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VIDEO and ACTION for any poor sucker inside Cassian's shop

Sale goin' on at the Cloak and Dagger in Everglade.

[... Yes this is video.

Yeah that's Cassian on screen.

Smiling. He's smiling. He's actually smiling and it's not a smug shit eating grin.

His voice is warm. He looks like he's actually got color on his face today. The priest actually doesn't look like he just stumbled out of bed and glared at his reflection until he felt ready enough for the day.

... So apparently there is a pod person in the city.

Spring's what been out and about for a few weeks, rain is comin', some of ye may be interested in gardenin'. We've got feed to improve the quality of soil. Small amounts, potted plant use only until ye get the plant strong enough for transfer.

Excellent for raisin' herbs.

Also sellin' a few enchanted waterin' globes. Fill it once and forget about it for months.

Anythin' and everythin' related to gardenin' is half price, seeds and seedlings included.

And I hope ye all have a blessed day.

[... Oh yes, it's definitely a pod person.]
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[ Aw look at this cute shit! Tannusen approves. ]

In a good mood, are we?

[ Can't imagine why. ]
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[ Tannusen smiles, though the way he's watching the video is...

Damnit, even that's sappy. Such a dumb expression on the tiger's face! ]

Lovelier by the moment.
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[ Tannusen valiantly resists the urge to make a joke about Trahearne being the big plant creature.

Just barely.

But he's thinking it. ]

I don't see why not.

[ Ah, hell with it. ]

Maybe we can get Trahearne in on it. He grows buildings.
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[ Does he get a prize? ]

He's been growing a small fortress for Bracken up in the trees in Fayren. I imagine a building on the ground would be even easier for him.
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Akara... saw the video on her way over here, and honestly, she's seen enough of the guy on the network in back-posts to know this isn't normal. So when she pushes open the shop door, a slip of paper in hand, her first words are super eloquent.

"Uh... the fuck?"

Yup, she's a damn poet.
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What the hell is going on? Akara actually glances around for any hidden gunmen in the corners.

Not that there' shit she could do about it but run and get help, but hey.

"...So the job board says you're hiring..." she waves the bit of paper in her hand; a print-out of this place's current openings.
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"Says here you need a cashier," you know, the most boring, dumb job of the lot.

With the least required knowledge of magical crap.
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"Nope," the Black Rabbit had never had such a... mundane job.

"But I know how to count cash and I know how to not get stiffed."
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"Sooo," Akara steps further into the shop, and a Cubone tries to sneak in behind her. Tries, because he's not very sneaky, especially when he attaches himself to Akara's side like a shy toddler, peering around her at the priest through the skull on his head. "...When you come down off whatever drug you've been slipped, am I still hired?"
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I need to visit Everglade anyway, I'll drop by. Growing herbs at home would be very useful. Do the water globes need to be operated by a magic user?

[ He pauses for a moment, but though he doesn't know the other Cassian well, this is still strange. ]

You're very cheerful today.
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Yes, I'd need you to do that for me. Thank you.

I'd think it takes a reason to be cheerful but... that works, too.

[So much judging. Don't leave him alone in his grumpiness, other Cassian!]
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[ Don't you start, too! ]

Uh... no? Unless the globe color has an effect on its function?

[ He thinks for a moment. ]

But if it's all the same to you I'll take blue.
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Thank you, I'll come to pick it up soon. Do you mind pokemons in your store? I'll be in Everglade to let my Mudkip play at the riverside. She needs to regularly swim and spend time in wet soil.
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[With the change of seasons, Grell understand all too well that it changes people. Being married to a phoenix is eye opening.

But this is just strange.

So Grell is looking a bit...disturbed by his rather up beat demeanor. Confused, even. Very confused.]

...you, as well?

[Is that the appropriate response?]
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...alright, this is quite strange. [Crosses her arms] You're in a rather good mood, Father Cassian. I'm actually concerned.
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You're acting rather...friendly all of a sudden. Not that I don't like this side of you, but there's little understanding about the change in demeanor.

[Maybe he lost a bet...]
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/threadjack [Video]

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What role did you play in harming this man?

[Yes, Regis is immediately blaming the red-haired snaggletooth for this mess.]
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[Mouth drop.]

Are you truly Father Cassian Lynch?
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Surprisingly, nothing. He doesn't seemed harmed, and I don't find fault in being blamed for a good mood.
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so very rood! [Video]

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[He scoffs at the red-haired mistress of fiends.]

This is Father Cassian Lynch we're mentioning! He never in a good mood.

[The rude old king pauses briefly once Cassian tells him to cease. Usually there's a string or two of curses that follows.]

...It's not as if I dislike the change but this is quite drastic.
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I agree. It's suspicious.

[She likes the nicer side of Cassian, but this is just so...weird!!]

I doubt I could learn why he's had such a change of heart, but maybe it's for the best.

[Even she seems unsure of that...]
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[Regis steps into this hot mess of a scene with an ice caramel latte in one hand, a cane in the other and a look of utter bafflement upon his face. The old king is impeccably dressed, as always, in black and grays with a handsome gray-purple waistcoat and a dapper black suit with a gray shirt. The shoes are of course leather and probably Italian-made if Regis bothered to care to know where "Italy" is. So, imagine this dapper looking gentleman staring at Cassian with such befuddlement. It's a comical sight to behold since Regis is literally standing in the threshold of the shop looking like he accidentally stepped into the wrong damn universe.

He takes a slow sip of his latte before glancing at the sign upon the shop.

Yes, this is...Cloak & Daggers.

[He muses aloud before focusing his gaze upon Cassian again with both eyebrows arched high.]

There's no mistake there but what sort of farce is this?

[He gestures his hand at Cassian with a look upon his face that clearly speaks of his wariness of this smiling priest.]

I know the Lord's grace certainly hasn't reached a soul as black as yours but this is quite a change.

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[The former King of Light simply stands there for a few seconds nursing his drink before attempting to tackle this debauchery before him. That's not Cassian. Nope. Absolutely not. This is some polite doppelganger who actually has manners and a jolly disposition. Definitely not the cranky cuss bucket that Regis grown to somewhat like on certain days. That's why the old king doesn't budge at first. He thinks this is some kind of performance.]

If I may be so frank, what has you in such a jolly and productive mood, Cassian?

[He asks while searching for the clippers upon the desk.]

I mean this quite...unusual. Almost as if the foul cloud that usually darkens this shop has been lifted by magic.

[Regis offers the gardening tool with a faint smirk.]

What have you done, Cassian? Be honest. Did you murder him and hide his corpse under the shop?

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H-How do watering globes work?

[He's not going to comment on Cassian's mood, because he's just happy to see him happy.]
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D-Do you think I could grow an indoor garden u... using them? M-Maybe I could grow some of the herbs th-that I usually pick in the forest.