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[ Action | Open ] πŸŒ™ Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. - Buddha

Who: Open to all!
What: Koumyou Sanzo's arrival in Genessia.
Where: The Bay
When: Mid-November
Warnings: Nah. A single manga panel of Koumyou's death, but it's super not-graphic by itself.

But ultimately, impermanence is our only truth.
Koumyou's eyes opened. He didn't remember closing them. The last thing he remembered was telling a young Kouryuu -- Genjyo Sanzo -- to be strong... and the briefest sensation of being taken apart. His head had come off before the pain could truly set in. And now he was... here. Staring up at the ceiling of a... cave?

The priest blinked, and lifted his hands above his face. They were both there. He patted his shoulders, and the familiar crinkle of the Seiten Sutra greeted him.

This was not what he'd expected of the afterlife. If he'd expected anything at all. Reincarnation? Even he wasn't sure. But if he was to be reincarnated, what was he doing here in this familiar body, in these familiar robes, with his Sutra?

The Sanzo priest sat up and looked around. For once, his eyes were fully open and sharp, with no one to observe him. A box fell into his lap from atop his bamboo breastplate, and he blinked down at it. How peculiar! Death had left him a present, it seemed. How polite of it.

He opened the box and sifted through it, perfectly content to sit in his pod for a while as he did so.

Eventually, he wandered out of the cave, and shielded his eyes against the sun with one hand as several birds took off from nearby trees at his appearance. A few crows, and... several small, colorful birds? Hm. They were certainly pretty, against the blue sky...
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[Today was a fine day. Vividly detailed clouds against a sky blue canvas. Still a cool day, safe for her kind, safe from the oppressive heat.

The young girl of 13 years was out with a peculiar creature, walking side-by-side. They didn't look like owner-and-pet with the ribbon-like feelers of the pink and cream Pokemon, Sylveon, wrapped around the girl's arm like a companion.

Upon passing the Bay, Anastasia stopped for a moment to reflect on her time, then her reflection was interrupted by someone. "Is he new?" She would wonder. He looked more serene than the otherwise confused and inquisitive others she's seen before.

While she figured to wait until he figured out the phone, if he is a new one, her Sylveon decided to speak up, startling the girl.]

"Sylvie! Syl~veeoon~!"
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[Even though Anastasia shyly took a step backwards, her Sylveon took a step forward, greeting him with a fanged smile. She did give him a prompt answer to his question, at least.]

"...She's a pokemon, called a Sylveon. Her name is Sylvia."
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[Sylvia completely ignored the hand as she performs her own universal greeting of extending a ribbon-like feeler to gently pat the man on the nose.]

[Anastasia doesn't try to stop her pokemon, as it is completely harmless. She brings her hands together in front of herself.]

"I apologize for her. That's how she likes to say 'hi' to people."
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[The Sylveon seems delighted someone imitated her. She bounced backward and skipped back to Anastasia's side. The girl herself slightly tilted her head to the side inquisitively.]

"Are you a father?"
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[Anastasia considers for a moment what it would be like if one of her parents bragged about her. They were always the kind to look ahead.

Meanwhile, Sylvia used her feelers to compare this Kouryuu's height with Anastasia. She was still short.]

"Pardon the change of subject, but are you new to Genessia?"

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As he was wont to do, Cole was just there. Koumyou was not the one that needed help, not severely, but he sat squarely in the middle of so many threads that lead to so much pain and upheaval. Following the web of memories was difficult and overwhelming, so Cole focused on just a few he knew. He couldn't resist approaching Koumyou, maybe if he could figure him out he could figure out how to help the rest.

"I know your face," he said as he walked up alongside the priest. "I do not know you, you don't know me, I don't think. You shouldn't. You are new, needing help? No? I'm glad it didn't hurt."
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"I'm Cole." He didn't sound happy to introduce himself this time. "You are... I know your name, there are many that think of it."

Cole tilted his head up to look at Koumyou's face in turn. His eyes were bright blue, eerie, and sad, sadder still for the memories he pulled upon to recognize that face.

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Cole watched him light the pipe and the curl of smoke that followed as if it was the most fascinating thing he'd seen in years. He was thinking, thinking over all those threads that began with this one monk and spanned many years. He'd seen his death from different angles, different reactions, he'd seen how the moment recreated itself again and again in the mind of a friend of a friend.

"He's missed you," he blurted out while caught on one particular thread.
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Cole opened his mouth to answer and paused. He looked around suddenly, fidgeting hands still. Listening- no seeing something that no one else could.

"It is better I don't tell you," he said, relieved. There was someone else who knew more and could explain it better than he could.

"The birds know, they'll tell who needs to know. You'll know soon. Oh, and you aren't dead. Well you are, but you aren't. To some you are, to you, you're not."

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Her pokemon had gone on ahead carrying some items she was taking back to the inn while she carried some bags herself. She always enjoyed the little trips to the shop when she did them not just for the inn itself but for herself and her pokemon. They seemed to enjoy it anyway as well.

Making her way back she planned to go via the Bay and when she did, she found herself stopping for a moment, her companions having not realised yet carried on while she looked over.

"Ah, excuse me... I assume you just came out of the way, correct?"
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"Yeah, I never... quite understand why it needs to be though." It was rather confusing to say the least, but she had really no way of finding out from anyone as to why it was like that.

"But I always assume it's damp for a reason. Might not be obvious, though."
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"Well just be glad you didn't arriving during the winter then. It would be freezing then. So you were lucky." She said as she turned slightly "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yukiko Amagi."
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"Pleasure to meet you." She gave a small bow, still trying to hold the bags of food she currently still had. "Since you are new, I assume you will be looking for a place to stay and work, right?"

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