19 October 2017 @ 07:57 am
[For those who hadn't seen Rose yet: she looks like a traditional gargoyle: stone, grey skin, bat-like wings, red glowing eyes, but for blonde hair, and her ability to speak in her mostly usual voice.]

They say you're not to keep wolves as pets.

I mean, first off, yeah, it ain't right to coop the wolf up inside, for sure, who wouldn't get stir crazy like that, yeah? But even beyond that, they'll never be domestic. You never know when one might turn around and bite ya, no matter how much you try to feed it.

I was always more a cat person myself. Had one as a kid. Even got a flap in the door on the Powell Estates so she could come and go as she pleased. I know what it's like to need to wander.

I didn't get a new one when she died. Not 'cause it hurt too much, I don't think that should ever make you stop from making new friends, [A VERY STERN LOOK AT THE CAMERA. Brought to you with all the subtlty of engraving it on a rock and throwing it at the Doctor's face.] but 'cause I was fourteen, and ran away at sixteen, and then when I came back I had to work off debts, but basically, I didn't intend ta stick around there very long, or even as long as I did.

[Pouts a cheek to the side, which looks hilarious coming from a gargoyle.] Fer awhile, I thought... outliving your friends, because of a really long life, must be like that. You never forget or stop loving your pets, and how close or important they are to you is just on you and them and whatever yer relationship together. Some people wouldn't let themselves get that close to pets, knowing they're gonna die sooner 'n not, but [Another stern look at the camera. SO SUBTLE ROSE.] I know my friends enough to expect better than that.

[Glances off sideways.] Somewhere along the way I started thinking of myself like a pet dog. I forgot that wolves can make humans or even domestic animals their pack mates, but you still mustn't think of 'em as tamed. It does 'em a disservice, but they can also bite even friendly hands. Never docile, are wolves, yeah?

Castmates, Koishi, & Action )
18 October 2017 @ 12:01 pm
Sailor Venus in ACTION! - Genessia City, 10/17, Evening )

[OOC: Want to get rescued by a fifteen-year-old girl? Fight side by side? You know what to do.]


[Video - 10/18, Morning]

[That sure is one very tired blonde teenager flopped out on the bed in a Commons apartment, facedown in her pillow, holding the communicator out in front of her. She tries to lift her head, decides it's not worth the effort, and the half an inch she gained is eradicated as her face meets the pillow once more. All that can be seen is her head of long blonde hair, tied back with a rumpled red bow that she should probably adjust, but hasn't.]

HeeEeeEEy... I'm supposed to introduce myself, so...


Here you go. I'm exhausted. Those monsters don't show up every night, do they?

...oh well...

[She'd be more weirded out if she weren't so completely exhausted. Her other hand flips up to flash a half-hearted "v" with her fingers.]

Minako Aino's the name I'll meet you all...later...zzzzzzzzzzz...

[Her uplifted hand drops, and the communicator falls from her limp fingers to clatter noisily on the floor. At least it ended on the 'stop recording' button.]

[Needless to say, she'll have actual replies later that afternoon. For now, she sleep.]
17 October 2017 @ 05:17 pm
Who: Koishi and YOU
What: Koishi's costume
Where: Fayren & Genessia City
When: Start of the event
Warnings: Koishi being cute annoying


When the feed clicked in it shows a very excited looking Koishi. Her hair had been pulled partially back and someone had given her hat a much longer ribbon and pinned roses and feathers in it. Her outfit was new too sporting long sleeves with oversized cuffs and a capelet that split into two and trailed down to her knees. This was combined with knee high boots that, by all accounts, her biology shouldn't be allowing her to wear without shenanigans, white gloves, a green skirt with a giant bow and some form of... wand? Even her third eye had a little ribbon tied onto the artery next to it.

Like some sort of... magical girl outfit?

"Hey! Everyone! Look! Look at this! I got a new outfit! I woke up with it and now I have it! Isn't it adorable?" She waved her arms, the wand scattering some glitter and lighting up. "I'm going to go fly around, okay? There will be so many sparkles!"

Oh no... The glitter...


Practically all day, every day Koishi could be found floating around Fayren and Genessia alike, waving her wand, poking at people and making a huge mess ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. It wasn't clear if her costume just came with an unlimited supply of glitter or she was actively re-filling the wand but anyone not paying attention or not being careful might find themselves more sparkly than when they started out that day. Oh no.
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13 October 2017 @ 09:55 pm
Who: Scott Summers and YOU
Where: All across the cities
When: From the start of the Halloween Event to end (see starters)
What: Incubus Scott getting used to his new form as well and the Halloween madness going on
Warnings: Loose interpretation of what an incubus does or rather should be doing, in dreams because Scott's trying to use his powers for good and he fails at the whole Incubus thing.

