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[Video] Sonico Starts a Search

*Oh dear, there's a very concerned-looking Sonico on screen, her eyes wide and anxious, and no hint of her usual cheerful look*

Dear everyone, I need your help. My friend has gone missing, and I'm very worried about him. I haven't seen him for days, and there is no response to any calls, or any of the voice messages I have left for him. His device still appears to be working, so he must still be here in this world... He has not been seen at his home or at work.

*She holds up a picture - it's a rather grainy photo with a blurred image of Aya. Someone must have taken it at her housewarming party, but she appears to have zoomed into Aya, who was in the background of the photo. Still, his shape and colouring and vaguely recognisable*

His name is Aya Fujimiya. It isn't like him not to turn up for work, or to reply to his friends. If anyone has seen him, please let me know.

Aya, if you are out there somewhere, please let me know that you are safe.

...thank you, everyone.

*She takes a breath and turns off the feed before she gets too teary eyed*

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[Well, she knows that face because she works with him.]

Sorry, I'm not sure either. Does he disappear like that occasionally?
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If he doesn't and his network ID is still active, it's probably best to wait.

[Welp, she's already thinking of the worst, but she keeps it calm and not over alarming.]

He'll be back.
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They're probably dead in a gutter somewhere.

[Juuuuust had to say it.]
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[A Gale will chime in, none too happy about Icy's comment, but he's still pretty calm regardless.]

Ignore her, doll. She's just tryin' to get a reaction out of you. Ex-cons in this place clearly have nothing better to do.

[He would have told Icy to piss off himself, but he's not one for giving into what he believes are attention seekers.]
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You said his device is still workin' right? He's definitely still here.

[He won't answer one way or the other about the 'being dead' thing. He knows his device still worked while he was dead that one time. He ponders a moment.]

Have you checked the Dream Docks? He might've gone there without tellin' anyone.
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Pretty sure most people usually like to tell their friends if they're going, can't blame ya for not thinkin' of it if he went there and didn't say so.

[He gives a smile, hoping to ease her tension a little.]

I'm at Hangar Queen today so I'm already in town. You want me to go check it out for ya?
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Lemme know if you'd want a ride or anything.

If that bi-- witch tries to provoke you again, just make sure to ignore her. She'll get what's comin' to her again later.

[He'd do it himself, but not worth it. It's more satisfying seeing Guardians jump people like her.]

I mean, she was the one that got beaten by the Normie Squad that was the last Attleton Guardianship.
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[If they were in the same room, he'd absolutely give her a hug. So the best he can do is smile for her.]

My device is always on. Feel free to call on me anytime for anything you might need, y'hear?

[Even if he's gotta punch someone in the face, all she's gotta do is call him and he'll do it. He's that dedicated.]
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His device would probably still be considered active since he hasn't 'left' this world in the way normal people do.

[See it's mean, but yet good advice at the same time.]

So if he is dead somewhere then yes, his device would probably still ring. Just whoever has taken him, if someone has doesn't want to answer. Not sure what someone would want with a body though.
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That's always a possibility. Kidnapping pretty sure happens all the time.

He might be in the next newspaper if you keep an eye out.
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And yet you can't. Such a pure little damsel in distress. So easy to ask for help but unable to actually do a single thing alone. Bet you even ask them to wipe your ass for you.

I think I might actually feel pity for you. [A pause.] No. No I really don't.

Makes it easier for criminals to get you though because you won't always have your friends around to help you.
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Yet even the basic person learns some self-defense, so you seem like someone who was very naive and probably still is.

[She smirks slightly, this was fun, but she didn't like someone saying she is doing something to scare someone.]

I wish I say something to scare people. When I say something, I tend to ten times out of ten do it. Besides, there are some criminals who look for those who are most vulnerable, which you clearly are. Not saying it to scare stating a fact it will happen someday.
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Your body shape gives it away. No muscle at all by the looks of it.

[Icy is skinny herself, but she has magic, so she didn't need to rely on physical fighting.]

And you're back to talking about your friends. [Slow sarcastic clapping.] Bravo, I knew it wouldn't take you long.
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Very well. If you aren't comfortable then lack of confidence is another reason.

[She just waves her hand before switching off the feed.]
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Huh! Just to be sure, I checked Memoria Park. His name didn't come up, so it's as you say: he's present, if not immediately so.

Aya really left no notes or anything?
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Re: [Video]

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Mm...well, he is a very private person. Suppose it's not impossible he'd have kept things to himself...perhaps he's in the Dream Docks? Wouldn't be the first time someone was absent so long.

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Re: [Video]

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Eheh, well, a week ought to do. Goodness knows what summons people to that place. Well, glad to allay some worry, at least. I'll keep an eye out just in case.

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There was a video that came on showing a mildly groggy maid who had not yet brushed her hair. She had weird hours.

"Sonico? Are you okay?"
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"I'm fine. I'm simply not quite awake yet. I wanted to make sure you were okay." Her frown deepened some.

"If you wish it I could attempt to locate Aya for you. I will check the places he frequents and gather information." She probably wont be successful but she's willing to try.