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14 Games Played | Video

[For once Chiaki wasn't playing a game, instead she was sitting with her Pokemon, the device firmly in her grasp as she looked straight at it, giving off a stern look.]

So, I can finally say that I am planning on having the Game Night within the next few days. Hopefully by next Saturday because... Today might be a bit too soon. [She frowned slightly. She had been so distracted she didn't have enough time to actually set it up either.]

But I have the games all sorted at least. [She turned her device around, showing off the... giant pile of video games she currently had considered. Each of various consoles.]

I also have plans for snack items, but for those who are planning to come can bring their own food or drink, just make sure it's within reason.

[She leant back for a moment, starting to fiddle with the device a bit more.]As for the time, it would start around 4 in the afternoon till late at night. People can come at any time they want and Pokemon are welcome.

I think that is all for the time being. unless any more questions need to be asked. [Give her a moment.]

Oh and if you want to stay over, I'd have to ask Sync beforehand, but I think a slumber party would be fun as well...
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Is it only video games or will there be board games?
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That makes sense. It would divide things up so people have something to do whenever the other is preoccupied.
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I'll bring snacks too!!

And friends!

And tea. And ice. You can never have enough ice and tea.
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[Amaya assumes this is the friend Mariko mentioned when she sends her text. Needless to say, the snake-girl is interested, considering she's a gamer herself.]

I'm interested! How much space do you have though? This is important.
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That seems small.

[She'd have to really coil up.]

I'm not sure I'll fit.
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I didn't so much mean the limit.

I'm bigger than the average person.
Edited 2017-08-16 20:49 (UTC)
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About thirty feet from head to tail?
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For the most part. A lot of places here are kind of cramped.
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NGL, it is pretty uncomfortable.

[But then again, she was spoiled and never had to worry about it before.]
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It's not a big deal. Maybe another time. I still need to rebuild my own game collection too.
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Oh, no. I have my collection from home completely memorized. I just need the funds for it. My debit cards don't seem to work here.
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Still, there should be a conversion rate or something!

[Yeah, she's pretty salty about being cut off.]

What? I haven't been to any game stores here.
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What game? I'm curious.
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I don't think I've heard of it. What kind of game is it? Platformer, JRPG, MMO?
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Neat! If I happen to spot a copy, I'll let you know. When/if I make it to a game shop, anyway.
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What kind of games? Will you teach me how to play?
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Hm, okay well if you don't mind. I haven't played a lot of either. I've played poker. I'm not very good.
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All the better for me, I don't have any money.
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Yeah, but if I gamble it, I'll have none.
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Oh! Well, yeah I'm still good with that. I'm working on trying to play for tips too so you know...I'm not sure I really need anything either. I'll be fine.