem to notice the attack. He didn't flinch, or even move as the projectile hurtled forward. Nor did he flinch as the ball passed through his body as if he weren't even there.

"It is the mark of a smart vampire who demands proof. As for my name, I care not what you call me. I have acquired so many titles over the centuries that they have lost their meaning for me. However, before I allow a place within Castlevania for you, I have my own curiosity to sate..."

His face never showed any emotion aside from the sort of amusement one would see when playing with a new puppy in most. He raises one arm almost as in gesturing to something to his side, as the ground beneath Remilia begins to glow subtly. Half a second later, a pillar of flame would erupt beneath the vampire. Now it was Vlad's turn to see how she reacted.
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I'll just stay out of this 'pire fight...

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Sakuya's attempts to remain calm did not last long. she flickered back as the pillar of fire erupted, alarm and anger bubbling up inside. She drew her knives, already clutching her dial in the other hand...

Even when Remilia appeared away from the fire, unharmed and as charismatic as ever, the maid had a difficult time calming down... Though she seemed to manage. The reaction wasn't really a surprise. With the level of devotion Sakuya had shown seeing Remilia get attacked was something that couldn't be easy for her to see. Even when the smaller vampire was in no danger.

With a flick of her wrist the knives vanished, the maid straightening up, squaring her shoulders. She didn't let go of her dial, however. Despite her lady's words, if a fight did break out she wanted to be ready. She would rather be overly cautious than unprepared.
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Vlad just laughed, turning and sending his cape billowing out behind him as he turned to face the direction in which his castle resided.

"Oh, but of course I was holding back. If I had wanted you dead, my armies would have devoured you by now."

He snaps his fingers, calling the wyvern that protects the courtyard of Castlevania to his side from where it soared silently in the sky.

"You are welcome to use this Wyvern to enter Castlevania. After all, one of your stature and power should not be made to walk the dreadful streets these humans have constructed."