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[Now that he has a better hang of this phone thing so he doesn't have to go flashing his face around everywhere.]

That "Holodeck" is an interesting place, I'll admit. But I prefer my opponents to be capable of thinking for themselves.

I'm looking for a sparring partner.

[...and after a bit more thought.]

No wizards.

[ps no one tell Jarlaxle that he may or may not be using this as a way to look for recruits.]
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Oooh, what's a wizard?
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Ohhh, that stuff.

I'm pretty handy with a khakkhara, but that's probably not the kind of weapon you're looking for and I don't have one here, anyway. I'm also real good without a weapon at all, but I suspect you're not after martial arts...

Good luck finding someone!
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Hmmm, maybe. I'm so out of practice, though, you'd have to go easy on me!

[You're such a liar, Koumyou.]
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I'm still new, too!

I'm priest Koumyou Sanzo.

[There's your first hint that he's full of shit, Artemis. What kind of priest knows martial arts... and then gets 'so out of practice'? But then again, Koumyou somehow radiates 'slacker', even through video.]
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[Koumyou folds his hands into his opposite sleeves, smiling that squinty smile of his.]

The protector of a holy relic, not a preacher. Though it's true enough I haven't done much fighting in... hm, if you count teaching, ever since my son was very small.
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Well, he's twenty... six? now. But he was thirteen when I died. I woke up here a moment later, and now he's so much bigger! He's survived so much.

[Koumyou all but beams. Any excuse to gush about his son, honestly. But then he pouts, just a little bit.]

What's wrong with fighting priests?