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[Action | Closed] Horticultural therapy

Who: Pt.1 Trahearne and Tannusen > Pt.2 Trahearne and Amberdrake
What: Tannusen oh-so-kindly suggest Trahearne get therapy. Trahearne gets therapy.
Where: Trahearne and Tannusen's apartment > Amberdrake's office
Warnings: Angst

The apartment was dark when Trahearne got home, Tannusen was asleep on the couch and Cookie brushed against his legs with a soft, content "prrb". Trahearne moved through the dark apartment, silent with bare feet and years of practice of slinking around far more dangerous areas than a living room at night. He slipped into the kitchen, moving carefully as he opened cabinets and pulled down a glass and a bottle of wine. Most days he tried not to drink much, if at all. It was irresponsible and a bad habit to get into.

Tonight he didn't want to think much and there was a lot of painful things on his mind. He sat at the small breakfast table and eased the stopper out of the bottle of wine with a faint pop. Tannusen was still asleep. Good. Cookie looked up at him, a dark blob in the dark, his pulsing yellow glow reflecting off her large, amber eyes.

The bottle was empty by the time he got up and shuffled to his room. He swayed as he walked, his bright eyes narrowed to slits. Cookie trailed after him, tail swishing back and forth. She darted forward into the bedroom once he opened the door, dashing to the cat tower to find Brian and curl up with the silver tabby.

Trahearne closed the door behind him and leaned against it a while, waiting for the room to steady itself. Mmm. There was still too much on his mind and a heavy lump in his chest. He pushed himself away from the door and towards the bed. Maybe he could sleep it off...
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When morning eventually hit and the sun crept up into the sky, a waking Trahearne was greeted by Tannusen.


Like... well, like a cat.

Just... yep... staring.

At a rather close distance to the previously-sleeping sylvari, at that.
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"Hi Trahearne. Here," Tannusen straightened up from peering over the edge of Trahearne's bed, and held out a large glass of water.
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"You let the little cats do it!" Tannusen held up Brian in his other hand to illustrate the point. The bengal staaaaared right along with the bengal tiger in human flesh.

"Anyway," he tossed Brian onto the bed, and then climbed on too, just enough to invade Trahearne's space. "I want you to know something, Trahearne. It's very important."
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"You," Tannusen reached out to put both hands on Trahearne's shoulders, "are... almost a person. Somewhat a person. Kind of a person. Okay, okay... a bit of a person. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and blow this out of proportion."
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"So, I'm saying this to you because you're at least slightly a person," Tannusen continued, very seriously.

"Get therapy."

And oh boy, was that a weird pair of words to come out of a Faerie's mouth.
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"Oh no, I slept like a log."

Ha, ha, get it? Because he's talking to a tree.

"But I could smell all the wine and hangover and sadness when I woke up. So, seriously."
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Well, you know, somewhat. Due to Trahearne being somewhat a person, and all.

But hey, he was more a person to the tiger than anyone else on this world so far!

He gave the shoulders under his hands a careful pat-pat, and then withdrew from the bed and the room.
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Amberdrake stepped out of one of the work-rooms at the sound of the bells at the door -- not that he needed them, of course -- and smiled at his new guest. "Trahearne, I would guess?"

People did walk on in here without an appointment sometimes, so it was best to check.
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"Your timing is fine, I was just making sure it was you," Amberdrake inclined his head a little, one of the bells in his hair chiming at the motion. "This way, please," he gestured into the room he'd just come out of, which was set up with dim lighting and many comfortable cushions around a low table. There was a lit candle in the center of the table, adding a little more warmth to that dim lighting. "Do you like tea?"
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Amberdrake smiled, and went to prepare tea at one of the counters along the side of the room. "Of course, that's what they're there for."

Even with the glowing, Drake didn't seem at all perplexed by Trahearne's appearance. Had he ever dealt with someone who appeared to be made of plant material? Nope. Did that bother him? Nope. At least this was new territory... and not inherently dangerous! How novel, these days.

He had plenty of curiosity about Trahearne's physical makeup, but that could wait. The stranger had come to him for a reason, after all, and he doubted it was to add to Amberdrake's extensive knowledge of nonhuman anatomy spanning five different worlds.

Drake finished with the tea -- he'd had water already heated, of course -- and brought a tray over with the pot and a pair of clay mugs. Perfect for wrapping one's hands around to absorb the warmth without getting burned. He sank down gracefully onto the cushions beside Trahearne's chosen spot, rather than directly across from him, and set the tray down. Then, of course, he poured for them both and took his mug in his hands accordingly.

Ideally, all of this would give Trahearne some time to adjust to the setting a little, maybe calm his nerves... maybe not. As for Drake's seating choice, he didn't want the anxiety-filled new client to have to look directly at him if he didn't want to! It was all very thought-out.
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Amberdrake felt that curiosity like a heat wave, and smiled a bit. Curiosity was better than pure anxiety, at least.

"Perhaps we should just talk, for a while, before addressing your reasons for the appointment." Drake did not charge by the hour, so why not try to soothe those frayed nerves a bit, first?
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"Well, what do you study?" Drake felt it was a natural enough question. He took a sip of his tea, and offered another little smile.
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"How many worlds have you been on?" Amberdrake asked, interested. Usually, he didn't find people studying such things until they'd been on several, if they even studied them then. Well, the species bit, at least.

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