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[ action | closed ] here we go again, we're sick like animals we play pretend

Who: Genjyo Sanzo and Tannusen
Where: Genessia City
What: Tannusen is a nice kitty. (Or, you know, a massive jerk. Because cat.)
Warnings: I'm going to go out on a limb and guess 'a lot of profanity'.

Tannusen grew increasingly uncomfortable as time went by without him spending a while in his other form. When it came to it, he usually just lounged around in the apartment, or even in a closed Velvet Lust, and occasionally in Trahaerne's shop. Sometimes, lounging around wasn't enough and he stalked through Fayren's forests or other remote locals, clawing up the ground and climbing trees.

Once in a while, he decided to take advantage of not being on Earth, and spend time as a tiger more... publicly. Just because he could. It was novel! Weird as hell, but novel! Even if he knew that someday, someone was going to screw it up for him and beat Madison's record for the stupidest thing a human had ever done around him in this form.

But, despite that risk, this was one of those rare times when he was actually out in public.

There was a grassy little mini-park, somewhere in Genessia City. Well-tended, pleasant, and currently commandeered by a giant white bengal tiger. A record-breaking twelve and a half feet long with his tail, the tiger was given an extremely wide berth by the fake locals, and he was left in peace to soak in the sunlight and watch people walking past the little park.

Of course, someone's very shiny golden hair caught Tannusen's attention, and his gaze ended up following Genjyo Sanzo. They'd spoken once back in November, very briefly over video -- and the grumpy cuss of a priest had hung up on him, of course. Otherwise, all he knew of the guy came from his father's ever-so enthusiastic stories told over at Velvet Lust.

Including the fact that the guy was somehow scared of little housecats.

Little housecats! How peculiar. Tannusen watched the human passively from where he lay, the tip of his tail starting to twitch in the grass. It would sure be a shame if some giant damn cat started following the guy around for the day, wouldn't it...

Such a shame...
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Sanzo was fortunate the day a tiger took interest in him, he was no longer leaning on a cane. He was damn grateful for that too, even if he'd mostly just scowled when Amberdrake had decided he was free to walk on his own. About time.

He didn't noticed the tiger as he walked down the sidewalk, doing his damndest to ignore everyone else in the vicinity. The locals were only slightly happier to be around his moodiness than the giant tiger and gave him room as well. Even without the robes and sutra displayed on his shoulders, he had a presence about him. Mostly one that suggested everyone should leave him the hell alone.
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-he didn't need to be heard to be noticed! Sanzo tried to ignore others. Tried. He pretty much always failed. He knew something was behind him and it moved awfully quiet. He didn't turn to face it yet, it wasn't a danger just yet. Best case scenario, it'd fuck off once it realized he wasn't playing its game, if it was playing a game at all.
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Well shit. Sanzo would have to be an idiot to not notice how people glanced around him at the thing behind him. It was hard to play "I can't see you" when it's that obvious.

Still, he didn't look back, he wasn't going to grace the thing with actually pretending he cared.

"Piss off," he growled as he kept on walking.
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Stupid thing- it was getting closer. He was just here in this awful, loud city to alleviate the boredom of Attleton, he had no where in particular to go. So at the next intersection he came to, he turned quickly and weaved through other pedestrians, trying to put a bit of a buffer between himself and his new stalker.
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The world had it out for Sanzo today. This world in particular. Fuck this stupid world and its stupid rules and its stupid oversized furry terrors!

The gun was out and aimed for the head of the tiger in a flash. Stupid goddamned thing! It had to be a giant cat too didn't it?

"Piss off."
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Sanzo hadn't been planning on shooting the thing unless it made an ass out of itself. And there it went, making an ass out of itself! The priest wasn't the most entertaining to watch be surprised, he did his best to hide it, only taking his eyes off Tannusen briefly to see what the fuck was happening.

Illusions. It had to be. He'd dealt with this too often to be that taken about, though this was the most disgusting comical round of illusion bullshit he'd been put through yet.

"The hell do you want?" He knows it can hear him!
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Sanzo whirled on his heel and made to stomp away. Why was the world so fucked looking? Is this what that dumbass cat thought was scary?! A nearby "fake" person gave Sanzo a weird look as he stepped over the tail of a massive serpent somehow laying across the road.
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Of course it was following him again! Sanzo's mood grew darker and darker as he weaved his way through stupid, solid illusions. A newspaper stand belched fire at him like a furnace and any odd spot on the sidewalk became some disgusting insect to dart for his feet. Buildings were too big or too small for their lots, made of materials that didn't make sense. He ended up having to cross the road to avoid one made of rubber that was leaning over the sidewalk.

The trees were the worst, he had to jump out of the way when the last one he passed made a grab for him. What the fucking shit kind of illusion game was this?!
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Ugh. Stupid fucking animal. Rather than let it continue to stalk him like a fucking creep, he took a sharp turn into a nearby park, pointedly ignoring the shape changing squirrels and stupid little bugs that swarmed after him. He parked himself on a lumpy bench and crossed his arms.

There, no more fun for you, shithead.
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Sanzo wasn't moving another goddamned inch until this shit wore off. Nope, he was staying right where he was. Patience wasn't one of Sanzo's strong points but he was still a buddhist monk, if only in title. He could wait this out. Watch him.

He glared at anyone that came within twenty feet of him and waited.
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Sanzo didn't even move his head to look over at Tannusen, instead shooting him a scathing look from the side. Just to make it abundantly clear that the tiger wasn't worth his time. He'd been passing the time with several cigarettes and the infuriating things the smoke kept turning into.

"Hn." That's all you're getting, shitty cat.
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Ugh. This all was a hundred times worse knowing this shitheel knew Koumyou. A thousand times worse that he had more confirmation that Koumyou couldn't keep his mouth shut about him. Sanzo never wanted to think about how many embarrassing stories were floating around about him now.

"I didn't ask."
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"What do you want?" Sanzo snapped. He did not have the patience to sit out this stupid crap and deal with some stupid cat-thing getting on his case. Especially not for the latter. Shooting him seemed like a better and better idea as seconds went by.
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"Hn." If that's how he was going to be, Sanzo was going to continue to do his best to cut off his fun. He stared straight ahead and offered no further answer than that. Fucker.
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Oh for fuck's sake- Sanzo jumped away from the bench the second it moved and stormed away, plowing through as many stupid fucking illusions as he could feasibly manage. He didn't even care what the stupid fucking shit head behind him felt, he was exhausted from all this nonsense.