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... Well played.

I honestly did not expect this when I woke up today, consider me genuinely surprised.

[If he's annoyed, it's hard to tell. Trust him, he's sort of deeply aware he won't be finding Artemis around here anymore]

What one may stand to gain or lose from that is up to interpretation I suppose!

Back to Fayren it is.

While I make my way over, is there anyone new here and about? Please regale me with your introductions, I'm quite bored.
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What? Only new people? How sad.
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That depends on what things one wants to know about.
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Mmn, well, there's Everglade. New guardian is pitting humans against non-humans, though of course she'd never condone violence between those two groups...

[Uh-huh. Anyone who's ever paid two seconds of attention to politics knows better than that. On any bloody world.]

But Fayren seems mellow enough, if you're into that sort of thing.