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[ action | OPEN ] first thing's first, I'mma say all the words inside my head

Who: Tannusen and OPEN!
Where: Just some random park in Genessia City with a lot of NPC foot traffic.
What: Tannusen's out in public in his other form.
When: Daytime!
Warnings: Nah. Although he could, if startled or antagonized, I'd prefer he not actually attack anyone. If you set him off anyway, please expect to at least get knocked on your ass. <3
PLEASE NOTE: Tannusen cannot talk in this form! Please don't tag the tiger expecting him to. He can and will emote back at a talker, but not with words! Also please note that even if your character has no idea what a tiger is, the intimidation merit is still in full effect. No one and nothing is not going to know that this is a big-ass predator. Thanks. <3

Tannusen supposed, dimly, that lounging around in public in his other form was an especially poor idea in light of all the strange animals popping out of the woodwork across all the cities. It certainly wasn't going to stop him, of course, and woe to anyone who decided to throw a stupid ball at his head.

Twelve and a half feet long from his nose to the tip of his tail, over eight hundred pounds of sleek muscle and power... he wouldn't have been the largest beast to be called a 'pokemon', but no. No, he was definitely a tiger. A very big, rather bored tiger, laying on the grass in the park and soaking in the warm sunlight hitting his snowy white fur. One dinner-plate sized front paw was outstretched, flexing idly back and forth in the grass, milky-white claws showing themselves every time he tensed his 'hand'.

His eyes were mostly closed, although his ears flicked this way and that as activity in the park waxed and waned through-out the day. Anyone drawing even remotely close had him cracking his eyelids open, of course, fixing whoever or whatever it was with a stare.
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Bracken only left Fayren when he had a reason, and he just so happened to be leaving the city after buying some strange pet food for his newly acquired pokemon. He had a bag full in his hand, an arm wrapped around eevee to hold it, and his staff in the other hand. When he passed by the park, he thought it might be a nice place to let eevee down to run around.

His response to seeing a tiger was lackluster for various reasons. He wasn't particularly fearless, but on his world he'd faced many extremely large foes, including beasts, and was mostly untouchable. He had quick spells he could summon up if he needed, and they were plenty for taking out the beasts.

The second reason was that there were pokemon all over. Much as his interaction with eevee showed, he didn't really try to keep anything in a ball, or even consider any of the pokemon that had appeared 'his' so much. They were all wild animals which hadn't really tried to do much of anything to him, and he'd already heard that some got pretty big.

The tiger didn't seem like it was particularly aggressive so, with eevee following at his feet, he walked over and knelt down by it, opening his bag of poffins to take one out and offer it with a smile.
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The eevee was far more cautious than his 'owner', if Bracken could properly be called that, but had followed along at his heels protectively anyway. As if the little thing would be able to protect him. He hadn't leveled it at all or tried to get into any fights using eevee, treating it as a new puppy instead and coddling it.

When the poffin was rejected, Bracken let himself fall back onto his rear and offered it to the eevee instead, which seemed to appreciate it far more.

"N-Not hungry?"

It was a simple question, since he didn't expect any sort of answer. Instead, poffin taken care of by eevee, he reached out his now empty hand to pat the tiger on the head, the same way most might pet a much smaller creature.
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He smiled, enjoying the softness of his fur and happily burying his fingers in the fur and scratching behind his ears. Tannusen was much too big to pet all of him at once, so he settled for just the head. After a few moments of enjoying the feel of his fur, he settled down beside him and scooped up the eevee, petting it as well before setting it back down.

It didn't traverse far, mostly bouncing around in the grass in front of them. It had a bit more sense about dealing with tigers than Bracken, showing some amount of uncertainty about being by Tannusen, before finally approaching and hesitantly touching the top of Tannusen's large paw with its little one.

Bracken, for his part, seemed content just to sit next to him for a little bit.
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It was a fortunate thing that Tannusen wasn't such a wild beast, because Bracken was a bit too unconcerned around him. The eevee did a flying swiveling leap in the air when Tannusen moved, like an over-excited puppy.

They stayed there for a little while, with the eevee running about in the small area in front of them and Bracken mostly chilling in place.

But, he had no intention of staying forever. He wanted to get back to his cozy home and relax, and it was still a long walk. He reached out again to give the tiger a short, good-bye pat on the head, not leaning towards him much because he didn't intend to stay.

