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[Action | Closed] A nightmare by any other name-

Who: Trahearne and Tannusen
What: Nightmares, not the sylvari corrupting kind, just regular shitty nightmares.
Where: Their apartment
Warnings: Angst

Orr rarely changed in his dreams. The weak but growing life he'd finally brought this withered place was gone. It was weak, sick, and dying, the illness of the land weighing on him as he walked along a winding stone path. The stone was oily and damp under his feet, jagged bits of shell and dead coral bit into his bark.

It wasn't a path he recognized, it never was in dreams like this. He could never quite remember what this bit of Orrian hell looked like when he woke but it was familiar enough to his sleeping mind that he started running before he even heard them behind him. It did him no good, they were fast on his heels, their cries growing louder no matter how many twists and turns he took to avoid them. His lungs burned and the smell of rot was so strong he gagged. It didn't matter, he had to run.

He was alone, as always, vulnerable and alone, no one to help him if he was hurt or torn apart. Even alone he could hear screaming and the scenery became darker, the smell of smoke overwhelming decay. The noise was unbearable, screams, cries of pain, and an awful, incoherent something in his head that was so awfully loud he felt his skull might burst. This was another dream, blended into an old nightmare, and he felt no less trapped and terrified.

Brian was knocked off the bed with a thump and a surprised yowl. Trahearne was on the bed, tossing back and forth, agitated, face twisted in fear of whatever was plaguing his dreams. He cried out hoarsely and both cats retreated from the bed, going to the door to paw under it.
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Tannusen was in the living room, wide awake as usual at night, quietly working on something on his laptop. He'd been at Velvet for most of the early half of the evening, but had come back to the apartment for the quiet after a while. Sometimes it was a bit much, even for him. Tigers weren't exactly party animals.

At the sound from Trahearne's room, the pooka blinked and looked over at the closed door. He could barely see around the glow of his screen, but he squinted for a moment anyway before shutting his laptop and setting it on the coffee table. The little paws sticking out from under the door cinched it; if the little cats were in distress, something was up. He got up from the couch and padded over to the door, debated for a moment, and then opened it to let the cats out.

The tiger slipped in as the little cats fled, and he left the door open for them as he approached Trahearne. "Hey," Tannusen reached out with a gloved hand to tug at a green ankle, ready to let go and possibly dodge back in an instant. "--Wake up."
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Tannusen lingered with his hand halfway back from where it had been, watching Trahearne go through several very familiar stages of recovery. Well. Not a surprise, with what he knew of the guy, but... well. The blond finally straightened, lowering his hand to his side. "It's not a big deal."

Waking him up, or the fact that he'd been having crazy dreams to begin with?

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"Everyone's fine," Tannusen picked up the glass and put it back on the table, and then sat on the edge of Trahearne's bed. "You wanna talk about it?"

He wouldn't be offended if the sylvari said 'no', but he understood the value in having someone ask. Someone who actually wanted to know, anyway. Words that refused to move otherwise could be dislodged by such a simple thing.

Even if the sylvari said no to talking, he intended to stay long enough to make it all less... immediate. Yes, this was familiar territory. Neither Isaac nor Tannusen had ever slept easily, waking each other up had been a normal part of life.
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"Mm," Tannusen folded his gloved hands in his lap, not quite looking at Trahearne. Not directly, anyway. "I hate it when things get stuck. It's like you swallowed something wrong, isn't it..."

Yep, he knew the sensation.

"Why wouldn't it be right to say it? I'm not going to tell anyone."
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Very familiar, indeed.

With Trahearne sitting up, his legs weren't in the way of Tannusen flopping back onto the bed from where he sat, cross-wise. So he did just that, gazing up at the ceiling with his folded hands on his stomach. "Well, I'm listening anyway, if you manage to push any words out. I get the general sentiment, though. Shit knows there's plenty of things I should talk about but don't."

See, maybe they were both nuts.
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Tannusen didn't reply to that initial mutter. That was a conversation for another time, if ever at all. Right now, he just wanted to help the sylvari.

"A horrible tragedy?"

He understood the rest, to a degree. Having to stew in maybes while unable to do anything about anything...
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Tannusen glanced over at Trahearne for a moment, but then went back to looking up at the ceiling as he processed all that as best he could with what context he had. There wasn't a whole lot to say, was there? He had a familiarity with mind control and the perils of responsibility, but both on an entirely different scope and scale.

"...You know," he said finally, because it seemed uncertainty was the worst part of it all, "we don't know when Telsen is from. If he's from ahead of you, he may know what's come of it all. I can ask him, if you want."
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"He might, if it's through a third party like that," Tannusen said thoughtfully, and glanced over again. "Guy acts like you're the boogeyman."
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"Alright, I'll ask him. At worst, he'll clam up and not tell me anything," Tannusen went ahead and sat back up, "or perhaps doesn't know. We'll see."

He looked over at the sylvari again, "You going to get more sleep, now that you've been up for a little bit?" It may not come rushing back, with the period of wakefulness. Some nightmares did, but most didn't. "I took the rest of the night off, I can hang out in here if you want. Or I can herd the cats back in and give you your privacy back."
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"Good idea," Tannusen agreed, and left him to it.