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[ action | closed ] too many war wounds and not enough wars

xxxxxtoo few rounds in the ring and not enough settled scores
xxxxxtoo many sharks, not enough blood in the waves
xxxxxyou know I give my love a f-f-four letter na-na-name

Who: Trahearne and Tannusen
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust
When: Daytime, ie while VL is closed to the public.
What: Tannusen is "displeased with shit", Trahearne is suddenly missing a couch-surfer. He goes looking.
Warnings: Will update if/as needed... and it will probably be needed.

Tannusen had been slowly sinking over the last few weeks, dropping further and further into a mood. Finally, one day, he just didn't show back up at Trahearne's apartment. He didn't the next day, either, or the day after that, and even the packs of paper-wrapped meat with his name on them had vanished from the Sylvari's freezer. His one mark on the place besides a lot more cat hair than Trahearne's two housecats could produce... and a couch that had long since given up on standing on its legs.

No, instead he was at his bar and club, the packs of meat with his name on them in the kitchen fridge. Since he was pulling duty as the cook for the place at night, there was no real worry that it would be accidentally served to the patrons. None who had applied for the cook position thus far had met his standards for a good, rare steak.

When you want the job done right, do it yourself.

But it was day, now, and thus no patrons were allowed inside. It was a policy held over from the original Velvet Lust back on his world; he'd catered to an active vampire population in Toronto, Canada. Some rules just weren't worth changing. It was basically a tradition, now. When the sun went down, Velvet Lust opened for business. At the first hint of pre-dawn, the last call went out.

Presently, it was day. All the chairs were upside-down on the tables, the dark wooden floor, and furniture, and the bar all gleamed in the dim lighting. Whatever anyone assumed from the seedy name, the place had a lot of care put into it. Even in such a short time, Tannusen had poured resources both mundane and magical into the place, and no small amount of extra labor every morning to keep it spotless and respectable.

At least, down stairs. Upstairs was clean, too, but respectable was another matter entirely. All the better for producing Glamour in even such a boring place.

He'd been tempted to claw the place up when he'd "moved in" a few days ago. Pure, territorial instinct... and one he tamped down on, hard. There were a few claw marks here and there, of course, but in subtle places; not all over the damn place ruining all his shit. Some of his regulars had even made a game of trying to find them all, not fully understanding that they were territory markers from a genuine monstrosity of a tiger.

Tannusen observed and contemplated all of this from the floor. He was laying on his side in his natural form, his thick tail occasionally thrashing a staccato beat against the smooth boards. A mood, indeed. For the first time since his arrival, he found himself missing Toronto. Yes, every Fae from his Earth assumed that all pooka were stupid, silly creatures like that goddamned squirrel he'd briefly tried to mentor. But... most of them learned better when faced with one of the rare predators like Tannusen. "Exotic" pooka, they were considered. Rare, unpredictable, dangerous. All the silly little prey pooka had come back to Earth before the predators because they'd eaten them.

He'd made the Duchess very... nervous. And so everyone should be.

Oh yes, he was in a mood.
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Trahearne was content to give Tannusen space, he didn't find it surprising that the tiger didn't return home for a few days. And then more time passed. And more. He grew worried, a gnawing anxiety in his stomach that had plagued him on and off for years. It was too often friends went away and never came back.

It was simple enough to find the fae, no one Trahearne had asked had seen a great white tiger lurking around Genessia city and there was always the club to check. So he checked there, hoping to find Tannusen resting during the day. After a brief, tense discussion with the single overenthusiastic security staff, he stepped inside the bar and glanced around. It was, hm, prettier in here than he expected. He'd expected a lot of noise, mostly, at least when the place was open.

Tannusen was easy to spot, a great white and black lump of danger, muscle, and fur on the floor. Tail lashing in that exceptionally angry way Trahearne had seen often in annoyed jaguars and tense charr.

"Tannusen?" he called across to the tiger as he approached, slowly and carefully, just in case. Tannusen wasn't quite the same like this.
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Trahearne stopped several feet away. A tiger of Tannusen's size could leap from one end of the building to the other, it didn't really matter if he was this close when it came to avoiding harm. Still... not too close. The growl was off putting, but not enough to make Trahearne give up. Something was making the tiger unhappy, best to tackle that rather than let him growl and sulk here.

"It's good to see you're well." Alive, unhappy but alive and seemingly uninjured. "If you wished to leave, I would've appreciated it if you'd spoken to me first. I suspect that's not the issue at hand."
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Trahearne half expected to be crashed down upon and was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen. Broken bones and claw marks were just not that fun to deal with, not when also trying to get your flighty roommate to admit what's wrong. He turned to look over at Tannusen and walked closer to the bar. His arms were folded behind him to keep them still.

