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Operation 19 | [Video/Action] - Backdated to August 5

[Gale appears on the feed, looking particularly grumpy. Judging from his surroundings he's not in either Genessia City or Nova City at the moment- in fact, it looks like he's going through Everglade.]

Whoever spoke to "me" yesterday, let it be known it wasn't me. The Gale complaining about his wardrobe was some little princess that was temporarily in my body and they couldn't handle a simple pair of high heels without crying about it.

As such, any stupid ass "changes" that were made in After Life and Hangar Queen are immediately reversed. The only thing I'll think about keeping is having a pink drink available, because for some reason people seemed into that. In the meantime, I'm gonna work on putting a security measure in place in case this happens again so I don't have to undo any future stupidity.

[Yep, someone's cranky over some things that Cassian did. He won't say he was hanging out in Cassian's body in the meantime, he at least had the decency to keep that part of the compromise with the Attleton Guardian upheld. It won't stop him from being passive-aggressive though.

In the meantime, he enters the old church in Everglade. He'd recently purchased it with Grell's permission, making some new plans for a business expansion, but once he steps in, he just... stops.]

.... okay.

Why is there blood all over the floor.

[Someone is even more upset now. What kind of punk ass son of a bitch pulled this?]

Look, the corpse was just a minor inconvenience, but this?! And-- oh god DAMN it! Why is that window broken!?

[A high pitched screech is suddenly heard over the feed, catching Gale's attention and making him slowly look up towards the rafters. He pauses, mouth agape. Is that... oh god damn it. He looks back at his device, looking particularly serious.]

... One, who the hell had some freakish ritual in here without having the decency to ask me first?

Two... if you come across a baby demon in Everglade, do you call an exterminator or the pound?

[That second one is a serious question, okay.]
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[ Mariko decided to tag along Gale to check out the newest building that's going to be the new place for her to perform in. Walking in from behind Gale with her guitar case, she immediately drops it upon smelling the blood and other demon foulness to cover her nose and mouth,
muffling her loud groan

Oh, god. What the fu- What the fuck is that thing?!

[ Mariko retches, poking her head outside to take a deep breath of "fresh" air before summoning her rifle, aiming at the demon baby with her cheeks puffed full of air ]

I'm gonna kill it.

[ She speaks briefly through her pursed lips and a contorted face of disgust, speaking like someone with her mouth full of spoiled food ]
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[ Mariko looks at the hideous creature, sure that she'll remember the damn thing in her nightmares ]

Could you, I don't know, call them to ask?

[ Mariko's gun is still firmly aimed at the demon, trigger finger itching to just terminate it ]

I'm gonna be sick. Guh, Everglade sucks.

[ Mariko steps backwards toward the door, taking another deep breath of "clean" air ]
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Oh, so that wasn't really you? I was wondering if you were...what you had told me about...but I'm glad to know that wasn't the case.

[She really doesn't want to bring up the details, and she still fears the day that it may happen.]
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[She'll return the smile.]

That's good to hear. I'll keep that in mind...

[She not sure what happened, but glad that it's over.]

So...what else is happening? It's been a while since we've spoken...
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Another expansion? [Her eyes widen a bit.] Goodness...how do you keep up with all of that?

As for my deputy life...we're still looking for that guy who robbed the bank in Genessia City. The good news is David hired some new deputies, so I'm not the only one anymore.


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Neither. You should call me.

[Welcome to Everglade, Gale.]

Also, don't approach the small demons, unless you like being singed or a new chew toy.

[Video] -> [Action]

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...so whiny.

[She cuts the feed, but she's gonna appear in the doorway in a few seconds, chainsaw out.]

These came with the blood rain, apparently. [Just gonna continue where she left off on the video, don't mind her.] Usually they would be protected, but they're true demons and can't be controlled, so...

[One of them leaps down towards Gale, ready to either bite his head or shoot fire at his hair. Either Grell crossed the gap too quick for anyone to see or she just put herself there with her powers, but either way, it gets cut in two with a wide, horizontal slash of her DEATHSCYTHE. She lands on her feet, with a grin on her face.]

They have to be exterminated.
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I am... very glad I never plan on going to Everglade anytime soon.

[Because it sounds like it was not a good time to do something like that.]
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I think that city does take the cake sometimes.

[She paused for a moment, she knew she could go help if she needed to help, but yet long trip and being away from a city you are meant to be guarding is not a good idea in her mind.]

I figured there would be demons there, just extremely rare or something. But it's not attacking you or anything, right?
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If you encounter more of those demonspawn, kill them. Do not hesitate. Trust me on this, they will not hesitate to do the same to you, and they get meaner the older they get. And stronger.
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Grell won't hesitate to kill them herself. They were summoned, they aren't native, and the entire reason they are here is to purge humankind from the city. I know who summoned them, and it's being dealt with, but until then... be careful.
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Dracula. And I wouldn't recommend trying to get a replacement out of him right now. He's in a mood.

...He's always in a mood. You get the idea.
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If it's Everglade, shouldn't you call an orphanage?
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Pretty sure all the people crying to kill it are a bunch of assholes anyway. Who kills something just because of what it is? If you're going to commit murder, have a good reason.

It's crap like that that made Everglade get all pissy at humans in the first place.
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Uh, if you're going through Everglade, please be careful!

Castlevania is going through conniptions right now. The local lord there is in a very bad mood.

[ Konoka proves that she has a gift for understatements. ]