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video; action - ota


[A blond haired man appears on screen, the expression on his face friendly if somewhat tense. Steve has experienced some pretty strange things in his life, and if it's taught him anything it's the importance of being on your guard; especially when you're lacking needed information or control of the situation. Which, in this case, he has neither.

Glimpses of the magazine stand can be seen behind him, making his location clear. As far as starter information begins, he has to admit that it succinctly explains the situation and offers a jumping point for people to find housing and jobs, but at the same time it doesn't offer much information on what he's mostly concerned with; returning home.]

Hello, my name is Steve Rogers. I'm a new arrival here and I have some additional questions that I have not found answered so far. Miss Schnee mentions that no one yet knows how to return home, but that they are people working towards that goal here. For those people I have to ask, has anything of interest been discovered? What kind of progress has been made regarding returning home? I would also like to offer my assistance in this where it's needed, either it be to a group working together in this or individuals who wouldn't mind sharing information.

[His situation back home might be precarious at best, but he has people relying on him that he needs to return to. This talk of creating a life here might sound nice in theory, but the fact is that they're all prisoners here, whether they like it or not. And that does not endear this place to Steve. He's already had to rebuild a new life once.]

I'm also interested in any information that might be good for a new comer to know. Anything that might not have been mentioned in the brochures. [Most of which he's at least skimmed.] Even if you think I might have heard it before, feel free to share whatever information you think might be important.

[He pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath. He knows he needs to ask, but he's not sure what kind of response he would prefer. What would be better; having people from his world here just as stuck as he is, or being here alone?]

...If the name Captain America means anything to anyone, let me know.

around Genessia;

[Steve is a little wary of attempting to access one of the other cities and so he keeps to Genessia for now, exploring the city and getting to know his surroundings. He can be found in various places around the city such as the Bright Sky Diner, stopping in for a quick lunch, the Employment Building, the Garden Park, and more!]
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Well, I know what America is, but I've never heard of that specific name.
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I guess so. Earth? Maybe there's more than one.