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Video/Text/Your Grandma on Skype

[Oh who the hell has this communicator? It's turned on three times, upside down, facing the wrong direction twice, shaken violently and turned off-]


[That's happened at least five times too, considering whoever is holding it keeps grabbing it at the wrong angle and hitting buttons at random.


At length, there's a sharp phrase, spitted out in a harsh, annoyed whisper.

Tā mā de!

[... If you know Chinese, don't tell her you heard that. She's a proper lady, damnit.

Finally, finally, the device is flipped about the right way, and oh my goodness.

Is that an old lady? That is an old, old little lady, angrily glaring at her communicator and continuing to mutter in strings of Chinese, broken up by English.

Yes, auto translate, but the old woman seems to be making a stubborn point of specifically talking in Chinese.

A phone doesn't need all this foolishness in it, make calls with the phone, you do not write with phones-

[Someone... someone please help her.


Please this is really pathetic.
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[VOICE - You wanna talk to a black screen? Talk to a black screen!]

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Well, you don't write with phones... obviously.

[ Yes, good, a great introduction there, Tannusen. Be a snarky shit, why don't ya. ]
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[ Pfffff-- ]

You have to use your imagination.

Or... a sharpie.