"P-Pretty tiger," he murmured softly, before reaching out to scoop up eevee and collecting his things to quietly stroll away.
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And then there's this asshole.

Szel, true to what he'd told everyone before, was not going to make his pokemon fight.

That being said, if they wanted to start fights, well. He wasn't going to stop them. Then again, Tannusen being greeted by a tiny itty bitty baby fox attempting to headbutt him might not be the most intimidating thing in the world. Vicious little sucker though, squealing and dancing around in front of the tiger like she fully expected to have a smack down right here.

As for Szel, here he came around the corner, Midge in convenient corgi shape bouncing along ahead of him, all fluff and energy.

"Belz, don't attack things that can eat you." Spoken with a careless air, not even bothering to pretend to look at the two as Midge fixed them with that piercing, eerie, gold and red stare.

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Of course, Belz, as her name appeared to be, yapped and wiggled and snipped and carried on as her loving daddy mostly didn't pay her much attention.

Hey. Kid needed to learn. She'd already beat the hell out of a bunch of the fort's smaller, weaker bug like demons. It was a good thing they were all used to fire or else there'd be a lot of dead bugs in there too.

Midge didn't ever blink, but Szel seemed to know just what was going on.

"I know you can't answer, but that's fine with me. I talk enough for the both of us." The 'corgi' came waddling in closer, sniffing and snuffing at the air as the demon drifted in a bit himself.

"You've certainly not lost any of your cuddliness."
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Poor, dumb little fox. Her fur had been so neatly combed by her obsessive owner and now it was all covered in kitty drool. Not that Szel cared, he could brush it all back into place, but the fox continued to wiggle around and yip and carry on.

Midge, ever far more intelligent, sat a good few feet away, continuing to stare. Then again, someone here had to make proper eye contact. It wasn't going to be Szel, that was for sure.

"If I'd known you'd be lounging about like this I'd have brought along some cat nip." Sorry, Tannusen. He likes you but not enough to not pick on you just a little. He's sure you've heard all this before, let him get it out of his system, okay.
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"I know, I'm aware. You've heard every single one of these before. I know." Oh. He saw that yawn. Somehow.

"I can't help myself, you'll just have to weather it."

As for Midge, the corgi hopped back a few feet to stay ever out of the way of the paw, letting out a few less than terrifying warning YIPS.

No, Tannusen.
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No, Tannu.

As those paws draw in again, the little dog... vanishes. Disappears with a loud pop and a plume of smoke, before a fat, orange eyed white and gray owl appears on Szel's shoulder instead, clearly disgruntled and offended.

"Don't tease Midge, he's very sensitive." Oh it was gentle, but that was a real chide, the demon reaching up to scratch behind the considerably fluffed up bird's head.

"I need him and I'd rather you not spook him off."
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"He can't help it, he's so tiny compared to you." Body language understood, Tannusen. He'd not been kidding around before when he implied he preferred beasts over things that make people words.

"Midge, how big are you right now?" The owl fluffed, and then, spoke.

"Three feet and seven inches, master." An odd voice, soft, high, nasal, with a faint whistling lisp to it. Male, most certainly.
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Midge was special. Technically being not an owl was pretty useful for having vocal cords.

"See? Very tiny compared to a full grown tiger. You can't blame him for being a little nervous."

Granted, Midge could easily change size and fix that, but without Szel giving him permission to throw down with Tannusen, the bug wasn't about to try it.

He knew how fond his master was of his kitty cat.

The blep was answered by a huffy hoot from the owl.

How dare, sir.
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NOT FUNNY. The owl shuffled itself closer to Szel's cheek and, ever a doting parent, the demon reached up to sooth the poor ruffled creature.

"I suppose sunbathing is a decent enough way to spend the day, I really don't find it warm enough to be outside long enough for it to have any benefit."

That's right. He'll stand here and have a conversation essentially with himself because fuck you, he loves his voice, thanks. If Tannusen wants to add something he's more than welcome to take a more talkative shape.

"Sometime tells me I'm going to be wearing gloves well into May at this rate."


"If you really are considering nibbling on Midge at any point, I feel I should at least tell you he's just as poisonous as I am."

Oh. Oh did you not know he was poisonous?

