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[ This video is being brought to you all live from... the rooftop of Velvet Lust. Huh. ]

Velvet Lust employees and regulars, I've got a question for you. If I were to add onto the place... what would you want?

The rest of you, what's your thoughts on bananas?

[ That last one can't be a serious question, right? ]
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Actual bananas, as in the fruit, or is that a euphemism?
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You're bored by dicks?
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I don't get what you're doing here, man.
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I'd give bananas a 7.5/10 as far as ingredients go. Not my favorite in terms of flavor, but they've got a lot of properties that can be utilized in cooking that people don't often take advantage of. They're very useful as a binding agent when it comes to vegetarian dishes and because they have a high liquid content, it makes them very easy to transform into different textures at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, they also have an affect on other ingredients in storage so they're not the easiest to keep in a restaurant setting, which is why you rarely see dishes with actual bananas except in restaurants that focus on fruit-based dishes like American-style breakfasts or smoothies. They have a fast usage rate at restaurants like that, so it doesn't matter that bananas are more likely to rapidly ripen fruits around them since they're going to be used within a day in most cases.
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Sometimes. I try to use a wide variety of ingredients.
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They're perfect for questionable imagery.

[Not an ounce of shame or regret in that answer.]

But they taste alright too, I guess.
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[The salt is completely ignored, probably because Gale is pretty flaming himself. Plus he just thinks he's hilarious... even when at times he's really not.]

It's one of the better yellow colors. But I'm more one for a nice shade of purple, m'self.

Yellow would look terrible for sparkle pants though.
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Hey, I'm no quitter. I'm just a fashionista.

[And he'll do a pretend hairflip just for good measure.]
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Served ala flambe or next to a chocolate fountain.

I hear however you can use them in certain mixed drinks as well.

Of course, this all depends on what you plan on doing with said banana.
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Anything can be fancy with some imagination and effort.

[He has personal experience, he's traveled with a decidedly unfancy assassin.]

I am curious, are you just idly wondering about bananas?
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I'd suggest the flambe then.

Though if you're in a banana craving pinch, frying them works too.

[He's sort of figuring it's totally deeper than someone want some goddamn bananas right now.

whut ru up 2 tannu
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Th-They're squishy and sweet.

[Deep thoughts on bananas.]
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[After a the slightest pause, he nodded.]

Th-They're pretty good alone and in other things. L-Like... Like banana pudding.
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[No idea what he did, but he was happy to help.]
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Is it always about food to you?

[Because every time they speak, she swears it's about food. Or at least food is always involved.]
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You must be one of those people. Those who have a weird obsession with food. Like... extremely weird.
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Hey, being able to make people do things can be a good thing. Makes you a good leader.

Just never abuse the power.
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That's called forcing someone to eat some thing. That's not at all being convincing.
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In some cases it's none in one hand.