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1) Taste Testers for a few new desserts I am working on. One is extremely messy, so if one doesn't want to get a bit dirty then do not apply.

2) Roommates for my house at Genessia. It's a four bedroom, four bathroom with a living room, kitchen, yard and porch as well as extra rooms which is you pay rent for a room you'll get first dibs on one. Rent will be 1000 red bills a month or maybe less depending.

If anyone is interested in either offer, please let me know.

On a random note can anyone tell me how to stop a giant bear from trying to hug you?
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is this a giant bear bear or a giant bear bear
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the hell is a pokemon bear
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I was gonna make more jokes but honestly

I got nothin', man

[Adding a moment later:]

I mean I don't have any advice either
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I dunno man, feels forced don't it?