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Action for Genessia City | Video

What's a guy gotta do ta get a real job round these parts anyway?

[Where's Kani been? None of your damn business. Looks like he's inside though. Probably in the cheapo apartments, because... Well jobs are hard to get when you're so used to just getting whatever you want without effort.

Not to say that still hasn't been happening, but professional vocal hypnotist sounds mildly unsettling. He'll pick looking unemployed.

Ain't like I've been here fer a whole stinkin' month.

Gotta be a few places 'round here that need a good act in 'em, right?

[There's a splash. The communicator, which had been sitting off to the side and directed somewhere off into space, was snagged, yanked down to the proper level the siren sat at.

In the tub.

Glamour off because well who cares. Silver fins are half draped out of the tub, not nearly as impressive as they should have been if they were submerged. He looks cramped in it honestly, but when one needs to be submerged for a certain amount of time to live, beggars cannot be choosers.

I mean where else is anyone here gonna find a real siren ta sing fer 'em huh? No where that's where. Be damn lucky ta have me there amirite?

[Another uncomfortable splash, a clawed and webbed hand passing by the communicator to snag something off camera. Fish, by the look of it]

How am I s'posed ta go lookin' round fer that anyway?
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[Have a Tannusen with his chin propped in one black-gloved hand.]

Are you a... merfolk?

[A squinty Tannu. Like that'll help him see video clearer.]

My bar and club's always hiring talent.
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I'll take your word for it.

Unseelie Bengal Tiger pooka, at your service.
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[So... another Fae, then. Really? Really. Huh. And a siren, no less.]

I've got a decent right hook myself.

[And left.]

I am hiring, yes. The city doesn't let me pay as good as I'd like to, but there are other perks.
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I don't know, most pooka I've met are too busy being annoying and flighty to be any good in a brawl.

[That. Fucking. Squirrel.]

[For example.]

Hm, maybe?

[He glances around off-camera.]

If I can figure out a spot to put it. Velvet Lust is pretty... full.
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Someone around here has to have an indoor pool, I'm sure.

[Just, not Tannusen. He looks like the kind of guy you'd expect to live somewhere lavish and full of such luxuries, but he's literally bumming on someone's couch. And that, only because the 'someone' found him sleeping in the woods and convinced him to come sleep in his living room, instead.]
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[Good luck with that trick with Tannusen, fish boy.]

Genessia City--

[--and he gives the address. Which his player doesn't remember. Shh.]
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[Let's say it's night, so Tannu doesn't have to get territorial and annoyed on a first meeting.]

[The tiger's seated at his own bar, though he's not drinking anything, of course. He's put his phone away, but he's stupidly easy to spot.]
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[Tannusen turns halfway on his bar-stool and offers the siren one of his patented Tannu smiles. He's as dressed-up as usual, tonight in a grey suit instead of white. It just makes his pale gold hair look even brighter.]

Well, I should hope not.
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[Tannusen visibly shudders at the mention of the idiotic shit his kith do.]

They probably didn't know how to shift Wholecloth. Most have settled for being humanity's pets, and have thrown any scrap of dignity out the window while they were at it.

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[Tannusen just shakes his head. It's not like he's never streaked or been otherwise nude in public, but a lot of his kith just don't bother to learn how to shift their clothes. They flat-out don't have the patience. And since they're privileged enough to have an animal form that blends in among the humans, unlike, say, a tiger...]

I can only officially pay the same starting wage as everyone else would. I pay more under the table. There's also free steaks for staff, as long as you don't try to eat eight of them a day.
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[Tannusen's not worried, since he's the one who cooks them he pretty much knows who takes what.]

Well, that was almost the easiest hire I've done.

[Wade still wins that award, in so many ways.]