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[Action | Closed] Nagging raven

Who: Tannusen and Ni
What: Ni creeps on Tannu. Creepy creep crepp
Where: Velvet Lust
Warnings: It's Ni. Probably some sexual innuendo and general creepiness.

The tiger wasn't interested in him today. Since he'd started visiting Velvet Lust on a regular basis, Tannusen had approached him several times. He had this cute idea that he had some power over Ni and Ni hadn't yet gotten around to correcting him. It worked out well enough for both of them.

But tonight the tiger had spotted him and made no attempt to come harass the priest. Pity. With Tannusen around, he didn't want to cause too much trouble to entertain himself. He could, it might earn him a ban, however. That was less fun.

Driven by boredom, he finally hopped up from his booth and lazily made his way over to Tannusen's table, bunny under one arm. He leaned down, hand on the table, and his black eyes roamed over Tannusen's face, searching for something that wasn't obvious.
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Tannusen tipped his head to one side to eye Ni in return, sidelong. He took a drink of his tea, and only once he set it back down did he speak, still watching Ni examine his face the whole while. "Yes?"

The blond just wasn't in a flirty mood, for once. And that's all Ni was any good for to Tannusen. Flirting and fucking, and not always in that order.
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Tannusen didn't bother to avoid the cheek-brush, though he quirked an eyebrow in response to it. "That's fine, sometimes it's mutual."

And he smiled into his tea, "And yet here you are anyway."
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"Is that so?" Tannusen set his tea back down, tapping his fingers against the warm mug. He'd taken to wearing his gloves less often, lately.

"If you're that bored, then I suppose you must be terribly boring."
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And Tannusen noticed, too, watching the human's reaction with some mild interest. One of his own smiles, slow and lazy, twitched at his lips. One of the well-polished ones; that's all Ni ever got from him. "Yes."

Who else could be so loudly bored in a Faerie-owned establishment like Velvet Lust?

"Perhaps you should take up knitting."
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"What a shame for you," Tannusen returned dryly, and took another drink of his tea. "Then you'd become even more boring."
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"I'm not clumsy enough to have broken any, yet. Maybe you'll be the first, someday."

If Ni was talking about how rough he was with his toys, he couldn't easily deny being one of them, now could he?
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Why, yes. Yes, he was tempted sometimes. Didn't it take a certain kind of monster to even stand being around Ni long enough to do the things they did? He was under no illusion that the guy hadn't figured out what he was, under all the pretty polish.

Ah, but lying was very easy for a pooka. Far more natural than truths.

"And that's why guys like you can't have nice things," Tannusen's smile didn't even waver.
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"And no one would ever accuse you of being greedy," Tannusen's tone was so, so very dry. Look at this asshole, couldn't handle being ignored for one night when the tiger didn't feel like throwing anyone down a flight of stairs for once.

That could change, of course.
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Jealousy wasn't even really the assumption at play so much as a neediness to be entertained.

"So, are you planning to turn me into a toy and then break me?"
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Tannusen was indeed into that... done by total strangers who he would never have to see again, afterwards. Never have to look them in the eye. An experience contained, confined, and then easily tossed away afterward. Neat and clean, as far as such things could be.

Letting Ni even get near that particular... hobby of his? That would be a disaster and a half for so many reasons.

"I'm into a lot of things," the blond replied, seeming to pay more attention to his tea than to Ni. He pressed the silver ring adorning one finger against the cup, enjoying the way the metal slowly warmed to match the tea inside. "But I'll have to decline your generous offer."
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"Of course," Tannusen took a drink of his tea, and glanced up at Ni. "I look forward to that sweater."
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"How thoughtful," Tannusen shook his head, and went back to what he'd been doing.