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Video x Wrong Turn x You gotta be kidding.

[The image clicks on and there's a kid looking into it, looking annoyed and resigned all at once. ]

Gon. Hey, Gon. I don't see your dad anywhere man. I think he's screwing with us. Where are you? Don't try calling me on my normal line, my phone's gone all I got is this thing.

[He taps the screen making a racket just to be annoying and get his friend's attention.]

Pick up you moron, it's the button on top!

Dude I got a pile of money man. It's not Jeni or anything but it's a PILE. Someone just left it there with an ugly necklace.

[Why read anything, ain't nobody got time for that.]
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Audio still, gotta get a bit more clothes on...

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And I'm turning my thirteenth century soon, you're still a kid. How short is short? I've seen a number of younger men with short black hair with vapid looks, it comes with puberty.
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[Video at last]

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Hm. Now who's being rude? You'll have to decide the truth on your own.

[About her same height then...]

Thee inch long spiked hair? That's a bit long.
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Re: [video forever]

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[siiiiigh, she still likes you even if you're a brat... but she's sooo going to feel up your hair sometime. SO FLUFFY.]

Three hundred, is it? That brings back some memories. In any case, read the pamplet or I'll lecture you on something boring.
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Does age matter to a human after they're five? I can't see too much difference after that other than the amount of grey hair and body odor.

[Yeah, she went there.]

You have no idea where you are or why, much less any leads on what happened to your friend. [a pause]Or if you can't read I can teach you.
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Hm... Your friend is my height so your first point is invalid. And doing more involves talent and maturity, so that doesn't do well as a measure of age. As for my eyes... Relying on eyesight alone is dangerous.

[She's just going to smile a tad and leave it at that.]

So then, the known history of the alphabet on my world started around 5400 years ago, though that is not including any form of numbering system... [Why yes, she's going to start on a fully detailed history of the written language of her world and the possible differences in their new location... Which I'm not going to write out, because I'm a teacher's brat and tealdeers have their favored locations. But yes, she's going full documentary mode.]
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A shrimp? I don't care if your friend is growing, one of my seconds is around seven feet tall and I can still thump him. Please consider the phrase 'Great things come in small packages.' As for why I'm spending so much time on this... That's simple. You obviously do not understand how valuable literacy is so I decided to instruct you as it seems that reading three pages of a small pamphlet with very important information on your current surroundings is beyond your understanding."
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I don't have anything better to do so I may as well educate a kid on the perks of reading supplied information. What if it said there was an explosive implanted under your skin and unless you acted quickly it would explode? Or it might actually mention something about your friend.

[A slight pause.]

Oh, and you're still listening to me blather.