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[Action | Closed] But I will always be your light

Who: pt.1 Amberdrake and Sanzo, pt.2 Sanzo and Koumyou
What: Sanzo's going to meet Koumyou
Where: Genessia City - Shrine
Warnings: FEELINGS

Even after several days of letting the news sink in, Sanzo expected nothing to come of this meeting. That he and Drake would arrive at the shrine to find that Koumyou Sanzo was not alive and well and here on the same world they were. If Drake wasn't alongside him, he couldn't be sure he'd even make it to the shrine at all. Even if Koumyou was there and real, Sanzo could conjure up a hundred reasons why it would still go wrong, why he'd be different. His own cowardice disgusted him.

Sanzo spoke little, there wasn't much for him to say. There was nothing to ask that wouldn't be answered on seeing if this all was true.

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Amberdrake waited until they were through the portal into Genessia before he reached to take Genjyo's hand in his. Yes, in public, but there was no one around to pay them much attention. And if their fingers knit together, well, they both had sleeves long enough to hide that detail.

He radiated his usual calm and warmth, but it was increased for the flighty priest's benefit.

"I'm really glad you're doing this, love."
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"Mmhm," Amberdrake gave Sanzo's fingers a squeeze, anyway. "I'll stay in range of the gate in case you need me for anything." But otherwise he'd give the priests their privacy.
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"Of course, dearheart," Amberdrake gave his hand another squeeze. He let go as they approached the gate.
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Koumyou got to his feet as the other Sanzo came within sight, absently brushing off the back of his robes with his free hand. He smiled at Genjyo.

"Kouryuu," it was that same gentle voice, and smile; that same squinting face. He dumped the last of the ash out of his pipe with that familiar flick and tucked it away in his sleeve before holding out both hands for the other monk, palms up and fingers splayed. Come here, said the gesture.
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"Kouryuu," Koumyou repeated, and wiggled his splayed fingers. His smile hid it, but his heart clenched, too. Sympathy, empathic sorrow, and... something else?

It was love. His Kouryuu had changed so much in what seemed like an eye-blink to the elder Sanzo, but he was still his Kouryuu. His son. The one person he could never detach from, could never let die in front of him like Tenkai and Goudai had done.

His eyes were damp, even squinting as they were.

"You've grown so big..."
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Koumyou stepped forward the rest of the way, and enveloped his now-grown son in a hug. The smile didn't fade, although tears finally slipped free of his almost-closed eyelids.

"You survived; you grew," and not just in height. "I'm so proud of you, Kouryuu..."
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One of Koumyou's hands went to the back of Genjyo's head, his other arm squeezing him tight around the shoulders. The elder priest wasn't nearly as reserved as his son, letting the tears slip free. "I'm sorry I had to go like that... I thought we'd have more time... I wanted to get to watch you grow."
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"It's not your fault," Koumyou said softly, resting the side of his head against Sanzo's.
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Koumyou rubbed Sanzo's back with both his hands, nodding against the side of his head. "It has been a long time for you," he agreed quietly. "Yet here you are."
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"Yes, I am," Koumyou managed a smile despite his own damp face. He lifted a long sleeve to wipe Sanzo's face dry, much as he may have done when he was very little.

He kept wanting to say... more, but it just didn't feel right to. Not yet, anyway.
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"Yes," Koumyou folded his hands into his opposite sleeves, as he was prone to do. "You're not... but you're still my Kouryuu. Or I suppose Genjyo, now! I never got the chance to get used to that after giving it to you."

Death, how inconvenient!

"I'll still think of you as Kouryuu, though. It can't be helped. I was still calling Goudai Sanzo Momo-chan, right up until the end."
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"That's true!" Koumyou said cheerfully, and then threw his arms around Sanzo again. There was no escaping the affections of his father, now! Not that he'd necessarily want to, of course.

"Oh, I can't believe how big you've gotten!"
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Koumyou laughed at that, squeezing tight.

"You were tiny before! You were only this tall." And he thumped a spot on Sanzo's back that was about mid-bicep in height. Smol Sanzo had been smol. "Either that or someone washed me in cold water one too many times, you never know."

There had been a lot of ice-cold water involved in his own Sanzo training. Koumyou was not a fan.

"It's too bad you never got to meet Momo-chan, I didn't even come up to his shoulder!"

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