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[ It's the middle of the day. And look, he's even switched up his typing style. ]

Heaven is a popular concept, isn't it. And things like it.

Please tell me what you know of it. Of what it's like.
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Dante thought for a second and typed back to the stranger.

"You... want to know? The man is thinking...

"Beautiful place, there is no sadness, and there is peace."

He looked up "I can't tell you too much, but I did visit Hell, you do not want to go there and back."
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Of course it's popular. Who wants to believe that this is all we get with our shitty lives?
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Exactly. Is there one? I sure know fuck all about that. But I'm not going to live a boring life in the hopes things will get better after I die.
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And is that a problem? That's one for them but not for you? Can't you just enjoy the time you have together...or whatever it is that couples do?
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Which religion are you referring to? Where I come from different cultures has many beliefs about the afterlife. Corellians believe in different hells while some believe that when you die, your soul merges with the Force. Other don't believe or anything at all or speak of Force ghosts.
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I'm a droid, i don't follow any religion but I like the idea of souls merging with the Force once your physical body dies. The Afterlife of the Force, they call it. You become much more than what you ever were, no matter if you had any Force sensitivy before or not.

It seems peaceful.
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It is. And if what Chirrut believes is true, then the Force doesn't discriminate among living beings.

What are Buddhists?

Are you concerned that you might die soon, anon? or just curious about the alternatives that are out there?

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Heaven? You want to know what I know of the sky?

[ The concept of "Heaven" as an afterlife isn't a thing, at all, on Thedas... ]
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That implies it's somewhere "above", doesn't it, rather than...beyond, which is quite clearly is.

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"In my world, the concept of Heaven and Hell refers to a state of mind within one's perception of their quality of life."
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[She's trying to be helpful, but now she has a better understanding of the question... Hopefully.]

"Based on what I understand of it, they will be rewarded with a never-ending life of whatever they want their eternity to be."
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the afterlife is basically blank slate territory and you do whatever you want in there
if youre miserable as shit or someone interrupts it on you its probably "hell"
but "heavens" never where youd be because everyones flawed so ideal perfection would be unobtainable
even if its like
yo this is the best place you can ever be post death in ALL universes and time
someone would still be like
man this sucks
so there you have it
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well life can improve
and maybe your pointless blank afterlife thats neither hell nor heaven can be an improvement
you wont be stuck in shit forever as long as you find a way outta it
if shenanigans happen
or someone comes along to switch it up
or conveniently every prior source of problems fucking dies a highly anticlimatic death leaving you to stumble upon their corpse
or you just up and die and dont have to deal with shit anymore
or all of the above
you can get that mediocrity in life or death
its just that in death
its best not to expect much
and its probably definitely the mediocrity
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[Bait if ever there were one]

It is the Kingdom of God and the abode for the just, where those who kindled friendship with God will comprehend him as fully as possible, leading to a perfect happiness. There is no sadness or pain, and the blessed will rejoice in the company of God, his Son, the saints, and all the ones the grave separated.

[That'll do for a start]