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[Video] who let the faerie have video editing software? shit

[The video opens somewhere in the wilderness around Everglade. A local, pale enough that he's probably undead, but fast enough that he's also probably a vampire instead of a zombie, sprints toward the camera to the opening sound of a brash-sounding song that's been dubbed in after the fact.]

xxxxx🎶 Triple six, five, forked tongue-- 🎶

[A bunch of wolf-sized bone minions are hot on the guy's tail. Trailing a little behind them, several flesh golems charge along like big undead linebackers.]

xxxxx🎶 How I shot it on one taking it back to the days of trying to lose control-- 🎶

[The vampire and the faster bone minions sprint right past whoever's holding the camera, which lingers on the charging flesh golems for a moment as they curve in their pursuit of a target who's now apparently trying to go in a huge circle. The camera is panned over to watch him go. Look at him go!]

xxxxx🎶 Swerving in a blaze of fire, raging through my bones-- 🎶
xxxxx🎶 Oh shit I'm feeling it, Takyon! 🎶
xxxxx🎶 Hell yeah, fuck yeah, I feel like killing it, Takyon! 🎶

[The golems of course go trundling by at full speed past the camera-person as well. As the vampire and his super friendly entourage begin to vanish into the distance, the music 'gently' fades off.]

xxxxx🎶 Alright that's tight, what it's like to experience, Takyon! 🎶

[Two people can be heard laughing through-out the whole video. At the end, Tannusen shouts after the fleeing man--]

I'm feelin' it!

[And the other laughing voice loses their shit even harder.]

(( OOC: Essentially, this just happened but with Guild Wars 2 bone minions and flesh golems instead of wolves and bears. Why does anyone even let Tannusen leave the house, honestly. ))
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[Trahearne is the one losing his shit as his minions do all the work. Classic.]