The lack of smile was concerning. He had thought before that Tannusen would smile through whatever, to cover what he felt at the time.

"Why that is concerns more than what kind of company you are," Trahearne replied mildly.
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And Trahearne knew a challenge when he saw it. Usually. Oh well. He picked up the glass and took a generous swallow without hesitation. With all the horrible, questionable things he's had to eat to survive in a zombie ridden hellscape, he's not about to be afraid of alcohol.

He lowered the glass and coughed in the back of his throat. Psshaw, that was strong.

"Mm?" I did what you wanted, now speak up, come on.
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Trahearne set his glass down and kept a hand over the top as he thought over Tannusen's words. A way with words, he did not have.

"You think avoiding everyone but patrons and staying here will help?" The best he could manage was bluntness. "I ask honestly. I'll leave you to it, if you wish. I do worry for you, I consider you a friend and would like to help if you'll accept it. Perhaps I could help if you elaborate. I would rather have you around than to not know how you're doing."
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"This I realize. Is that how many see you?" Trahearne asked this with sincere curiosity and concern. Given Tannusen's antics, he could see why some would not take him too seriously, but on the other hand, Tannusen carried with him an aura of danger. Were there some that couldn't detect that? Or read between the lines? Even Trahearne could do that.
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Trahearne looked between Tannusen and the glass, back to the tiger, and settling on the glass for a long moment where he considered his options. Now was not the time to test his tolerance to whatever Tannusen was challenging him with. If he didn't however, the tiger might never come around.

He sighed and lifted the new glass. It smelled just as vicious as the last drink Tannu had sent his way. The things he put himself through for the sake of others- He downed this drink as well and coughed again, rougher this time.

"I'm surprised the opinions of others bother you this much, Tannusen." His words were mild, his tone not at all reflecting his wish to goad Tannusen into revealing a bit more with fewer drinks in between.
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The frown was concerning and Trahearne was quick to reevaluate his strategy. There wasn't much winning when it came to handling Tannusen.

"...It's something I'm familiar with," he answered, evasive. "Annoying" wasn't quite the word he'd chose.

"So this has prompted you to retreat from even those that don't assume such things?"
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"That might be true, but I'm not sure what you want me to take away from that quote." Trahearne looked down at the drink, a brief, pained expression flitting across his face. At this rate, he'd be on the floor before he got anywhere with Tannusen. Or, better, he'd have to retreat before then.

He downed the new drink, resigning himself to his poor decisions of the day.

"I can think of a few ways it could be interpreted. A threat, for one." Trahearne had a healthy wariness when it came to Tannusen, but he wasn't threatened. "A general warning... Perhaps to try to spare me. That doesn't seem like you. You're trying to get me to leave you be, I know that. I will leave if you ask me to, I'll give you more space or time, if that's what you wish. I won't until you are more direct than this."

He tapped the top of his glass. Yes he knows what Tannu is up to.
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"What are you looking for me to say, Tannusen?" Trahearne said with a sigh. "It doesn't seem like you, no, that's indeed what I said. I can't claim I know who you are, that's not information you wish to give me freely. If I was mistaken in my assumption, I apologize. I will not heed your warning, all the same."
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"You've been kind, in your way." Some of the exasperation that the alcohol and situation had brought out in Trahearne was fading with the change in conversation. "I enjoy having the company, it's easy to grow lonely and reclusive without the presence of another. I've grown fond of your company in particular. I'm also concerned."
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"I'm familiar with that quote, it doesn't change my opinion." Now wasn't the time for a story about just how familiar Trahearne was with loneliness. He was a reclusive sort, normally. Had he been on Tyria, war over, no more impossible tasks before him, he would prefer to live alone. Here, with so much on his mind, being alone gave him too much time to think.

Maybe lonely wasn't the word for that problem, it was close enough.

He followed Tannusen up the stairs, hesitating only once. He knew enough about the place to know upstairs was not the place he'd want to venture, at least when the club was open. The lack of windows was telling.

He stepped onto the edge of the dance floor and looked over at Tannusen.

"Why up here?"
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"I wasn't aware that you sleeping on my couch was the same as having you in my bed." Trahearne looked up at the ball as well. It's funny what things carried over between worlds.

"I just ask to be kept informed, Tannusen. Anyone can vanish from this world at any time, it's an unsettling thought."
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"Just for my sake?" Maybe one day Trahearne would be able to read what Tannusen really meant when he spoke or when he was speaking honestly at all. Even past the compulsion to lie, there were things Tannusen wouldn't admit. Trahearne wasn't in the place to push much on that, nor was he that interested in knowing, if the tiger didn't want him to know.

