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1st Tide | [Action]

[Genessia City]

[He'd woken up with a blistering headache. He was disoriented, left on his own to figure out how he'd woken up in this place and just what the point of the items in the box were. He'd of course take in as much information as he could from the pamphlets and the hologram (a form of astral projection? Or was it simply something beyond his own understanding?), but this headache made him dizzy and standing on his own was difficult let alone taking in any sort of information. The headache told him one thing: He was forcibly removed from his connection with Kyofu. Hell, he couldn't sense anyone he knew in this place- not Kyofu, not any of the other young Cardinals... but perhaps the only relieving thing was not being able to sense Liam.

He took a few steps further away from the Bay before collapsing to one knee, clasping his head tightly. It felt like his head was spinning, but regardless he slowly got back up to his feet. It would subside, he'd tell himself. There were more important tasks at hand than allowing this to slow him down.

... that is, until he collapsed onto a nearby street just barely under the light of a street lamp. Okay. Maybe he should take it slower. The severed connection was making his magic go haywire, and that... probably wasn't good. The air around him would steadily grow colder as he lay there, cursing himself for lacking the strength to move at that moment. The last thing he wanted was potentially needing someone's help in this bizarre world.]


[Once he was able to regain himself, it was a matter of exploring the cities and learning whatever he could. However, after the incident earlier and the very small amount of sleep he had gotten before arriving here, he was tired. He felt more at ease once arriving in the city of Fayren, which was far more akin to what he was used to than those bizarre horseless chariots in the other cities, and chose to take a break on the shoreline. Anyone near the beach could eventually hear the faint melody of a flute in the night, lasting for well over an hour.

Should someone arrive at the beach after the flute playing had stopped, they will find the man garbed in white laying on the beach sound asleep. He hadn't intended to take a nap, but there he was. Perhaps taking a break on the beach wasn't such a good idea after all. Hopefully no one thinks he's just a body that washed ashore.]

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*Only, there is someone who does think he's a body washed ashore, and that is quite troubling. Jack doesn't even know the slightest bit of first aid. He stands over the human and stares for a long time, before finally leaning down over him, his face looming over the human one*

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*In those few seconds, Jack lifts a finger as though to tap this person on the forehead because he didn't appear to be moving. But then it jolts!

Jack jumps back and moves to stand straight again*

Ah! Hello! So you are not dead!
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Then I am glad. I don't know what to do with a corpse, and I know how pleasant it is to have a beating heart, thanks to a mishap the other day.

*He waves his hand to dismiss his comment - he's not aware of ever being alive as himself so it's no big deal*

No, I suppose you haven't. We appear to be quite a rare breed, though I am not the only here.
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Ah, yes. I suppose most humans don't seem have had the best experiences with us. Until recently, my experience with most humans was about scaring them out of their wits!

*To which he can't help but grin here, because he's really rather pleased at how well he can do such a thing*

But we're not terrifying all the time!

*He laughs lightly at this - yeah, maybe not very funny to anyone but Jack, to be honest*

No, I'm afraid I'm not from here. I've been wandering around the various parts to try and find a new place to call home while I'm here.
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*Jack tilts his head, wondering what these other skeletons he has come across have been up to. It doesn't sound very pleasant, whatever it is, and he frowns gently at the thought*

Yes. Just appeared - and this time in a land that I hadn't chosen to walk into. It's an interesting place...

*He nods then extends a bony, long-fingered hand towards him*

I am Jack. A Pumpkin King.
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Not quite. Different lands in the same plane. My travelling was frowned upon but... Anyway, it was easy enough to do. How I ended up here...

*He glances around him and gestures to their surroundings, still all new to him*

...I have no idea. No idea how I arrived, no idea how to get home, although apparently it isn't actually possible, no.
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Not at all. It is quite unnerving to find yourself in a completely new and different land.

*Jack finds himself looking up at the sky too*

Perhaps... Perhaps the science and the know-how just havent happened yet.

*Jack sees that pained look and gives a kind smile*

I am sure it will be hard without your friends, but I am also sure you will make many new ones. That appears to be how everyone else around here has coped.
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Perhaps...but if you are on the sea then you are aware that you are arriving at a new territory. But here we just - appeared!

*Jack watches as he laughs, waving his hands in a helpless gesture*

Your friends? I am sure they are well. I am hoping the same for my loved ones...

*Jack gives him a curious look*

Kids? You want to make friends with children?
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[Liora had decided to try something different and pay a visit to the beach. Maybe that would help to clear her mind. The endless ocean, the waves rolling over the sand, the sight of the body laying on said sand...wait, what?]

[Curiosity gets the better of her as she slowly crawls towards the body. Once she gets as close as she needs to, she stretches out her neck, hovering her head in front of the person's face. She tilts her head as she examines the person, trying to discern if he's even alive.]

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[Kazuya's slight jolt caused Liora to flinch a bit. Afterwards, she pulled her head back to her body.]

Oh good. You're...not dead...

[She gives a nervous, sheepish laugh.]

Did something happen? Or were you taking a nap...?

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[personal profile] liorafae 2017-08-11 05:38 am (UTC)(link) you've just arrived in this world. Everyone wakes up here in the same way. I've been here for...some months now. But I was so terrified when I first arrived.

[She sits up straight, a more relaxed position for her. She studies him again; he looks generally capable of handling himself.]

So...who are you? I'm Liora...a dragon from Sornieth.

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Oh? Someone...bad, I presume...?

[She can sort of understand that an extent. On one hand, she's glad that Erebus isn't here, but on the other, she's worried about what he may be doing at home while she's stuck here.]

Celveryia? I think I've met a few people from that world...

Dragons...we have some that are native in Fayren. There's only one other dragon here who's from my world.
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[Fai had just been making his way back to the cafe when he found himself pausing for a moment. he wasn't quite surer what he was sensing exactly, but... it definitely was something magic related. So following the sense, he soon found himself standing directly above the other.

Moving to kneel down, he checked to see if the other was okay.]

We should maybe consider taking you to the closest building.
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[It was one of those times Fai really wished he was physically stronger than he actually was, which wasn't a hell of a lot. But he figured there was at l.east one way he could help anyway.]

That's fine, I'll be happy to do that, but it will require a lot of leaning on me. Not as super strong as certain people I know.

[He moved to hold out his hand, this was his way to helping him out and make sure he leans on him. It was the only way to knew how to help.]
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You might not be, but I sometimes feel it.

[Said in a joking manner for the most part. Fai could feel the weight a little bit but manages to keep his balence as he looked around.]

Would a hospital be a good place to take you, or not a good idea?
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Then, shouldn't take too long to find a seat...

[He starts to walk, keeping an eye out for places to sit. Last time he checked he was sure that there was one little area a bit to the left. Once he could spot it, he made sure to place the other down.]

Better than the floor at least.
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I think laying in the road, in general, is always a bad idea. Run the risk of being run over.

[He smiled slightly.]

You're welcome. Always here to help the best I can.