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So I've noticed the lot of ye carryin' on about an egg.

We've got two of 'em about here, turns out they migrate, don't bother tossin' it in the fridge. Little bastard sneaks right back into the laundry each time, it does.

[Meanwhile, in the back, there is the occasional glimpse... of Tannusen, popping in and out of the frame. It's clear both of them are in the rectory, and Cassian isn't paying any mind to the fae obviously moving about behind him ]

Don't break like it should either, and the shells too thick for the candle trick. I wouldn't try boilin' it either. That's what I've gotten as far as this useless piece of crap goes, I'll update if they start doin' anythin' stupid.

[And right as he goes to finish up and turn off the communicator... Tannusen swoops in from the side and lays a tender kiss on the smaller mans cheek. He goes bright pink, and the transmission is terminated with a flustered shout of TANNUSEN]
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Tannusen, of course, just laughs his fool head off at having caught the priest off-guard and in time. He hadn't actually expected to manage it! "Aww, and a blush! How adorable."

He'd have felt sorry about it... if it hadn't been for a recent incident involving being called all sorts of silly things by a certain tiny menace. Like lamb. And dove. And mouse.

"Also, I'm pretty sure Trahearne got an egg too. He just hasn't been trying to stick his in the fridge like a monster."
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Doesn't matter how much you hide your face, Cass, Tannusen knows. HE KNOWS.

"If it's magic enough to teleport into a bed with two paranoid assholes like us in it and not even wake us up, it's magic enough to incubate its own damn self."

The tiger's logic is flawless, thank you very much!

"The mustache is just for fun."

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"You'd rather I drew tiger stripes all over it?"
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"I'll draw on yours in red," Tannusen offered, with the cheekiest damn grin. "That way you'll match."

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My partner threw one egg out of the window and it didn't break, we live on the fourth floor. I'm 98,5% sure they're indestructible.

[That last part of the feed, though.]

Very cute.
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I thought that psychical displays of affection between organics were an acceptable activity for couples.
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Is your boyfriend aware of that rule?



I wanted to talk you about business. I'd like to reinforce the security of my flat for my partner's sake and I've been told you sell magic wards.

[Kay pauses for a moment and then adds]

money isn't an issue but I'd like them to be as effective as possible and easy to us. Nor my partner nor me has any experience with magic at all. Could you help with that?
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Should, could, would...partners are difficult like that. Trust me, I know. Mine is not this playful but his idea of fun is keeping his blaster under the pillow as a security measure.


Fantastic. No matter what I'll have to tell him about the magic then, I was hoping to find a way to place the safe guard without him knowing.

I like the voice option. I'll have to talk to him first, though.
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[Bracken was watching very timidly, and when he finally got the nerve to speak it was still a bit concerned.]

Is... Is it... Is it okay to t-talk about relationships now...?

[He was still worried that he'd get yelled at.]
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[He still nodded rather meekly, not about to dive in head first just yet.]

T-Tannusen told me the other day. U-Ummm...

[He glanced down, looked away, and hesitated to say the next thing.]

I-I'm glad you found someone nice.
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[ Have more maniac laughter from the background. Distant background.

Yep, someone heard himself get called 'nice'.

And that's funny.

He'd at least had the courtesy to leave the room before bursting into laughter. That's something, right? ]
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[Phew, no blow-ups. He relaxed a bit, smiling.]

I-I hope all of you are really happy.

H-How did you all start dating?
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T-Tannusen did...?

[He quirked an eyebrow. That was a bit weird. Or seemed like, to him. Maybe that was all the rage for how to get a boyfriend now.]

Wh-What about Trahearne?


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I think a lot of people have already tried most of these. Not me personally though.

[Because he just wasn't like that and well he doesn't quite get what is going on.]

But I'm sure we'll find out why we were given them eventually... Dunno when though.
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This would be an extremely strange home ec. lesson if it was.

Also then there would be the question of why would the city do that exactly.