Extra info 1: Write a starter for any day/night or, If you want, feel free to leave me a location and day/time and I’ll write it for our characters.
Extra info 2: Here's a visual of how Scott looks like.

[First Day - Morning - Nova City] )

[Rest of the Days –All times of the day and all cities] )

[All nights - People's dreams] )
[September will find Rose increasingly more and more scarce, until she almost all but disappears until the second week of October. She went from attending as many of the 12th Doctor's lectures, and even hanging around the campus of Attleton University testing products ostensibly; but after the first week of September, she pretty much disappears for a bit. No sign of her on the network, and even around the TARDIS, or her usual haunts, she's hard to nab. Even for someone like Captain Jack Harkness who spent a good portion of a century tracking her and has a good bond link to make sure she's safe will find Rose a bit scarcer than usual. 3 years of acting like a ghost has made it a lot easier for her to be invisible in a crowd if she wants.]

[Whatever appearances in public appear to be marketing and testing related, survey, and throwing things literally into fountains or against walls or collecting data.]

[But finally she makes a small appearance on the network!]

First round of drinks is on Mirajane. All of the Doctors are required to make a presence or I'll make life hell for ya, more'n usual, yeah? [Tongue out to the side.] River, Martha, Jack, Gwen, Demyx, Koishi, Satori, Belle, Rory, Amy, and apologies to anyone I forgot. [Laughs.] You can make excuses, but I'm draggin' ya all out for at least one drink. Be there! Everything after the first drink you're on your own.

But since I'm officially quittin' after this crazy last month, I might be able to spot ya. Some.


[And locked to Demyx:]
First mission, find us a suitable tower. Nova city. Price is negotiable. Capacity for modifications is not.

[And indeed anyone hitting up the Fairy Tail Guild during the first round of drinks on Rose / Mirajane can probably sneak in a free drink by saying they're friends with Rose Tyler. Just might want to make sure you actually know who that is if pressed.]

[OTA Action: MINGLE]
Man, we gotta get some shit started, so I'mma start it, right here, right now!

Gonna play a li'l game we call Marry, Shag, Cliff!

For the uninitiated, 's a game were y' make a comment, and then some other asshole's gonna give y' a list a three people, an' y' gotta come back with which one y' wanna spend yer life with, which one y' wanna hook it up with all night long- hell yeah!- an' which one y' wanna ever so gently shove off a really tall cliff. Sharp rocks is definitely at the bottom.

Who's in?

[ooc note: PLEASE TAG EACH OTHER AND GO CRAZY. Namur partially just wants to sit back and popcorn.gif as people embarrass each other ngl.]
04 October 2017 @ 08:56 am
[Genessia. It hadn't rung any bells, and it still didn't now, but over the past few days The Iron Bull felt he'd gotten a decent enough grasp of the place. He'd been reading up on the network logs, camping out in the forest of Fayren.

It was some damn interesting stuff. Some needed context, but he'd gotten good information from a couple of the answers other people had gotten. A shame that it was all second hand but all the answers matched, at least as far as the basics were concerned. They'd been abducted, no way out, free housing for the first month.

It didn't seem to be magic, as much as the smart phone he'd been given struck him as nothing so much as a more advanced version of the scrying stone Dorian'd given him. He'd seen that he was here. Had been there, from the looks of it, and he couldn't help wondering if that stuck in the mage's craw.

The whole thing had thrown him for a loop, but it was starting to feel like more of just a place. He did a touch of exploring before he made a video, settling into his in the common housing. It was a good thing he hadn't meant to actually use it; the bed was a joke.

Still, it's good enough to sit on, a blank wall behind him when the actual video clicks on, his sword on the mattress behind him and out of view.]

This is on, right?

[It never hurt to play a little dumb. His face takes up a good portion of the screen, one eye covered by a leather patch that had been tied down, scratches extending outside of it. A pair of horns sprout from the sides of his head and extending off-camera. There doesn't seem to be a lot of shirt on what little you can see of his chest. His voice is rich, tinged by a hint of some accent or another and a care for inflection.]

I just got here. [The lie was easy.] Thought I'd get off of the road before saying anything. That said - shit.

[There's a smirk, almost commisserating.]

Is this place for real?
03 October 2017 @ 12:17 pm
[ TEXT -> ACTION ] | [ Backdated Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday ]

(( OOC: if your character is someone who expressed interest in meeting up with Shinjiro later on, they will receive the following text message on their CPU, sometime during the above days. ))

want to hang out?

if your free today.
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01 October 2017 @ 11:11 pm
[ video ]

[ Those who have been here for some time can see that Sertoria's at the other end of the videophone, still wearing that peaceful smile that she's very rarely seen without. There's also a twinge of amusement in the old soul's eyes, as if she hasn't expected this probability before. ]

What time is this, the third?

