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Why don't you watch where you're stumbling?

Who: Cassian and Ni
What: Cassian is at Velvet Lust for the first time in a long time. So clearly we gotta chase him out.
Where: Velvet Lust, Genessia City
Warnings: Ni

Well... He was here. And not just to hunt down Tannusen to yell at him. No tonight he was actually here because he wanted to be here. Sort of.

Kind of.

Okay no he's just here for Tannusen. He'd already made it a promise to himself that he'd never go upstairs for any reason at all ever whatsoever, even if the bar was on fire. He would sit down here and burn alive first. Instead, the priest was pretty busy trying to stack up his bar tab, so it would seem.

No, he couldn't have whiskey anymore, but he was nursing a beer, grumpily staring at the liquor collection. There was always vodka and bourbon, right? But the main thing offending him right now was the lack of food on the bar. No peanuts or popcorn or bar mix or anything.

Wow it was almost like he showed up late on a Saturday night or something and a bunch of drunk assholes had already eaten all of it.

The gall.
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The gall indeed! How could anyone leave such an interesting tidbit like Cassian alone when they'd go for trivial things like shitty peanuts. Ni had better taste. He'd been watching the other priest for a while. It was dreadfully boring, by and large, watching pissy, rail thin assholes snarl at any given chance got old. Cassian had something to him that Genjyo did not, he had some interesting connections did he not?

Ni shuffled down the steps, casually watching Cassian out of the side of his vision as he looked this way and that. He didn't even seem to notice Cassian, not even when he came up right next to him and leaned waaay over the bar to wave down the bartender. Said bartender rolled his eyes and took his sweet time getting Ni's drink. No one liked the raven much here.

"Oopsie!" He turned his head to look at Cassian. Oh man, he just hadn't seen him! Totally!
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Ni laughed and took the smallest step to the side that was humanly possible. Look, he was moving. Very accommodating, anyone would agree that's one of his strongest traits!

"Oh? My you're a feisty one!" Oh this was too easy, he was already riled up. It was even easier to get him going than that wanna-be brat. People didn't think so clearly when they were that mad, that always worked in his favor.

He pushed at Cassian's shoulder, with a bit more force than would be reasonable for a friendly shove. How cute. The rabbit's head stuck out from under Ni's other arm, button eyes pointed towards Cassian.

"Something troubling you? You look peckish."
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Ni could've dodged but what's the fun in that? He stumbled away dramatically, one arm flailing like he was about to crash to the floor. He caught him and bounced back to way too close to Cassian. Hi there. He smells like cigarette smoke and faintly of some sharp smelling cleaning chemical.

"You're still fine!" He laughed at his own joke. Isn't he clever? "You don't really fit in here, priesty! What's a pretty stick-in-mud doing here?"

Cassian looked more like he belonged in a hospital bed than here. Ni thought it was a nice look for him.
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"Oooh, so you're a challenge?" Ni gave him a shit eating grin to go with that one. Hee hee.

"I'm not going to feel you up, unless you're into that. You like a fight before a fuck?" He leaned in, just to make Cassian regret not shrinking away. "I'm not out to sully your virtue, whatever's left of it. You keep interesting company, very interesting. How virtuous are you?"

He darted a hand out, too fast, to flick at Cassian's collar.
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It sure would've been satisfying for that fist to connect. Cassian wasn't worth laying a hand on Ni yet, unless it was a hand down his pants. The dark priest was gone and, in an instant, on the other side of Cassian, leaning in close enough for his breath to be hot against Cassian's ear. He hooked a finger under the collar, pulling just hard enough to put light pressure on Cassian's throat.

"I never claim to be virtuous, just a pervert." At least he was honest about that. "What do you claim to be preisty? You have something fun inside you. Something your kitty cat didn't shove in there."
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Oh no, no no no, let's not have that! Ni's hand snapped from Cassian's collar to wrapping around his throat and squeezing. Hard. His grip was far stronger than what his skinny body should manage.

"Shh..." he hissed into Cassian's ear, his face so close to him that his lips were almost touching Cassian's hair. "I already told you, I'm not after your virtue. I just want to talk, how about you put that down?"

He squeezed Cassian's neck just a bit tighter for emphasis.

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The bunny doll fell to the ground as Ni snatched Cassian's wrist and twisted with that brutal strength of his. He twisted just farther than was needed, pain sure was fun when one was inflicting it.

"We'll talk later," he said with all the cheeriness of meeting a new friend, not a new target.

And then he was gone. The doll too, just as security was stomping her way from the front door.

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With Tannusen banning Ni from even getting near Cassian at Velvet Lust, Ni had to wait for a better place to catch the priest off guard. There was his shop, but Cassian was too much in his element there and all those wards! It wouldn't be as much fun if Cassian was in a comfortable, familiar place. His house wouldn't work either, not yet.

A graveyard in the middle of the night was a bit overdramatic, just in the way Ni liked it. It wasn't even his choice of locale! The pasty little western priest was here for gravedigging of all things. Naughty!

Ni watched him a while from a distance, amused. What a hobby. And then- he was there, as close to Cassian he could be and still be perched on a gravestone like the horrible, oversized raven that he was.

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"What a show!" With that Ni darted forward, grabbing Cassian's arm and trying to drag him up and off the damn coffin. Summoning undead just for Ni? What a treat. Amberdrake surely warned this guy didn't he? Not well enough!

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Space? No can do, friend. That's not the point!

Ni laughed and snapped his foot down on the arm holding the knife, pinning it to the soggy ground. Ooo, what a scary necromancer he was, bringing Ni all this fodder. Slowly, lazily, like the skeleton wasn't almost on him, Ni raised a hand and flicked. The first skeleton crumbled into shards, ripped apart by an unseen burst of chi.

He ground the heel of his boot into Cassian's arm as the next two skeletons shattered. He could keep this up, just watch.
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No can do, no can do. Ni could cut down five living, breathing monks in one strike, the scuttling undead had even less in the way of cutting them to bits. It was a bit tedious. Mmm. He didn't bother to stop Cassian from switching the knife around, let him think that'll do anything for him.

He didn't want to leave his prey for a moment, even if he could catch him quickly. It wouldn't look good to have to retreat to tear apart this hoard. Pity.

The head of the rabbit doll bounced next to Cassian, followed by a blob of stuffing. Sad he had to reveal this so soon. What a pity.

Cassian would recognize the attack, as Ni held up the sutra in his right hand, copies of the sacred scroll shooting out all around them to reduce each corpse to bits. Dirt and grass flew up into the air as the ground was torn apart. There was no chanting and the magic that rose from this other sutra was worse, much worse. Dark and empty, just like its awful Sanzo. An absence of anything, nonexistence.

And it was gone. Just a scroll again, clenched in Ni's hand.

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There was a brief connection there, something terribly off that Ni felt. It felt beautiful to him, that was exactly what he was after. Good job Cassian. That feather was just a taste, Ni wanted to see more.

Later. He jerked his foot up out of the way of the knife and brought it back down against the side of Cassian's head. Thwack! Know your place, priest.

"Calm down, I took care of them all!" Ni said cheerfully as he stuffed the sutra back into the neck of the rabbit.
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Playing dead or actually dying, Ni didn't particularly care. He removed his foot only so he could reach down and haul Cassian up by one arm. If he tried to stand or not, Ni could hold him there as he looked him over.

"Wake up," he said in a sing-song voice. He knows you're in there Cassian, don't spoil the fun! "I just wanted to talk."

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