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So I got bored.

While mired in the depths of this boredom, I invented a super cool fun new game for all your friends, family and children to participate in.

This game is called "Deadpool Stole Your Shit".

The rules are:

Look around your house!

Is something missing?

I fucking took it.

If you want to get it back you can goddamn find me and pry it out of my cold dead instantly regenerating hands, sucks to be all you normie suckers.

[[YOU WANT YOUR SHIT STOLEN? POST HERE! With whatever random item you want to have vanished. If you're not interested in being burgled, but you want to comment anyway, just mention it OOCly or in your title so I don't get confused.]]
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bb all you stole was mah heart
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of course

what's up?
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[ He's not surprised Wade's noticed, really. The tiger has barely been holding it together, even when he's at the bar putting on an act. ]


[ No point lying about it. ]

there's not much to be done about it
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Re: private

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unfortunately not
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Re: private

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you're a really good friend, Wade

I mean it