[ That's spoken mainly to herself. ]

Is there anyone still around that remembers this old woman? If so, it is great to be back here once again. However, if there is no one, my name is Sertoria Cani. It is a pleasure to meet you.


I do believe there is quite a lot of things for me to catch up on. The very last thing I remember is offering to make a sandwich for a very interesting young man, which I believe was in November.

[ action | genessia bay ]

[ Those around can see that Sertoria doesn't look any different than she normally would -- she's still dressed in her tunic, sandals, and with her ornate jewelry. For now, she's just content to walk around and getting her bearings together. She's also curious to see what, if anything, has changed recently with the landscape. There's still so much that she has to catch up on, after all. ]

[ action | nova city | around where the attack on mansion was ]

[ It's a bittersweet feeling returning here. She can tell that it's no longer considered a place to call home. The thought's a bit depressing, especially when she remembers how things were before when everyone was here. Still, though, even she can't help but miss those that used to live here previously. They truly treated her like she was not only human, but also family.

Sertoria spends a few moments longer than intended continuing to gaze at what used to be her home before smiling and turning her heel, starting to walk off. Hopefully they'd be all right in their world. ]
[ AUDIO ] | [ Backdated to Monday afternoon ]

Uh, there -

[ There's some shuffling sound, like he's setting the phone up somewhere, still. ]

Right. So.

... I ain't good at this, either the talkin or the - well.

But just writin it seemed ... not enough, and. All of you are probably sick of seein my face, so.

[ There's a brief pause, before he goes on. He sounds very, very tired, but his voice is nonetheless serious, and firm. ]

I frightened the hell outta a lot of you.

I said a lot of stuff, some of it to some people I don't even know.

And, it's complicated, but I can say that - while it wasn't all me, it was a part of me. So, yeah, I ain't gonna pretend it isn't my fault.

I'm sorry.

[ He swallows. ]

I am sorry.

I'm not gonna. Just sit around feelin guilty, though. Not -

[ Coughs. ]

- Yeah. So.

Up to you if you take this seriously.

But let me know if I can make it up to you.

[ And then the audio is turned off. ]
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29 September 2017 @ 10:50 am
[....just kidding! PANIC A LOT!]


Where is everypony??

[At the moment, the camera is facing the sky, as it's on the ground. Not very pony friendly, honestly. Fortunately, Pinkie can be seen with the camera angle below her, calling out to...whomever she's looking for.]

Did we go overboard with hide and seek, Gummy? This doesn't even look like Ponyville...

[Looking up, a small alligator pops out from her mane, blinking quietly in response.]

...yeah, I didn't think so, too. [There's a giggle at how silly she feels at even thinking that.] But what are these...things? They don't even look like ponies!

[Judging eye squint]

23 September 2017 @ 02:43 pm
(( OOC: Please read the warning post for this plot before tagging.

This one is especially heavy on the suicidal ideation, the negative self-talk, and themes of abandonment. ))

[ Catch-all for the TV World ]

(( OOC: Please note for the dungeons I DO NOT expect these to be threaded out blow-by-blow. Tags can be about the aftermath of the dungeons, or reactions going in, if you want to use those prompts at all. Handwaving is encouraged. ))

Read more... )
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22 September 2017 @ 01:39 pm
(( OOC: Please read the warning post for this plot before tagging. ))

(( ooc: ... okay have you read that? cool. thanks. ))

Messages for Ace, Mitsuru, and Akihiko (TW: notes saying goodbye) )

Action for Attleton Guardians and Deputies )

Video for Everyone (TW: Death threats to not-nice people, language) )
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19 September 2017 @ 12:08 am
“And this is the big sister in her natural habitat…” That was how the feed started, the camera being carried inside by a certain green youkai who had seen way too many nature shows. She was creeping almost comically through a large den with a fire lit, coming around the side of a large plush armchair. The camera took a moment to focus on the dozing form of Satori, open book and several cats sitting in her lap.

A yellow-sleeved hand reached forward, one finger extending… and ever so gently poked her big sister’s cheek once… twice… three times...

Satori was, seemingly, completely unaware of what was going on. A rare moment for the mind-reader to be resting so peacefully and not berating anyone for a change. The younger didn’t seem to wake her up immediately, the first few pokes drawing very little reaction from her.

That is, until her third eye stirred fitfully in its rest, opening agonizingly slowly and looking around with considerable confusion, pupil charged with a vaguely directed annoyance. But as menacing as it was it was a fair contrast to Satori’s sleepy and altogether innocent face. Eventually she stirred but only looked to be half-aware of the situation. But just aware enough to be displeased, go figure.

Of course, by the time Satori’s eyes opened the camera had drifted up and around, leaving Satori staring in the vague direction of where Koishi used to be. The mischievous little youkai giggled again, reaching once more out with a single finger, gently touching the center of Satori’s part. Just enough to tickle a little bit.

