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Ain't it supposed ta get warmer?

What the crap?!

[He made the mistake of going outside today. He's firmly back inside Velvet Lust, and in the process of throwing a big shitty tantrum]

I never wanted ta be all Northy, I was livin' in Bimini, damnit! It was all warm and pretty! Hot sand, blue water, pretty ladies everywhere.

How am I s'posed ta know I'm lookin' at a pretty lady or a real short guy now, when they're all wearin' eight layers of coats an' crap?

Ya know how hard it is ta mac on someone when ya don't know what ta call 'em?


[Kani take a breath]
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[Have an amused Tannusen, who's not at the bar himself for once.

Is that... the inside of Cassian's fucking house, in the background?]

Having a difficult time, are you?
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Okay so, it's not a secret, but, Tannusen hadn't intended to, uh...

...Have this chat with Kani.


Preferably not ever.]

I have no idea what you're talking about.

[Just because he's busted doesn't mean the pooka has to cooperate.]
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[The bloody priest collected such weird shit, it was no wonder it was distinctive.]

Well, you caught me.

[Stealing shit, or chilling in Cassian's house? Whichever.]

So what's the problem with Pat? I didn't think you were only into women.

[Tannusen uses DISTRACTION~!]
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[Goddamnit, tuna.]

What? You know we know each other.

I'm just visiting.

[You know, indefinitely.]

You do realize he has other friends, right.
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I'm sneaky like that.

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Now there's a leap, all things considered.

[Even then, Cassian had had a spare bedroom... before. Now it was Trahearne's nerd-cave, but Kani wouldn't know that... yet.

Because let's face it, Tannusen knew he'd have been busted anyway the next time Kani visited the cranky priest.

It was kinda miraculous he hadn't cottoned on before this point, really, with all the network activity and with literally every other employee at Velvet already knowing.

Maybe not details, but.

Cassian had a free drink tab. That didn't happen for just anyone.

Shit hadn't been a secret in a while, now. Except from a certain fish.]
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You're a fish, you'd put me out of business.
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What would you even want an unlimited tab for, then?

Not like there's an unlimited stock of steaks at any given time.

[All the employees do get something of a free tab as it is... but there's a weekly limit on it.]
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Why would you want unlimited orange juice?

[Look at the distraction train go! CHOO CHOO!]
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[Tannusen actually rolls his eyes a little bit.]

I think we'd let you have orange juice.

[Come on, he's not that cheap.

Not everyone can be Cassian, over there selling bags of 'magical' potato chips.]
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I wasn't aware you were shy about using your words.
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Me? Lie? Perish the thought.

[Though on a slightly less trollish note...]

You do remember there's perks to working there, right?

[God Kani, the city's only letting him pay you junk... over the table. Have some bloody orange juice, already.]
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Right, you were telling me how you're not a fish.
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I think this topic's more fun.

[For Tannusen, anyway.]

You know, there's fish pooka on my world. Pretty damn rare, though.
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I wouldn't know, haven't chewed on one yet.
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[Wow he's still whining about this. You know what would cheer him up? Onomastics!]

"Hello Kani!" [He'd have visited sooner but he's in Velvet Lust, so...going to hell. Can't get too attached.]

"Hah, a very fine name, as it happens! Granted, those with masculine and feminine forms can be indefinite. Derived from Patricius, meaning 'nobleman.' I trust you'll show due deference to any with a title so regal."
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[Party pooper. He won't give up just yet.]

Let's hope there's no Patrick's or Patricia's in your performances; they won't want to hear that.

Well, March, from "Mars", the god of war, birthed a few fine names of his own. Martin, Marcus, Mark, Marco, and so on. That ought to fire your blood.