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Of course, Midge, as Szel starts to just vomit out information, starts to fluff and smack his wings against his ear.

"Hush, hush, it's necessary!"

The tiger has to know! Just in case. Totally. Doing it out of concern.

"It's quite true. Everything in me is quite deadly, Midge as well. I'd hate for something to happen to you."
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Midge just don't want potentially sensitive information out! THE KIND SZEL IS GIVING SHUT UP.

He's not shutting up.

"Just bear this in mind the next time we meet and you're more speech capable." And everything capable.
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He's expecting a show the next time he visits you, Tannusen.

Szel loves nothing more than being the center of attention.

"Oh but I have to get going, it's getting close to dinner."

Well. First dinner, anyway.

"I'll try to stop by tonight."

And off he goes, Belz yapping and running off after him as Midge the Offended Owl finally breaks eye contact with Tannusen to focus on the sidewalk ahead.
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One does not simply lounge in a park and NOT get bothered by a certain green haired youkai. At least, if the person in question was interesting. And a big, lazy white tiger was very interesting. Especially when it held the mind of a person she had met before (and had given her a few stiff, delicious drinks.) Well, he had said he was a tiger or could turn into a tiger or something of the sort...

Koishi would land a short ways away and walked over, her presence nearly invisible as she knelt down and, very gently, began petting the tiger's ear. He'd probably notice the touch around the same time he'd notice her giggling.

"Awww, your ears are so soft." Pet pet "I love it!" Apparently Koishi had not learned to not sneak up on people and pet their ears despite nearly getting slashed by Blake some time ago.
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Koishi really needed to stop petting people without their permission. It always seemed to end up with her getting attacked. Though, to be fair, it was also Tannusen's fault for being such a floof.

Sensing the very sudden shift in his mental state, Koishi had already started moving out of the way when the paw got to her. The last minute barrier was just enough to mitigate the damage from the claws, but the force was still enough to send her sprawling.

Her hat fell to one side and she rolled over once, blinking up in surprise and confusion before bursting into laughter. She managed to sit up, some dead grass and a leaf clinging to her hair. "Wow! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to surprise you! Your ears looked so soft though! I had to see for myself."
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Koishi just continued smiling, carefully climbing to her feet and brushing herself off. At 4'2" the tiger was practically the same height as she was. She paused, looking around before stepping over and picking up her hat, brushing that off too before placing it on her head.

"Please don't be so grumpy!" The little youkai had no fear. Literally. "I'm sorry that I startled you. I wanted to say hi and then your ears were distracting! Sis has tigers too. They're also soft and I love them." She clasped her hands in front of her, floating up into the air again.

"Sometimes my own unconscious nature gets the best of me and I just can't stop myself! So please don't be mad."
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"Hehehe." She drifted forward again, entirely in his bubble, but not touching him. "Thank yooouuu." Her third eye was weaving a little pattern in the air, the artery over her left shoulder twisting itself into a looped heart-shape.

"So what are you doing out here all by your lonesome? Or is it just the sunshine? Because that's really nice. I have to stay covered though because humans find my appearance creepy and strange. But you're a big kitty so I guess its okay!" Clearly, her logic was flawless.

She tilted her head the other way, remianing silent for a few more moments. "Can't you talk in that form?" Another long pause, the little youkai blinking. "Okay then! That's fine. I like sitting in the sun quietly too. It's very nice."
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Though grabby, tiny youkai were usually preferable to panicking civilians or angry hunters. So there's that.

"I see. Well that's inconvenient. Almost as inconvenient as not having thumbs!" Indeed. It was truly a nightmarish thing. "But you're also fluffy so if you need something you can just make a sad face and I'm sure someone will help."

She blinked and looked up, staring across the park for a moment before looking back at the tiger. "I was about to go get something to eat. Do you want me to bring you something? There's lots of delicious things around here. Like tacos and ice cream and live rabbits!"

Koishi was truly the bane of bunnies everywhere.
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"Ohh. Okay! I'll do that then. It was nice seeing you!" She drifted up and, with a smile, simply vanished.

She didn't stay away for very long though. It was less than fifteen minutes before the little youkai had returned with a few fish tacos wrapped in paper and tin foil and a single dead rabbit.

She was unseen again but the moment the tiger smelled the food, its source would be easy to locate.