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[video] Jasper get off the network.

[It's only been, like, an hour since she was last on the network but she's back and even more pissed than before.]


[She had a cat to murder. She's a rock on a mission.]
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[It's just, fucking, maniac laughter.]
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[still audio]

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So do you flirt this hard with everyone, or am I just special?
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[he sees it, and he enjoys it, but he stays in audio]

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[Just have more laughter.]
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[... Shit.]

That's me godsbedamned tiger, thank ye.

I'll also thank ye to not go smashin' his stupid smug feckin' face in.
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None of your feckin' business.
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Oh I'm shakin' in me boots.

Nae, you're out of luck, I'll not be tellin' ye and you'll not be puttin' hands on him.

[Much to Tannusen's eternal chagrin, he was sure]
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Why the damn hell would I tell ye that, yer an emotionally incontinent orange giant. I don't want my face broken either.
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Ye ain't gonna make a whole lot of friends here if yer first reaction is to smash 'em all.

Ye do know we got the option of just comin' back after ye pound us all to jelly, aye?
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Ye fancy yerself a pretty powerful person.

There's a great deal of folks here though.

And there's only one of ye.

And not all of us are quite so pulpy.
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Yer a right pecker head, ain't ye.
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I don't doubt that, place isn't too big and I'm not exactly subtle lookin'.

[Being the only albino priest around]

I wouldn't try it though.
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I betcha if I can't I can give ye one hell of a headache.
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[Oh no, it looked like she really needed him for some reason. He wasn't sure for what, or why she didn't already know how to find him if she knew him, but it wouldn't be very good to leave her hanging!]

H-He runs the 'Velvet Lust' bar. I-It's really pretty.

What's... What's wrong? Can I help?
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I-It's in Genessia. Umm...

[He played with the device to send a map to her.]
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[That was fast. Hopefully she got whatever help she needed soon!

And luckily she didn't ask about Cassian.]
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Tannusen spread his hands, as unruffled as ever.


Complete with a cheeky grin, while he was at it.
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Aaaand then she blipped out of existence.


And blipped back into existence, suddenly on the rooftop of the tallest building in Nova City.