"As long as it's not imposing on you too greatly, I'd appreciate it."
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"Somewhat, if I thought you were truthful." And he could really never know. All he wanted out of this was to know if Tannusen was okay and where they stood. That would be difficult to ever find out.

He wasn't going to try either, not while his thinking wasn't quite as clear as it had been when he walked in.
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Trahearne drew closer finally, the dance floor cool and smooth under his bare feet. Again, he kept as respectful distance. Not out of wariness now, it was just polite, maybe.

"There are challenges for what we are, all of us." So much Trahearne did not want to think about, nor share on this world. "I thought you did have fun, being what you are. Most of the time."
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Trahearne folded his arms behind his back, looking down at Tannusen with those bright, almost cat-like eyes. It was funny to him that Tannu was the one to look "normal", human, if he hadn't enchanted someone, while Trahearne stuck out like a sore thumb. He wondered how many suspected how much more there was to the fae at a glance.

"If you mean the native residents of this world, I'm not sure if they can learn much for long." He still hadn't managed to wrap his mind around the fake people thing. "If you mean the others... I'm not sure. I take it 'squirrel' is quite the insult."
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Trahearne tilted his head as he listened, Tannusen's words processed slower than usual. To think he should've eaten before coming to see if the tiger was alright... He added that to his mental checklist of how-to-deal-with-Tannusen.

"In my experience, it takes most a while to adjust to something they're so unfamiliar with." He could see why Tannusen was less than happy with squirrels after that experience, still. What the secondborn had to endure for the curiosity of a few...

"I'm not sure how any got the impression that you are a 'clown', however. A trickster, maybe."

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Trahearne lowered himself to sit on the dancefloor, skirt of leaves splayed around around him in a jagged circle. He tucked his feet under himself, hands on his knees. This was the closest he got to see Tannusen reveal much of anything about himself... and it was about a squirrel. Trahearne would have to take what he could get. He couldn't fault the tiger for keeping things hidden, Trahearne kept a lot to himself as well.

"Mmm... An unfortunate situation." Their conversation had already veered off course, he wasn't sure if it was worth trying to steer it back.
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"I understand it was deeply important to you, I'm just not familiar with the situation, and, thus, am unsure what to say. I had no intentions of appearing dismissive." Trahearne cared! He really did. He was just more used to solving problems than listening like a friend.

"Unfortunately there is great risk with any attachments. By the sound of it, it turned out well enough, or, at least, not as bad as it could have been."
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Trahearne paused, not sure how to reply to that. He often felt lost here, and sometimes lonely, but for very different reasons. He rubbed his thumbs over the smooth bark of his leggings, thinking.

"Is there a way I can help?" he asked, voice softer now.
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"I- don't know. Structures appear and change at a whim here, without regard for reality." This coming from a Tyrian. Magic was the only thing that allowed sylvari to function at all.

"There is no recreating a person, no. Not unless what powers rule this world wish to bring that person here. And just as easily can take them away. This is a peaceful place, yet frightening in its aimless power." He shook his head. "All we can do is to keep living the best we can."
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Trahearne fought back a smile, at least Tannusen still had the energy to be so dramatic. Maybe he was helping, maybe he wasn't. He hoped he was.

"It is unpleasant, I'm sorry. This is not the worst place to be stuck." Though maybe it was, for a fae. Very little really happened here.
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"There's plenty of value in talking about what upsets you, especially in circumstances such as these. It's a difficult adjust for many, most, I'd risk saying." Trahearne was busy trying not to feel anything negative if he could help it and totally wasn't a hypocrite.
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There's been rumors about a giant white fox that lurks within the city of Fayren. This alleged beast is supposed to be much larger than your normal woodland vulpine with teeth strong enough to bend metal and snap trees. This enormous creature is something of a legend in those parts but like all legends, there's some truth to it. However, no one expected to see the giant white fox here in Genessia City.

The red-eyed beast was lingering within the shadows of the park until it caught the whiff of something venturing nearby. "Now what's this?" Tsukuyomi hisses once that odd scent got stronger. A warning of a growls ebbs off his blacken lips as he slowly stands upon his feet. The kitsune normally doesn't travel this far from Fayren but today he's ventured here on errand.

"Smells like a demon cat--" The fox trails off once it starts jogging towards the direction of the scent. "The beasts of the Everglades have grown bold if they think they could venture here!"

Be on the lookout, tiger. Tsukuyomi is on the hunt.