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Tenth Reel: Official [Video] + [Action]

[The feed opens up, revealing Grell looking slightly different than usual with the backdrop of a city on the brink of sunrise behind her, more than likely Nova City since she lives there. Her demeanor is calm, giving the camera a soft smile.]

Greetings, my fellow denizens. For those of you who do not know who I am, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Grell Sutcliff, and I am running for city guardian of Everglade.

[Her face becomes a bit more serious, as she gets to the heart of the matter.]

I have stood to the side long enough, and feel that it is time for true change. I also believe that, as a fellow non-living being, it is important that our rights, and the rights of the deceased and non-humans, be upheld. Not just in Everglade, but all over this world. This issue has been on the back burner for too long and needs to be addressed properly. It is also time that one of our own lead our city, and not someone who lacks thorough knowledge of being anything other than human, random events withstanding, or who will hold a bias in favor of humans.

My goal to Make Everglade Great Again will be to first and foremost, create a place for us to live and thrive in, and we can’t do that under current conditions. So if elected city guardian, I will make Everglade a place solely for non-humans, the undead, and deceased. Friendship between humans and other beings is possible, but not under the current circumstances. How can we make bridges if one end is weaker or more unbalanced than the other? Not only that, but we need to not feel like we’re a second status resident and have to fight just for survival. The previous laws and the ones in place now are rather stifling our natural inklings and fundamental liberties. A curfew hasn’t helped. Lifting and replacing it with self-defense has not helped, either. They have only exacerbated the situation. Perhaps by providing all of Everglade to other beings besides humans could we truly see progress. This will also protect humans from further harm by removing them.

There are other important issues that I wish to raise and discuss during my campaign, but this video is only meant to be so long. For now, here is a simple list of my campaign goals.

[The camera pans out a bit and moves to the right. Where Grell gracefully gestured with her hand previously, an opaque blue box with white lettering pops up to the left of her with the following:

    -Making Everglade only for non-humans, the deceased, and the undead.
    -Enforcing and protecting the inalienable rights of the undead, deceased, and non-humans in every city.
    -Sustaining essential dietary needs.
    -Taking a pay cut if elected to help achieve these goals.
    -Prosecuting the former mayor for his irresponsible release of criminals.
    -Making better use of the Everglade Rangers.

I will elaborate on my goals throughout my campaign, so your time would be quite invaluable. [Grell gives a smile, and it’s clear from her sharp teeth that she really isn’t human.] I truly do look forward to this opportunity to prove my worth and listen to your opinions.

[The feed fades to black.

There is a flyer to her new store, Juliet’s Lair, attached to the video description.]

Action: Juliet's Lair - Fayren

[If anyone needs Grell, she’ll be at her new store, which is now open. She’ll be busying herself with tidying, dressing mannequins up as Santa’s Naughty Helpers, decorating the shop with holiday cheer, or helping customers. Her clothing from the video is the same, so she obviously made it earlier that same day. Since it’s a bit chilly, she’ll have on one of the many ugly Christmas sweaters that she found in her closet over her dress.

...she loves it. She loves all of them...]
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Video + Action

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God, I love you.

[Just that. Fond smile.]

[He's a dork.]


[And just in case you ever doubted how much that was true? He helps her out while wearing this monstrosity. True love.]
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Oh good. Otherwise I'd have to kill someone.

[This is why they're married, obviously.]


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Not yet, no. Got any suggestions? [Quirks eyebrows curiously.]


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[Karla's thinking long and hard for a moment. Perhaps there's something she's missing, but she's not quite following Grell's logic...]

...How exactly will you make a bridge by cutting off humans? You say that nighttime curfew hasn't helped the situation, so why would you think a "24 hour curfew" would be more effective?

[Maybe it's different, being led out of Everglade rather than being confined to their homes, but it's essentially the same thing in Karla's eyes.]
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I humans would still be able to visit Everglade?

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[That was a lot to take in and it all made Trahearne nervous.]

How do you intend to affect non-humans outside Everglade if the city is the extent of your jurisdiction? Do you have plans for the housing of the humans you intend to evict? Is it even possible to completely remove humans considering how difficult it is to apply significant change to the native residents?
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If I'm to be frank, your approach sounds more like a threat of violence rather than providing a benefit to those you intend to displace from their homes. It's ambitious to intend to implement such drastic plans without first having a promise of cooperation between other potential or acting guardians. Do you have an idea of your timeline to put these ideas into action?

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Well. Least this version a y' has more creative advertisin' ideas.
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Marco tell y' what t' call the damn shop?


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Re: video;

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Oh my god. You ended an election announcement with an advertisement for sexy panties.
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You're a fucking role-model.
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[Liora isn't sure what to make of the deceased and undead, given that she'd just survived an attack by deceased dragons. On the one hand, it wasn't their fault that they were controlled by Erebus.]

[By now, Liora realizes she needs to understand Everglade better, despite it being her least favorite of the five cities. She would also have to learn about Everglade's undead, and how they're different from what she'd experienced back home.] these deceased and are they able to live again?
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That's...interesting... I've just had...a terrible experience with the forgive me if I sound isn't their fault...

[At least she finds it interesting that Grell seems to still have a mind of her own in her "non-living" state.]

Is there...any chance that they may want to move on, and any way we can help them do so?


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[text] he could do this on anon but he really doesn't care...

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-Making Everglade only for non-humans, the deceased, and the undead.
-Sustaining essential dietary needs.
Does that mean it'll be legal for a nonhuman to come into Everglade to hunt humans? Asking for a friend.
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So you have a definitive plan to get and keep the humans out? In my experience, they don't stay out of anything for long.

Well, maybe not requires...