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Arrival | Log [Closed]

Who: Amberdrake & Sanzo
What: They're both thrilled to end up another world. Totally.
Where: The Bay and wherever they go from there
When: Afternoon | June 20th
Warnings: None yet


That goddamn bird. Sanzo was awake, grumpy, and ready to shout at the chattering bird, busy spouting nonsense mimicked phrases with the rest of its tiny rainbow flock. Except this was not where he expected to wake up. He wasn't expecting to wake up at all, he didn't remember going to sleep before this. Especially not in some weird pod and covered with birds.

Not this shit again! Followed promptly by a panicked, Where's Drake?! He pushed himself up too fast, nearly losing his balance in the process. The box that had been resting on his chest was snatched up as it fell, just in time. Damnit, damnit, damnit. He'd worry about what was inside later, he needed to make sure that Amberdrake wasn't freaking out somewhere. Sanzo opted not to think about his own concern for now.

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Drake woke a bit more sluggishly than Sanzo did. It took him a few more moments to realize what had happened, and then he stayed where he was for the time, raising both hands to cover his face. Gods damn everything... when would he stay on one world for long?

...Did Sanzo remember him? He could feel the priest near-by; feel his anxiety. But he didn't know if it was simply at being in a new place or not. He couldn't bear to find out, just yet. Even the idea of seeing no recognition in Sanzo's eyes again...
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The kestra'chern sat up quickly and made to grab the front of Sanzo's robes, above the breastplate, and yank him down close. His gaze scoured the priest's face, taking in his recognition with almost palpable relief. "You remember me this time?" Dear gods, his voice shook.
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"Y-yes," Drake took a moment to get his spiraling anxiety under control. Sanzo remembered him. They were somewhere else but it didn't matter because Sanzo remembered him.

The box had tumbled into his lap when he'd sat up, and he picked it up before climbing out of the odd silver bed. Yzak would have liked that thing, he was pretty sure.

"What's in these, have you looked yet?" He had no way of knowing how long Sanzo had been awake, after all.
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The water around their feet was disconcertingly cold to Drake, so he started moving slowly forward toward a likely exit as he opened his box and rummaged around. "Necklace," he reported, "a very shiny necklace, in fact. A communicator, and a pamphlet. Says 'welcome to Genessia', so I guess that's this place's name."

It took a little juggling but he got the pamphlet open and skimmed the contents. The currency almost ended up in the water at their feet, but he caught the little bundle at the last moment. "--Gods, would it kill the creators of these places to give us a table?"
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"So it says," Drake said wryly, of the necklace. "I'll put mine on first and we'll see if it does anything either way." Color him suspicious of anything that went around their necks.

"There's always more to read," he agreed with a sigh, stepping out of the water too, and shaking his boots off as best he could on the way to the magazine stand. At least there, he could put the box down for a moment--

The holograph was unexpected, and he nearly jumped out of his skin when it activated!
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Drake had put on his necklace at some point during the holograph's spiel, seeing if it seemed to do anything to him or not. He took it off, too, and then shrugged when nothing happened and put it back on. "The necklaces seem safe, for now," he said. Somehow it looked plenty at home in his usual kestra'chern garb. "As for what to do next... I guess pick a direction?"

The Healer shrugged, looking over at Sanzo. "I've never been on a world with so many... parts, before. I have been on one where it wasn't safe to stay funneled in where everyone comes through, for long, but I told you that back on the last one." It was the main reason they hadn't stayed at the Welcome Center for longer than it took to get basic information and go.
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Amberdrake chose to 'read this shit' by peering at the map Sanzo was holding, instead of taking a copy to look at himself. So what if that meant he was kind of hovering in Sanzo's personal space? Who was hovering? Not him. Nope. He wasn't being at all clingy in a very sneaky way.

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"We have to assume some truth, to move forward," Amberdrake had gone a little pale at one of the descriptions, and nodded his head vigorously enough to make the little bird perched on top squawk in protest. "Yeah let's... let's avoid that one. And vampires in general. Both of us."
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"That one reminds me of Haven," Amberdrake pointed to Attleton's description, "and neither of them remind me of my world. Except maybe the lack of technology on Fayren... and I appreciate a lack of 'drywall' and loud beepy square things, but I also appreciate hot water on demand."

Modern plumbing was a significant plus, in his mind!
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"It seems so," Amberdrake smiled, a little of that charmed feeling coming off him at Sanzo's priorities. Look at them, just wanting hot water and cold air and maybe a dash of peace, for once.
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Drake wouldn't have been much happier to see Jeep than he'd been to see the train, to be fair. He'd never gotten used to things that moved faster than a horse.

"Not for long, no," Amberdrake agreed, sitting down on the bed. The Healer slipped his boots off and laughed softly, " know, we lost our extra clothes."

Again, in Drake's case.

"I'm glad the birds came with, at least."
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"You just want to be able to smoke without poisoning the little things," Amberdrake noted with some gentle amusement, offering one of the birds near him tiny scritches to the back of the neck. The bird chirred quietly, tiny eyes closed with enjoyment.
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"Which 'this'?" Amberdrake continued to scritch the bird he was paying attention to while said bird visibly tried not to fall asleep from contentment. It swayed in place, little chirrups coming out like tiny hiccups.

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