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[Action | Closed] Good choice, bad choice

Who: Trahearne and Tannusen
What: Dumb tiger is a hobo, Trahearne tries to convince him not to do that.
Where: Somewhere in Fayren

Trahearne was sore and tired after today's round of 'building'. Not in an unpleasant way, it was nice to work hard and not have to look at a list of casualties at the end of the day. He knew he could go home and rest, read something, there wouldn't be any hurried knocking on his door to announce another disaster, another loss, another hairbrained experiment that went wrong and exploded.

It was late in the day, a good time for him. Dusk was his preferred time. He stretched lazily, thinking over what he might have for dinner as he walked. No matter what, he kept an eye out, though he didn't need to be too alert to notice something off today.

There was a tiger. A giant white tiger, beautiful and terrifying at the same time, curled up under a tree with low hanging branches. It was a good shelter for a wild animal. Not a person!

"Tannusen?" Trahearne called from a safe distance. He'd nearly lost his face a couple time to twitchy charr and knew well enough to not try to poke a big cat awake.

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The giant white cat stretched out a little, uncurling. His eyes cracked open and he regarded Trahearne without any apparent aggression. An ear flicked forward. Hmm?
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Tannusen let out a whuff and then yawned, tail lashing.

Very carefully, he extended a huge paw and made a circular motion against the ground. Turn around.
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"What are you doing out here?" Tannusen asked a moment later, now seated on the ground with his back to the tree. He gave a luxurious, spine-popping stretch with his arms over his head.
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"Best suited?" Tannusen found asking questions easier than giving straight answers, most of the time. Many pooka did. And then he grinned, "Is it because you're a tree?"
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"Mmff, sleeping," said the cat in human skin, "until a tree woke me up."
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"Wouldn't know," Tannusen gave an elegant shrug, "haven't met one to ask. Cats sleep wherever. Big cats especially. You've been creating? Shaping? Marvelous. It helps your glow."
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"Mmhm, creating, creative; it helps," Tannusen climbed to his feet and dusted the butt of his jeans off for any sticking leaves or bits of mud. He was in a t-shirt, for crying out loud. Not exactly damp forest camping clothes. Not that he needed them when he was a cat.

"Short statements, I can usually do. Usually. Sometimes they get boring, too. I sleep wherever."

Hadn't he told Trahearne he was a hobo at one point?
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"I could," have a place to go, "just haven't cared."

Tannusen gave another sinuous stretch and stalked over to Trahearne, moving to drape an arm across one planty shoulder. "Why?"
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Tannusen grinned again, and leaned up to nibble the edge of a headleaf. Not hard enough to even bruise the leaf, just to make a point. Cats ate grass too, didn't they?

"Whyyyyy?" the question was given in a delicious purr. "Take in stray cats, do you?"
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Aw look at that literal glow! Tannusen chuckled, the sound deep and rumbling.

"Me? Attracted? Maybe," he purred, if only to see if he could make that blush brighter. "Let's go."
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"Nothing offends my tastes," which wasn't true, of course. Meat that had been cooked for too long offended his tastes. Such a waste! And squirrels. Squirrels were the worst.

The tiger in human skin followed after the walking tree. So fae, this all was. He liked it.

"I've been living everywhere," not technically true. He didn't like the noise and pollution of Nova City enough to nap there.
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"Sentiment. How domestic," Tannusen sighed in disappointment, and caught up with Trahearne in a brief jog. "I'll try not to eat your other cats."
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"So if you're a tree, why are you living in the city and not in something like you're building that other person?" Tannusen followed through the archway, long legs easily keeping pace with the Marshal.
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"Most exotic pooka hate living in cities," an exaggeration, but not by much. "Can't just blend in in animal form like the others can."

Tannusen stretched again as they walked, linking his hands high over his head.

"Mortals have fits if they see a tiger through a window, let alone roaming the streets." An understatement, this time. "But this place is full of strange people and things. I blend in better than I'm used to."
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"To being a tiger?" Tannusen asked, "Being fae? Or being an asshole." And he laughed.
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"Hmmm," Tannusen mused a moment, "No, kind of, and a little bit." There we go.

"Some tiny dragon thing thought it was the only thing to call itself fae," Tannusen added, "if you don't have to worry about Banality unraveling you slowly over time, overwhelming your Glamour and ejecting your soul from your Autumn World body, then you're not real fae."
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"Fought a dragon once," Tannusen sighed wistfully, "or was that a jabberwock... or a manticore. Or a Duke! Two Dukes? They run together. Lots of fighting. I miss my kirin, I'll have to get a new motorcycle."
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Tannusen trotted up the stairs, and began roaming down the hall, dragging his gloved fingertips along the wall as he went. One could nearly see the claws that weren't there.
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"No wonder you take in strays," Tannusen chuckled, stepping inside, "and this one can actually talk. Well, so could that one, if I used the right cantrip. Wonder if it would have anything interesting to say?"

The pooka wandered further inside, and plopped down onto one end of the couch.
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"It wouldn't last forever," Tannusen chuckled, and booped the bottom of the reaching cat's paw, letting her curl her claws around his fingertip. Aw, lookit the tiny cat.

He stretched out on the couch, content to resume his nap.