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[ Action | Closed ] the less we know, the better we feel

Who: Cassian Lynch and Tannusen
Where: Everglade - Cassian's Subarchway
What: Tannusen visits of his own accord, FOR ONCE.
When: Daytime, because Cass is a weirdo who sleeps at night.
Warnings: Nahh.

Tannusen shut Jethro down before heading into the subarchway and pushed the bike through beside him, rolling it on up to the familiar house. He hadn't been here since he'd been... split into two, and had murdered himself inside the building. So, for a moment, he just kind of... eyed the place dubiously.

He couldn't even be sure the priest was here. Didn't he have a shop he ran?

Ah well, no harm in knocking, then, was there? He dropped Jethro's kickstand on the first bit of ground that seemed likely to hold the seven hundred pound bike up, and went to knock on Cassian's door. Not very loudly, sure, but it was a knock!
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Well at least people are still knocking. Yes, now he knows Tannusen could probably sneak in.


Maybe not anymore, he's found many open areas and patched those the hell up but whatever. What is important is that knocking is happening here, also yes he runs a shop but Cassian's shop is now officially inside this subarch.

He's brilliant.

"I'M COMIN', I'M COMIN'." He wasn't... expecting company, and honestly was caught unawares and surprised by it entirely. No he wasn't going to show up at the door in something relaxed and casual. Still totally the starched to hell black priest outfit and high collar.

But there is glimmers of stone dust on his hands, and he's still clinging to a chisel.

Enchanting work, apparently.

"... Tannusen? ... Ye didn't even call."

He's honestly not sure what he's more surprised about, Tannusen visiting him unannounced or Tannusen visiting at all without first being begged to come.
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"... No I just... didn't expect to see ye." Not like he's indecent.

A pause, and he tucks the chisel into a pocket.

"Come in, we'll let all the warm air out, quit standin' around like yer sellin' somethin'."
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"Jethro?" He doesn't see anyone else here, he sees a bike tho.

"... Ye named yer bike Jethro?"

A longer pause.

"That's a surefire way to another Christine movie, Tannusen."
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... Yeah that shit just moved. Cassian is now trying to keep eyes on the bike at all times, pointedly looking past Tannusen with a glare.

Don't play this game, bike.

"... So what is it."
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"Ye want me to look at yer feckin' bike or not?" At least he got a good look at it now. Cassian isn't much of a motor head, but he can appreciate a nice bike. It is a nice bike. Good job on the nice bike!

"Is it? ... Rather fancy, actually. Looks like a decent ride too." YEAH UH.

"Let me find somethin' to hold onto."
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"Scales and antler? Mate I see scales but I don't see antlers." And that is just because he can see, with his normal human eyeballs, that the paint looks like scales. So there.

All braced and ready to go, looking, as usual, a bit cranky about it. This seems like it's taking a while though, and he starts to ask-

"Ye done it or what? I don't feel any diff-" SMOOCH.

Look. Look! He does have color! RED. EVERYWHERE.

His eyes snap back open, and the stumble is a mixture of the world he sees, and the flurry of emotions that shoot through him for a moment.

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He does see a lot of stripes when he looks up at him, squinting and blinking blearily. And ANNOYED.

"YES WELL THIS WASN'T-" the surprise he intended to be surprised with, thus making it a surprise.

Yeah he just himself up with a grumble, before pushing on Tannusen.

"Lemme see the damn bike."
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It could be worse! He doesn't look like he's about to be sick, and despite some drunken looking wavering he seems pretty solid. "I ain't a baby."

That's what this is about. MANHOOD.

"Not even close. I'm near sighted, this is double vision." He scrubs at his eyes again, mumbling.

"It ye the way I always see ye. Then atop it, it's ye the way I suppose ye should be. I see the trees, the ground, the stoop. And I see things laid atop it. Like overlays on a picture."
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"I can't explain it, don't ask me!" He could offer up theories BUT REALLY-

"Let me see the damn feckin' bike and we can talk about it when I'm done!"
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It is again, an overlay. But a really obvious one. One that actually doesn't confuse his brain. Because dimly, he sees the bike. Just chilling there, and then idly standing on top of that image was clearly something wildly different. It took him a moment to really focus on the being, and for a moment it seemed the air had been sucked out of him.

Cassian had seen unicorns before, of course. Dragons too, though only a few times.

Never a kirin. A new sight was a new sight, and he spent a long time gazing at it, silent and... deeply appreciative.

It was beautiful.

"... He's lovely..."
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He wasn't surprised to see the lack of tools for steering here. It seemed that Jethro knew damn well how to do his job. Of course, Cassian isn't so dense as to just reach up and start rubbing his gross human hands all over the beast. But he does merely raise one a bit to offer it. A smell or something.

He recognized the saddle type. Honestly he hadn't seen anything like it in a very, very long time, and really hadn't expected to see it again. It was a familiar, almost welcome sight despite the men he remembered using it the most.

A pause, and then a short, breathless laugh.

"What's a handsome creature like this doin' carryin' an alley cat like you about?"

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"As I recall."

He's not gonna be very talkative, sorry, Tannu. A bit busy petting a beautiful Asian unicorn here, he'll get back to you in a minute. Or never. You know. Whenever.

God but this thing is pretty.

"At least it didn't cost ye too much work then did it?" He can't help marvel at how the beast feels under his hand. He'd only seen pictures of kirin before, he'd never personally traveled east himself.