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[001] - Arrival | Video w/ option for Action

[Groggy was the least of Leonard's problems, following closely after 'Where the hell am I?'. Oh, sure, he'd sat and listened to the hologram, and it would be his damn luck if that was all true. He'd still prefer to hear it from a person.

Yanking someone off a spaceship in the middle of space wasn't as much of an impossibility as it seemed before Jim'd beamed onto the Enterprise mid-warp with Scotty.

He didn't mind being planet-side, a good old fashioned atmosphere was always well and good by him. What was pissing him off more was the fact that he'd come down with the clothes on his back, his communicator, and nothing much else. The damn communicator didn't even work, or at least it wasn't picking up anything.

After about an hour he'd stopped waiting by the bay, taken his welcome package and headed off to what the map had said was a bar a few blocks away. Jack's - or something like that.

One drink wasn't going to get him drunk and if he was really the only one that got abducted here they'd be looking for him.

Leonard McCoy is nursing his second glass of bourbon and frowning over the paperwork he'd taken to reading when he finally looks at the other communicator they gave him. Well, he figured, why the hell not? He's scowling into the device once he finally turns it on.]

Doctor Leonard McCoy, Starfleet Medical Officer here, and I've got just one good question for whoever happens to be on this damn thing; What the hell is really going on here?

[He tilts the device pointedly away and takes another sip of his drink before returning to its view. Then, as almost an afterthought he adds;]

Aside from what that hologram had to say.
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[ Have a pointy-eared fella with eyes that are just a little too blue. Like the video itself might freak out over it, given time.

And a cheeky grin.

Oh no.

Tannu-- ]

You look like a grumpy one.

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[ He likes grumpy people... you're fucking doomed, man. At least, if the pattern holds true.

On the other hand, he's not too fond of doctors... too rigid. Too banal. They literally make his soul hurt. There's a reason it's impossible to drag him into a hospital, and it's much the same as anyone might put up a fight if you're trying to dunk them into a pure, metal-etching acid.

So, this should be interesting. ]

Just making an observation. As for what's going on here... you mean the grand scheme of things? Don't know, don't care. Little stuff, I pay more attention to. It's the details that get you every time.
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Well, let's see. Everglade is a political cesspit, and best to avoid. Especially if you're human. It's semi-legal to eat humans in there.

[ Dude looks human, but the Faerie would be the last person to assume. ]

There's a fuck-off trap of a shitty circus hanging out in Attleton right now... I suggest avoiding that, too. Former carnie, here, I know what I'm on about. That place is fucked. Hm... let's see...

A magical flu sort of thing going on in Fayren. I think that's somewhat under control, now, but I wouldn't chance it if you or anyone you know is a magic-user. Sneezing fire isn't fun for anyone involved, when it's not on purpose.

Ah... what else...
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Hmm... nope! Nova City got hit with some bullshit in the water a while back that fucked everyone up who drank it. Genessia City is usually the less fraught with fuckery, though we did just deal with having big, angry sea monsters attack in a few locations.

[ A casual shrug. ]

Pretty much gonna have to roll the dice, I think.
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To be fair, the seafood turned out pretty good. The one who hit my bar was a big crab, I hear there was a huge lobster, too.

[ That's right, he cooked that fucker. Look, it BROKE HIS ROOF. ]

Also, death isn't super permanent, if you're unlucky enough to die to begin with you can give something up to come back. I'm proof of that, I'm one of the few around as far as I know who's done it.
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None of us were quite sure where to even get it tested. I tried it first, though, not to worry. And asked its old owner if it was going to kill any of the humans if I let them eat it too.

[ Humans, so fragile. ]

I did boil it thoroughly, if that helps. Had to use someone's pool, at that size, but we got the job done.
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Nah buddy, I used a little zippo lighter. Obviously.
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Darlin' I always have fun. What else is the point?