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A Tale of Two Masters [Castlevania crew]

Who: Castlevania crew (Dracula, Lisa, Alucard, Remilia, Flandre, Patchy, Sakuya, Soma)
What: Plot conclusion for the Rain of Blood event
When: Backdated very slightly to August 9 (5 days after the initial rain)
Where: Castlevania subarch, possibly spilling into Everglade
Why: Because Dracula is a dick.
Warnings: Language, violence, possible gore, cuddles. ...okay that last one might be a lie.

[There is an area in Castlevania where only its master may go. It's sealed off by a door of black smoke through which not even the most powerful of magics may penetrate, and it leads into the realm of Chaos. A place where monsters orders of magnitude stronger than anything else in the castle roam, and where the spirit of chaos itself resides, whispering its secrets and lies to those it deems worthy of attention.]

[It's been several weeks since Lisa Tepes' arrival set it to whispering in Vlad's ear. During that time, Vlad called down a rain of blood on Everglade, and with it the beginnings of a repeat of Targoviste. Thanks to the guardian of Everglade and her allies, there haven't been any deaths - not yet, at least - but this is just the calm before the storm. The time for talk has passed.]

[The plan, such as it is, is simple: Remilia and Alucard will distract Dracula and defend Lisa while Soma, with the assistance of one of Alucard's familiars, enters the realm of chaos and silences the spirit. Which task is the more dangerous? Who can truly say?]
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[ Well. She certainly hoped it would work, but even so, she wasn't worried. Not when she happened to be quite the powerful vampire herself

Not that she particularly wants to fight Dracula. It's not like she has a lot of choice... ]
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[The door to the throne room was seemingly sealed shut, given the magical aura that surrounded it. However, that was far from the truth. Within, a sort of vortex of magic had formed around Vlad as the door to the Chaotic Realm was swung wide open. However, once inside, all that would be visible would be Dracula's form, seeming to sit upon his throne, impossibly illuminated amidst the endless darkness within.]
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[ Remilia has mustered her full power, minus of course marshalling forces of her own, electing to borrow the ring of chaos instead. ]

Have you not considered that Lisa had been brought her before her death? Time does not matter to the forces that govern Genessia...

[ And of course, the small vampire is surrounded by a crimson aura, her power at a peak... ]
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Sakuya was next to step in. Though she had not approached with Remilia and Soma, the small vampire no doubt sensed her presence. Even without any extra boosts to power, Sakuya and her time manipulation were a formidable opponent. If nothing else, the raw utility of her time manipulation would help them position themselves better.

"I'm sorry Lord Tepes. I must fight by My Lady's side. This need not come to blows if you muster the courage to face Lisa though. I will not presume to know your thoughts but I do think you are making to hasty a judgement."
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It wouldn't be long before another came forward. Someone who just tried to follow without being noticed. Flandre knew that if she didn't sneak along, there would be no way to help out. If needed, she knew..or hoped she knew how to get out of the way.

Instead of saying anything as she joined the group, Flandre kept quiet, hands behind her back. Although she was tensed up and ready just in case.
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Within the pitch black darkness a few swirling colors could be seen flickering to life. As Vlad spoke, he didn't seem to move, his form almost like a statue as he sat illuminated in the darkness.

"So it has come to this. Then the scourging of this place should have started earlier. No matter. Your blood will be the first of the tides that will wash over all of Genessia."

There was a gust of wind as if two massive wings had beaten the air as Vlad seemed to retreat into the distance, the colors swirling throughout the void becoming far more vivid and chaotic. Finally, the colors became actual lights, illuminating the empty void they now stood in, revealing Dracula's demonic form.

"Gaze upon my power, and despair."
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"Flandre isn't even meant to be here...!" The vampire in question and Sakuya get a barrier raising around them all of a sudden. She needs to focus all of her attention on Dracula and not worry about protecting them too.

"Sakuya, you should be looking after Flandre! I will handle this..." She draws upon the power the ring gave her, putting herself on a more even level. "He will not leave here."
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Sakuya's brows raised subtly at Dracula's demonic form. It was startling to say the least but with what she had seen both in Gensokyo and on the moon, it wasn't... too off-putting.

"With due respect, Lady Remilia. I can protect myself. And you do not give the young miss enough credit. I believe she will turn this fight." It was rare for Sakuya to outright ignore a direct order. If Remilia insisted she would certainly follow it... But she wanted to keep the vampire focused. "Do not waste your power on petty and easily broken shields."

She drew her knives, lowering her stance as time shivered around her, bending to her will. "You cannot take one as Lord Tepes so easily on your own. I will guard your sides and rear. And that of the Young Miss too."
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Remilia's comment gets Flandre to flinch and keep her eyes pointedly at Dracula. The change causes a shiver of nervousness to run down her spine but other then that, she's staying still. There was no where else she'd rather be at the moment and it was time to prove it.

"Thank you Sakuya. She's right Remilia, I can take care of myself and can help. I can fight and it's still fairly fresh in memory to help out. Besides, I think the option to escape would be the wrong choice here."

Her hands are to her sides and her right one keeps opening and closing, debating on if summoning Lævateinn would be a smart choice or if leaving it as a just in case would be better. If anything, her stance is weak, but ready to jump into action when needed.
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[The room was mirroring the caverns beneath the castle, but gravity seemed to be inverted, with the water clinging to the ceiling as Soma is drawn toward the various stalagmites below him. However, he was not alone in the watery room as a figure could be heard flailing and screaming as best it can in the water. A woman with short hair dressed like a traditional shrine maiden, held in place by a rather stubborn bit of seaweed wrapped around her leg as she called to Soma through the water.]
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[Although Alucard couldn't escort Soma personally due to staying behind to personally protect his mother, he'd sent along that very familiar so Soma had some form of aid. Out of each of Alucard's familiars, the demon likely would be the most useful for Soma... although deep down it could also be some form of punishment for the familiar due to it being the one who signed Alucard up for those silly olympic games and wasted his time. Not that the demon had any particular care about it.

The demon had been sticking close to Soma until they got through that door. He had his doubts that any of those little girls would have a chance against Dracula without Alucard's help, but he'd trust his master to know what he was doing. He'd help Soma in clearing out any creatures in the way to clear the path and keeping an eye out for any switches that could be beyond Soma's reach... but given this bizarre realm, who knows if switches even would be a thing. At least the inverted water was something he'd seen before.]

To think there's a place in the castle that even the master was unaware of. [Not that it was particularly surprising, but it was strange.] Are you sure those little girls aren't going to get murdered and put on sticks while we're gone?

[The demon narrowed its eyes, readying the spear in its hands when it hears the woman in the water. He wouldn't act yet, waiting on Soma's direction, but this whole place was unsettling even for him.]

That can't be good.