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[Action if you want to come across him | Starts in Everglade then Kay is walking to his home in Genessia city.]

9 days, 13 hours and 23 minutes ago, Kay told Bodhi Rook that the possibilities of their companions being in the cities were 35%.

9 days, 13 hours and 25 minutes later, Kay realizes how optimistic he had been.

The Rogue One team is gone. Yes, there’s Bodhi Rook and Kay trusts him but he is not Cassian Andor. Just like K-2SO is not Galen Erso. They’re both missing something important. Someone.

The droid is standing in the middle of the street when a wet, furry bundle presses against his ankle and interrupts his train of thoughts. It meows up at Kay pitifully when he glances down. The cat is a sorry thing, a dirty and half-starved white kitten with blue eyes far too big for her head. Kay glances around, looking for a possible owner or the cat’s mommy but his optics meet only houses and fog. Staring back at the cat, he makes the appropriate calculations to determine how long something so small will survive on its own in a place like Everglade.

The odds are not in the cat’s favour.

There’s another mewl and Kay falls into a crouch, one knee touching the ground as fingers reach out to scratch under the cat’s chin.

“There’s a 87% of probability that someone will eat you or step on you before the week ends.” The small feline just purrs back in response, closing her eyes. “Ignoring my warnings already, now that’s familiar…”

A second later, Kay picks up the cat. The kitten is so small that she fits in the palm of his hands with ease. She doesn’t weight a thing and her fur is cold to the touch. The droid moves her closer to his body and the kitten rubs against his chest plates, meowing again. 

“I’m going to call you Fest.”



[The video starts with Kay holding a small white kitten with dirty fur in one of his hands, close to his chest to keep her relatively warm.]

I require assistance. Could anyone here point me out where to find proper information about how to bath a cat? She's about a month old, information about their dietary habits would also be welco...ey ey....no...stop...

[The kitten apparently grew bored of staying still and started to climb Kay's chest to reach his neck joint. She purrs loudly once it gets there, making herself comfortable around his neck before Kay can reach and put her down. He decides it's not worth the trouble. The droid sighs in defeat. ]


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My roommate likes little cats like that one. I don't know if he's ever kept one that small, but I'll ask him to chime in.

[Because no, the tiger in human skin doesn't know a thing about house cats. Or kittens in general!]
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Yeah... I was never that small, so I'm not much help there.

[If talking to a robot is weird at all, it doesn't show. And honestly, it's not. Quite a few chimera are mechanical in appearance, thanks to science fiction. A former friend of his had had a horse that had been a huge black clockwork monstrosity!]
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Only when I squint.

[So no, not a human. Though it was... complicated.]

I'm a Faerie soul born into a human body, which has since changed accordingly.

[That was the most basic explanation he could give. It was actually more complicated than that, since he was a pooka. Other kith were pulled between two worlds; pooka were pulled between three.]
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Reincarnation, actually.

[Tannusen regards the video with a bit more interest. No immediate question about whether he has pixie wings -- he doesn't -- and a few plausible guesses? Have some points, Kay.]

I'm a type of Faerie who is animal-based, in my case... a tiger. But I was never a cub, and even if I had been, it's probably very different for house cats.

[Even a baby tiger isn't that tiny.]
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Oh, I'm not. Pooka are all shape-shifters, unless something goes horribly wrong.

I actually have to spend time in my other form, or I go stir-crazy.
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Yeah, I'm a Fae, but my specific type is pooka.

And sure, but it's really not that special. I go from a pointy-eared human to a very large white bengal tiger... who can't speak.

[Some pooka could, in their animal form. Tannusen had never mastered that trick. He's always figured that's just part of the pay-off for being a nine hundred pound predator instead of a fluffy bunny or something else lame.]

I haven't encountered many other shape-shifters, except werewolves. And some vampires.

[The Doc had been a shape-shifting vampire. Creepy as fuck. A polite guy, but creepy as fuck.]
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Well, I'd honestly be surprised if you encountered any other tigers here, wild or otherwise. Do let me know if you do, it would be something of a... relief.

[With no bengal tigers on the world, his soul might poof out of existence at any given moment.]

My name is Tannusen, and I haven't encountered any werewolves here that I know of, but there's vampires. They tend to be in Everglade.
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Some of the vampires I knew in my carnie days would have found you fascinating, I'm sure. One of them was really into science stuff.

[Oddly enough, that wasn't Doc. What had been that guy's name? Victor? No, he had been a shifter. Kira? No, eshu. Whatever, not important.]

[...Leoric? Hmm, maybe. Yeah... well... maybe. Bah, still not important!]

So, I'm sure you get this a lot -- but we just did it about me, so it's fair game. What are you?
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it's okay <3

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[A lot of Faeries from Tannusen's world would shun any machine that wasn't simply part of mundane life -- and even those, they didn't get attached to or enthused about.]

[Tannusen, meanwhile, was best friends with a motorcycle whose chimerical form was a kirin.]

Fascinating. Well, if you want to see my other form, I have no qualms about meeting up somewhere.
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Well, I'm mostly in Genessia City on any given day. Know any landmarks yet?
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[Video -> Action]

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[ooc: yeah~]


[Tannusen gets off the phone in favor of heading to the park. He has no idea how big Kay is, but he figures someone with a face like that will be pretty easy to spot. The tiger himself is also pretty easy to pick out, being the only person in the park in a snappy white suit.]
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lost track of some tags for a bit there, sorry <3

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[Tannusen's six foot two, so at least Kay doesn't totally tower over him in this form! Still, it's rare for him to meet someone this big. Not unheard of, but rare.]

You're taller than I expected.


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