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[ Have a Tannusen, clearly in Velvet Lust -- though it's during the day, so no one else is in there with him and more lights are on than usual. It's the downstairs area, all gleaming dark hardwood and metal inlays and all that good stuff. ]

So, I scored these little shits.

[ The camera is panned around as he flips his phone over, and its focus lands on a Pichu and a Cinccino having what appears to be a deadly face-off on top of one of the pool tables. They're about the same size, and they're both bipedal, so it's something of a slap-fight.

An adorable, somewhat staticky slap-fight. ]

But I don't actually know anything about rodents. I'm a bloody cat, okay? Rodents aren't my specialty. Is this normal? The dinosaur, it just kind of perches on rooftops and screams a lot, I think because Tektite's been encouraging it...

[ That's right, Tektite, he's onto you. ]

But these two...

[ The Pichu throws a cue ball at the Cinccino, and then the latter rodent launches itself right at the former's face. Vicious, adorable wrestling match! ]

They generally get along, but I think they're just kinda... hyper. So do I get them a big hamster wheel, or what?

Do they even make them big enough for these nerds?
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I don't know if they make them that big. Kay's Joltik is much smaller, and we never tried to keep any of the others in cages.

[Cassian's eyes stray back from the man to the rodents.]

But now I feel a little bit better about the amount of trouble ours get into.

[Hey, it doesn't lessen his troubles, but shared misery is progress, too.]
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Cassian winces in sympathy at the screech.]

Is that another one of yours? We have a loud one as well. Hoth has just discovered you can startle people by screaming. Now she keeps climbing onto my shoulder and shrieking into my ear. [He grimaces.] Of course, it's worse when Stardust is sitting on me, too. He startles easily, and then he gives you electric shocks.

If you get the impression that he's kind of stressed... that's because he's kind of stressed. Spy school didn't prepare him for five pokemon and a cat.]
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That sounds... interesting. How do you put up with it all the time?

[Even listening over video feed he can barely stifle his wince.]

What kind of creature is it? It looks very impressive.
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Awww look at them try to claw each other's face off.

On the bright side, they're not joining forces to fight you instead. These pokemons might be small but they're vicious.
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Point for them then, they're smarter than most. One of mine practically attacks everyone on sight, he's a menace.

[AND THE SIZE OF A HAMSTER, but that Kay doesn't point out.]
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They can be a handful and some do seem to enjoy fighting for the sake of it.

[Like having children, hands down.]

Try feeding them? Ours always clam down when we feed them berries.
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You can find them in any grocery store or fruit shops. They're not the cheapest fruits but they're worth the calm that they will bring to your life.
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[ Hamusuke should be an expert on rodents, but she's never seen another of her kind.]

Perhaps, they are vying for dominance? Have you been training them, and battling them with other Pokémon?

I have heard that they enjoy battle, that I have.
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[ She only has giant Djungarian hamster form, with a snake tail.]

They appear to be evenly matched, that they do.
If it helps them get stronger, then it shouldn't be a problem.

I admit, I haven't battled my little one as much I as should, that I have not.

[ She shows her Togedemaru. The rodent Pokémon perfectly suits its owner.>
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...They look like stuffed animals!

[Oh, it's love at first sight!

Regis' eyes lights up with such intrigue once he catches sight of these painfully cute pokemon. He seen other pokemons before but never has he seen these cute little critters. They remind him of the toys he used to purchase for Noctis when his son was little.

The prince had a small army of toys to keep him company.

The poor dears must be bored. Perhaps you should purchase them some pet friendly toys. They would be a little too big for a hamster wheel.
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Yes, especially the fluffy one. I particularly like that adorable creature.

[The old king can't help but watch the little rodents duke it out with a hint of amusement in his gaze. He utterly loves these charming creatures so much.]

Exactly like a chew toy. The little yellow one is teething. Just look at him!

[Regis squints some.]

Or is it a she? I certainly can't tell.
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Ah, so the yellow one is a little boy.

[He laughs heartily at that revelation.]

Little boys have a habit of bullying the girls they like. Be mindful of those two dears. The floofy little lady might sock him one.

[Oh, Tannusen is quite precious. Regis knows the alleged "cat" likes his new pets.]

Have you bothered to name these two?
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Talk about a bad hair day. [He couldn't help but laugh some at his very lame joke.] Perhaps you should purchase a pillow for them or a little bed. They need somewhere to sleep too.

[If he had any pokemons, Regis would spoil the poor dear rotten.]

Oh, the little yellow one can use magic?

[He leans into the screen with some interest now.]

An electrical mouse? How odd.
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[A faint smirk lingers upon Regis' lips briefly once I hears that 'plural'. He won't say anything but he noticed it right away. Excuse him for a bit. He's chuckling quietly.]

Much like all children, the little ones desire to be close to their parents. I know from experience with my own son and the cat I once owned.

[He's still chuckling quite a bit.]

Certainly does sound like you and your friend are doomed to a lifetime of bad hair days. Might as well get used to it and take care of the little dears.