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[This place might look familiar to a few people here. It's clearly Abel's place. It's just... being filmed at a very low height.

Why that is becomes obvious in a moment, there's 6, carrying a pot of red ink and peering at the camera every now and again. It seems he must have kicked it over in his exploration of the room he was in, and he reaches out with a multicolored, ink spattered hand to poke a little at the screen

He.... Hello.

Hello again.

You are... awake? Oh.

... Shhhh.

[And that is the communicator being covered with a wash cloth]

Go to sleep.
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[A voice chimes in from under the wash cloth.]

But I don't wanna go to sleep!
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[Video] 1/2

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[Video] 2/2

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I don't wanna!
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[Koumyou peers back, trying to make out 6 in the dark under the washcloth.]

...You're an interesting looking fella.
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Who, me?

[Koumyou pointed at himself.]

Priest Koumyou Sanzo. Who're you?
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It is very long! Hm... my son goes by it too, but perhaps just 'Sanzo' is more bearable?
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And you are... you said, Six? It's good to meet you, Six!