Satori twitched a little more this time. Her third eye searched even harder, still quite annoyed and rolling itself about blearily. She seemed to come to her senses, snap-turning in her sister’s direction and reaching up to cover her head! “Koishi…? What are you waking me up, for?” A sigh. She said, much louder… “You can just tell me normally, you know!”

There was another giggle, Koishi moving again, but she was getting more visible by the moment. “See how great she is? She’s the best big sister!” And a hand reached out to nudge an annoyed cat aside and poke her tummy…

Satori’s arm snapped out almost immediately, supported by many of her tentacles as she tried to wrestle Koishi down, inadvertently meddling with the camera. From the looks of it, she was trying to snatch up and punish her sister the only way she knew how! “...That’s enough out of you--!”

“Ah! Sis Nooo!” Apparently the punishment was tickling. Lots of tickling. Koishi was shouting and laughing, moving about wildly trying to escape the sisterly scuffle. The camera was going every which way, showing only a mass of red and blue tentacles before the device went flying through the air, hitting the ground sharply and cutting off the feed.

[ooc: You can give em a call back once the tickles have concluded.]
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08 September 2017 @ 11:22 am
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[ VIDEO ] [ several hours later ]
Read more... )
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06 September 2017 @ 11:56 am
[It's been some time since Belle has used the phones video function. She has been going through the motions of each day, spending her free time with her nose stuck in a book. She is sure that there is adventure here but loss has made her confidence waver ever so slightly.]

Hello everyone, for those I do not know, my name is Belle. [She spoke in soft warm tones.] I don't know any of the man's acquaintances but Gaston is no longer here. [Belle can't say that she misses him but the single thread that she had from home had suddenly vanished and with him she felt thin shreds of hope slip between her fingers. Belle knows that some people have been in Genessia for a long time, perhaps she should get used to loss.]

That said I am also looking for somewhere to take a vacation. I know that there are several smaller archways attached to the main cities but I only know where one of them goes. I'd happily take any suggestions.

[She flashes a quick smile at the screen before inclining her head in a soft bow.] Thank you.
04 September 2017 @ 01:10 pm

In the outskirts of Fayren, on the edge of the forest, there's a nice secluded spot where a small hill resides. By all accounts, today is a day like any other. The weather is as predicted, and nothing out of the ordinary seems to be happening for a change. That is... until around noon.

What can only be described as an explosion of purple energy engulfs the area surrounding the hill. It forms a dome of swirling energy that can be seen from some distance. Anything it touches is pulled into the dome and ripped apart until there's nothing left. When the dome finally recedes, all that is left is a barren crater. A few wisps of smoke rise from disparate parts of the crater, but at its center is a lone figure, panting and almost... growling to himself.

Mewtwo has left yet another mark on the wilds of Fayren.
04 September 2017 @ 03:35 am
Until the day I die...

[That promise she was made to make swirled in her mind as Eleanor emerged from the creepy cave with the contents of this mock gift she woke up with. Her memory was hazy and vision clouded from sleepiness.]

Where ever could this be? This... This doesn't look like Westgand... Just where am I?

[She concentrated for a moment, like she was calling on a inner being...]

Laphicet, can you hear me?


Laphicet? ... Oh gods, please no! Don't tell me I lost Laphicet...

[It didn't take long for signs of panic begin to set in. As if her previous situation wasn't bad enough, now it's gotten to deadly proportions. She hugged herself as she paced around the clearing in front of the Bay.

Of course, in the midst of her worries, her thoughts begin to spill out into the open.]

This can't be happening, I can't believe this is happening. I lost Laphicet and without me to protect him, he'll turn into a daemon and then Velvet...

[Velvet...and her Daemon hand... And the promise to kill her if Eleanor failed.]

Not only that, but Lord Artorius... My mission... My last hope to redeem myself... This can't be the end of everything I worked so hard for!

But where do I even start? What kind of Praetor Exorcist loses her malak not once, but twice? I can't just walk up to any old body and just ask, can I? That will shake the faith in the Abbey to the foundation...

[Feel free to eavesdrop on everything she just spouted.]
23 August 2017 @ 01:24 pm
How do you work out a lot of rage when music, running, and talking or drinking aren't enough?
Who: Namur (in Ted's body) and ANYONE
What: Just what it says on the tin
When: August 4
Where: Noted in prompts
Why?: <-
Warnings: Potty mouth

Schlepping around Genessia in Ted's body isn't exactly the way Namur planned to spend his Friday morning, and what a shitty situation that is. Can't taste anything with his face so he keeps bumping into people. He can see a lot better so he keeps gawking at leaves on distant trees and bumping into people. Seriously, it's rude. They want to fight or something? Oh right, it's him bumping into them. So he smiles sheepishly and waves, trying his best to dart through the crowd which seems far less inclined to part ahead of him than usual. What a pain in the ass...

Prompts Under the Cut )