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... Well.

This is what ye all get for goin' out and leavin' your house so close to All Hallows.

Curses left and right.

If any of ye are upset with your current forms, I might have somethin' to help. Ain't a promise, but it's there.

Mind ye, if ye plan on stoppin' by to foul the place up and maul, eat or otherwise unalive anyone on the premise, your cure is comin' in the form of buckshot.

A lot of delicate things in here that I don't need any of ye mingers messin' up.


I locked me window last night.

I'm gonna need an explanation for somethin' right quick.
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Now I'm curious, what would help?
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I'm not cursed, myself, but curious. Do the fae curse a lot of people where you're from?
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[ Tannusen's eyes are wide and wondering. He hasn't met a single damn person here who knows what an actual faerie is like. No, that doesn't sound exactly right, but it's very close to what the mortals say of his kind. Those few who even believe, bent under the crushing weight of Banality stripping away everything magical and strange. ]

Though that's mostly the Sidhe that do curses for reasons like those. Lofty bunch, they are.

How many fae have you met? That you know of.
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Sounds like a Sidhe to me.

And what are you? Most mortals don't travel with the fae knowingly.
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[ Tannusen puts his chin in his free hand. He's laying on the floor... somewhere, on his stomach. ]

I suppose you couldn't be too boring. Knowing magic is real is a big step, there. The denial of such things is what breeds Banality.